News from University of Wisconsin-Madison: Urban Canid Project helps track Madison’s coyotes and prevent conflicts 

Wolves of Douglas County WI Films

Source: University of Wisconsin-MadisonJanuary 6, 2016 By Kelly April Tyrrell

A still-groggy adult coyote stirs in the brush after being caught, sedated and tested at Curtis Prairie at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum as part of a research effort to study the behavior of growing fox and coyote populations in the city of Madison. PHOTO: JEFF MILLER
When a young male coyote on Madison’s west side began acting oddly last month, the Urban Canid Project took to Facebook.
“We have had several reports of a collared coyote displaying some unusual behavior in the last few weeks,” the University of Wisconsin–Madison research team posted on its social media page. “His unusual behavior includes a marked increase in daytime activity, and a reduced fear of cars/human activity.”
The response was rapid. In a matter of days, the post — which included tips for helping re-instill the coyote’s fear — reached 8,000…

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Petition UPDATE· Bring Police K9 Chip Home to his Family ·

Parks and recreation: America from the air – in pictures | Cities | The Guardian

Petition update · Judge orders Georgia rescue to temporarily return dog mistakenly surrendered ·

Petition · Tri County Animal Rescue Center, Fort Benning, GA: Let Spot Go Home To His Family ·

Petition update · Eureka Township v Petter et al heads to court ·

Petition · Stop fur farm from exploiting and killing Endangered Gray Wolves for Their Fur ·

Petition update · Year End Update ·

Petition · Tennessee State House, Tennessee State Senate: Pass an Animal Good Samaritan Law ·

Petition · McDonald’s: It’s Time For A Healthy, Meatless Option ·

Petition update · Wendy’s is testing a veggie burger in three states. ·

Swedish rider and friends gorge on her horse’s flesh after he was put down

Tuesday's Horse

You’ve probably seen this. We say, horses are not for eating. Full stop. And was he really put down then his carcass delivered to a butcher for cutting up? I say she took him to a abattoir where they shot him in the head before carving him up for her. Knowing how they operate she and her friends may have not even been feasting on her own horse. So sick. —Ed.

Via Yahoo Sports UK

Horse on a Fork

Sometimes you are so hungry you say could eat a horse.

But a Swedish rider has caused furore on social media by doing just that when her favourite steed had to be put down after suffering serious injuries.

Harness racer Helena Ståhl turned her one horse – named Iffy Mant – into one course and is now defending her decision to do so after a fierce backlash.

The 24-year-old told Swedish paper The Local: “For…

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#Brittius says , In NYC, on any given day, if, any cop does something bad, remember this: 37,000 other cops, went to work that very same day, and did an honest day’s work

Conservation Groups Petition USFWS To Monitor Northern Rockies Gray Wolves For Five More Years

Howling For Justice

Gray wolf MFWP

Center For Biological Diversity – For Immediate Release

January 5, 2016

Legal Petition Seeks Extension of Federal Monitoring for Northern Rockies Wolves

New Study: Hunting Likely Spurring Harmful Declines in Northern Rocky Wolves

VICTOR, Idaho— Five conservation groups filed a petition today requesting that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service continue monitoring northern Rocky Mountains gray wolves for another five years. The existing monitoring program, which is required by the Endangered Species Act after protections are removed for a species, is set to expire in May. The monitoring is crucial to ensure that the wolf population doesn’t slip to levels at which Endangered Species Act protections are again needed.

The groups based today’s request in part on a new study in the journal Science that found the Fish and Wildlife Service and states of Montana and Idaho have underestimated the impacts and risks of aggressive hunting policies for gray wolves…

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Today’s Quote

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What is the meaning of life?
To be happy and useful.

~ His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama ~

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WATCH: Deaf Man Risks Life to Save Frozen Deer | Ecorazzi

Life or Lunch?


A deaf man risked his life to save a young deer who collapsed through a frozen Minnesota river.

Steven Peterson was driving across a bridge when he spotted the distressed deer in the frozen Kettle River near Duluth. Peterson knew that in order to save the animal’s life, he would have to act fast. Because of his disability, he chose not to call 911 and decided to save the ailing animal himself.

Carefully crossing the ice, Peterson used a tree branch to balance himself on the ice. He lassoed a rope around the deer’s neck, and eventually pulled the doe to safety.

Once she was on firm ground, he then checked her over for any possible injuries. Other than being covered in ice, luckily, the deer only suffered minor injuries. To be safe, Peterson stayed with his new friend — who he called Miss Ice River — until she was ready…

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