When Laws Change in Favor of Animals, There is Hope

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In most legal systems of the world animals are still “things” and not beings. Even though this has not (yet) changed in the United States, it is a big step in this direction when animal cruelty is to be a treated as a crime by the FBI. This includes only companion animals, for now. Mary Lou Randour, a psychologist who started the fight for this change, is to be applauded for her consistent push that has significantly paved the path towards success.

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In George Bernard Shaw’s play ‘Pygmalion’ that gave rise to the Lerner and Loewe musical ‘My Fair Lady’, Henry Higgins declares that he can tell where a person comes according to the accent in their speech. Equally, it may be possible to detect the origin of temperature change, natural or otherwise, via a close study of the evolution of temperature over time.

Departures from the 1948-2015 average monthly air temperature are presented below.  The spread on the axes has been adjusted to a common interval of +4 to -4°C to facilitate  comparison.

We are looking for the month that shows the greatest variability over time. We are also interested in the course of temperature change over the entire sixty seven year period.

For economy of effort, we look at two months at a time starting with January and February in the Arctic.

Air T 60-90nAit T MAAir T MJAir T JAAir T SOAir T NDAir T 60-90n

We see that January and February are the months when…

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Got this email about The Magic of duct tape…

Fur-Farm Cruelty: Minks and Foxes Gassed en Masse

PETITION: A PETA U.S. eyewitness exposé revealed thousands of minks and scores of foxes were kept in rows of filthy, wire-floored cages until they were slaughtered—all so that their fur could be turned into coats and collars.

Source: Fur-Farm Cruelty: Minks and Foxes Gassed en Masse

Love is everywhere…Unfortunately, it often ends up on your plate. We each have to choose what we teach our children. Love and compassion. Kindness and respect. Are these beautiful loving beings or food and skin? We each have to decide.

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Cinema South Expo to Feature Known Animal Abuser

Animal exhibitor Sid Yost will be a panel guest at the Cinema South Motion Picture Career & Education Expo on January 30, 2016. Yost has a long history of mistreating animals, and PETA is asking the exposition to cancel his appearance.

Source: Cinema South Expo to Feature Known Animal Abuser

News! Ringling to Take All Elephants off the Road in May | Ringling Beats Animals


The dwindling audiences have spoken by walking away, and legislators have voted to stop animal acts, so, as of May, no more…

Source: News! Ringling to Take All Elephants off the Road in May | Ringling Beats Animals

Tell Russia Not to Send Monkeys Into Space!

Animals aren’t astronauts. Yet Russia is taking a giant step backward for science and ethics with a misguided mission to dispatch four monkeys to Mars.

Source: Tell Russia Not to Send Monkeys Into Space!