Le Beurre Shop Essentiel Shea Butter Body Cream in Vanilla

Vegan Beauty

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From the October Vegan Cuts Beauty Box

Le Beurre Shop hypes this “immediately melts into dry skin, penetrating it with nutrient rich moisture”.  I tested this on my feet, which are notoriously drier than the Sahara.  So far, nothing has made these bad boys completely soft, including this body cream.  But my feet are noticeably softer, so this has made a significant dent in my dry skin.  And by significant, I mean that my feet are probably 80% of the way to looking like normal feet again.

The texture and smell of this reminded me of frosting that comes in a can.  It’s very thick and very sweet-smelling.  But if you can get past the feeling of spreading frosting on your body, I think it works very well.  Also, if vanilla isn’t your thing, this comes in 3 other scents, plus an unscented version.  If you are dry, check this…

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Fed judge says Idaho trapping rules violate ESA, allow endangered lynx to be killed in North Idaho

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

Source: The Spokesman – Review Wednesday January 13, 2016 Idaho must change its trapping rules, because current rules are violating the Endangered Species Act in North Idaho by allowing inadvertent trapping of federally protected Canada lynx, a federal judge ruled today. Patrick Carney, president of the Idaho Trappers Association, told the Associated Press that if all the rule changes sought by environmental groups that sued were enacted, it’d severely cut back trapping in Idaho. “If they implement all that, wolf trapping is over, and so is all of the other trapping,” Carney said.

Besides wolves, other animals legal to trap in Idaho include coyotes, bobcats, otters, beavers, foxes, marten and mink.
The conservation groups in the lawsuit said trapping in Idaho has increased from about 650 licenses issued in the 2001-2002 season to more than 2,300 in recent years. Officials say that at least four lynx have been trapped in…

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Oppose Welfare Ranching, Not Wolves

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

Source: Eco WatchBy Gary Wockner | January 7, 2016
The yahoo jihad at the wildlife refuge in Oregon is part and parcel of the larger problem across the public lands of the West including here in Colorado. Ranchers aren’t just occupying that federal building in Oregon, they’ve been occupying our public lands across the West for over a century and that occupation has been armed, violent and completely subsidized by state and federal taxpayers.
Here in Colorado, that occupation is proposing to take yet another extremist step forward as the Colorado Wildlife Commission considers a resolution on Jan. 13 at its Denver meeting to “oppose wolf reintroduction” in our state. Wolves have been reintroduced to many of the states surrounding Colorado including Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona and New Mexico, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may soon consider reintroducing wolves into Colorado too.

Wolves have been reintroduced to…

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Monsanto’s Chemicals Make Their Way Into 85% of Personal Hygiene Cotton Products

WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

tampons-monsantoby Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer, Waking Times

A new study at the University of La Plata in Argentina found that about 85% of cotton products such as gauze, cotton balls, feminine products like pads and tampons, baby wipes, etc. tested positive for glyphosate. Another even more staggering finding is that 62% of the tested products had traces of AMPA, a environmental metabolite aminomethylphosphonic acid that is a derivative of glyphosate and is potentially one thousand times more toxic than glyphosate. [1]

“The results of this research are very serious. When you use cotton or gauze to heal wounds or for personal hygiene, you do this thinking that the products are sterilized, but in fact you are using products contaminated with a carcinogenic substance,” said pediatrician Vazquez Medardo Avila, part of the Network of Medical Professions of Fumigated Towns in Argentina. [1]

The concern is now escalating because people often use cotton…

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In Huge Win For Elephants, Hong Kong Finally Vows To ‘Phase Out’ Ivory Sales

Emilio Cogliani

With 30,000 African elephants killed every yearfor their ivory, putting the species at a real and imminent risk of extinction, activists have called for the dismantling of the global ivory trade.

?Ivory is beautiful,? conservationist Rory Young told The Huffington Post back in 2014. ?The problem is, we just can?t do this anymore.?

This week, animal rights activists are celebrating a huge win in this fight.

Hong Kong, said to be the world?s largest retail market for ivory, announced that it would be phasing out the sale of legal ivory in the city.

According to CNN, Hong Kong’s leader, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying, said in his annual policy address Wednesday that the government will ?phase out the local ivory trade.?He also vowed to ?impose heavier penalties on smuggling and illegal trading of endangered species.?

Alex Hofford of WildAid Hong Kong, an organization that has campaigned for…

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