Signs and Portents: Cougar with odd head deformity shot near Weston, Idaho

Putting on Pressure Helps; One Company More Pledges to Go Cage-Free

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photo: Mercy for Animals

Factory farming has led to some of the cruelest forms of animal abuse. Thanks to rising awareness and continuous animal advocacy another company has decided that moving away from cruelty towards animals is a win-win deal. The fast-food chain Wendy’s has pledged to stop buying eggs from caged hens, thereby following Panera Bread, Taco Bell and other food-providing companies.

This shows that petitions can lead to change, and that the voices of those speaking out against animal abuse are being heard.

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If you want to shot. Shoot Selfie not animals.

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Are Large Carnivores Doomed by Climate Change?

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

Source: Huff Post Green by Cristina EisenbergEcologist, Author

The world is getting warmer, creating an extinction threat for many species. According to NASA, since 1880 the Earth’s global temperature has risen by nearly one degree Celsius. However, not all species are equally affected by climate change. And as wildlife biologists such as Aldo Leopold discovered nearly a century ago, not all species are equally important ecologically. Large carnivores play a lead role in maintaining resilient, biodiverse ecosystems because they control their prey, which indirectly improves habitat for other species. Today, some of these ecologically powerful carnivores are highly vulnerable to climate change.

Global Warming Since 1880, Courtesy NASA
In our rapidly warming world, species have two choices: they can adapt or go extinct. A species’ natural history determines its ability to adapt–and its extinction risk. This means that a “generalist” species with a high reproductive rate, high dispersal, and…

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FBI Now Tracks Animal Abuse Just Like Homicides, Arson and Assault

Emilio Cogliani

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Animal-abusers be warned: You’re within reach of the long arm of the lawpaw.

For the first time ever this year, the FBI will collect data on animal cruelty crimes via its National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS). In doing so, the bureau has classified animal cruelty as a Group A felony, on par with homicide, arson and assault.

Law enforcement agencies will have four subgroups to choose from when reporting animal abuse to the FBI:simple/gross neglect, intentional abuse and torture, organized abuse (like dogfighting and cockfighting) and animal sexual abuse.

There is overwhelming evidence that [animal abuse] is linked to crimes against people, including violent crimes and domestic violence.
Mary Lou Randour

The FBI has defined animal cruelty as “Intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly taking an action that…

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The Science Behind How Cute ‘Tuxedo’ Cats Get Their Patchy Fur

Emilio Cogliani

From the two-tone coats ofcats that look like they’re sporting dapper tuxedos to the distinctive piebald patterns flaunted by some horses, many animals that we’ve grown to love have fur marked by white patches. But where do these patches come from?

Scientists previously thought that piebald patterns form when pigment-producing cells move too slowly to cover the entire body of a mammal while it’s still growing in the womb, resulting in white patches on the skin and fur.

A new study published Wednesday contradicts that theory. Piebald patches may actually result from a failure of pigment-producing cells to multiply, Dr. Ian Jackson, professor of geneticsat the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and a co-author of the study, told The Huffington Post.

“These cells originate from alongside the developing spinal cord and move through the developing skin so that they cover the whole body,” he said. “The…

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