SIGN: Demand the presidential candidates tell us where they stand on GMO labeling

Save Hundreds of Thousands of Squirrels From Being Murdered


Hundreds of thousands of squirrels will be senselessly bludgeoned, poisoned, and shot in the European Union starting in 2016. Urge EU officials to cancel this cruel and unnecessary program.

Source: Save Hundreds of Thousands of Squirrels From Being Murdered

Stop the Desecration of Native American Burial Grounds


A mining company is planning to begin a massive excavation of Native American burial sites in order to exploit the limestone quarries underneath. Call for Wisconsin’s governor to protect the rights of their Indigenous peoples and stop the mining company from desecrating these sacred grave sites.

Source: Stop the Desecration of Native American Burial Grounds

Punish Couple for Allegedly Murdering Family Member’s Dogs

A couple apparently hatched and executed a plan to murder two Chihuahuas belonging to the girlfriend’s father. They reportedly shot the dogs, beat the only survivor to death, and then buried them in the father’s backyard. Sign this petition to ensure this couple is punished.

Source: Punish Couple for Allegedly Murdering Family Member’s Dogs

Protect Bison from Cruel Population Control


Yellowstone bison are being slaughtered to maintain a ridiculous population control law despite the fact that Native American tribes have plenty of room for the excess animals. Tell Yellowstone there’s a better alternative to killing bison.

Source: Protect Bison from Cruel Population Control

Don’t Spray Neurotoxin in Delicate Estuaries


A dangerous neurotoxic insecticide could soon be sprayed in and estuary where oysters are harvested. This misguided plan risks doing serious harm to aquatic life. Stop the spraying of this chemical along our shores.

Source: Don’t Spray Neurotoxin in Delicate Estuaries

Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner


Two dogs have been left without adequate care or protection from harsh weather conditions. Despite this, the ASPCA claims they cannot remove the animals. Urge the ASPCA to re-examine local animal cruelty laws and seize the dogs.

Source: Take Neglected Dogs Away from Owner

Justice for Abused Dog That Endured Surgery to Remove Choke Collar


A dog was found with signs of neglect and a choke collar that had been so severely embedded into its neck that it had to be surgically removed. Demand that the dog’s owners be held responsible and prosecuted if found guilty for the horrible suffering their dog endured.

Source: Justice for Abused Dog That Endured Surgery to Remove Choke Collar

Stop Brutally Killing Sheep for Shoes

UGG boots are manufactured out of sheepskin, obtained from brutally abused and murdered sheep. Urge manufacturers to replace sheepskin with a cruelty-free alternative.

Source: Stop Brutally Killing Sheep for Shoes

Stop Dynamiting Coral Reefs

Delicate coral reefs are being destroyed, aquatic wildlife species are endangered, and now a diver has died all due to the deadly practice of using dynamite to kill massive numbers of fish. Ban the sale of fish caught with dynamite now.

Source: Stop Dynamiting Coral Reefs

Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads

HomeVestors of America, also known as We Buy Ugly Houses, is running a commercial nationwide that features a capuchin monkey. Urge the company to pull the ad!

Source: Tell HomeVestors Monkeys Don’t Belong in Ads

Tell GUESS to Stop Selling Angora!

 GUESS refuses to hear their screams, but it may listen to you …

Source: Tell GUESS to Stop Selling Angora!

Human-Animal Chimera | MIT Technology Review


A radical new approach to generating human organs is to grow them inside pigs or sheep.

Source: Human-Animal Chimera | MIT Technology Review