More sweeps and killing is not a solution

An Animal Advocate

Houston, TX – City Councilman, Dwight Boykins recently announced to the media his plans to spend $50,000 for BARC employees to work overtime doing more “sweeps” in neighborhoods with stray dog problems.  Click here or here for the news stories. 


The city has done “sweeps” like this before. This was Annise Parker’s “solution” for strays as well.  Click here (BARC’s 2010 intention to do more “sweeps” as a solution for bite cases)  and here (Parker’s 2008 Policy Brief on BARC) for examples.  Clearly, simply picking up strays or abandoned pets have done nothing to address the issue.  So, why continue to repeat the same failed “solutions”?     

More sweeps are a temporary patch that does not solve the stray problem, but will cause BARC’s kill rate to skyrocket because most of the dogs picked up in these sweeps, will end up dead — killed by BARC along…

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