Family Gives Shelter Dog With Inoperable Cranial Tumor the Gift of a Lifetime

Emilio Cogliani

Tuesday (12/29/15) in Houston, TX.


How It Works

A Shelter. This 3-year-old dog came into Montgomery County Animal Shelter as a stray today.

A Rescue.Lone Star Boxer Rescue was contacted by the shelter and they agreed to take him into their program immediately.

A Volunteer. He was transported to their vet for further tests. There is a tumor on the inside of his cranial cavity under the bone.

A Foster. It is inoperable and his life expectancy is 2 days. He is now in hospice care.

A Decision-maker. I asked Leisha Stinchcombe, the director of the rescue group, “Why did they pull this dog from the shelter today?” Her response was, “Just to make sure he knows love for a few days.”

A Donation. Groups like this can only exist and do this badass work with our financial help. This dog is 1 of 3 terminally ill boxers…

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Success: Mittens Donated for Burned Koalas

The donation of koala mittens were such a big success that the International Fund for Animal Welfare has decided to ask the public to donate handmade pouches for misplaced baby wallabies and kangaroos this time. Sign this petition and applaud the success of koala mittens.

Source: Success: Mittens Donated for Burned Koalas

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Success: Cat Killing Vet’s License Revoked

A vet who bragged on social media about shooting a cat in the head with an arrow will have her veterinary license suspended. Support justice for the innocent cat who was killed in this brutal manner.

Source: Success: Cat Killing Vet’s License Revoked

Success: Once-Exterminated Lions Return to Rwanda

Lions who were once extinct in Rwanda have returned. Thank the Rwandan park director who aided in making this happen.

Source: Success: Once-Exterminated Lions Return to Rwanda

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Success: Siberian Tigers Recovering

Conservationists think Siberian tiger populations are increasing. Sign this petition to thank an organization that is working hard to make sure these animals once again have the chance to thrive.

Source: Success: Siberian Tigers Recovering

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Success: EPA Restricts Bee-Killing Pesticides

At long last, bee-killing pesticides will be restricted by the Environmental Protection Agency, which has agreed to reduce the use and manufacture of products containing harmful chemicals called neonicotinoids. Applaud the EPA for taking a stand against these known pollinator killers.

Source: Success: EPA Restricts Bee-Killing Pesticides

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Success: Rat Trapped in Box by Artist Rescued

French police officers recently rescued an animal from a cruel artist who intended on shooting it as part of an “art project.” Sign this petition to thank them for their swift and humane actions.

Source: Success: Rat Trapped in Box by Artist Rescued

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Success: Delta Airlines Bans Transport of Wildlife Trophies

Delta Airlines has listened to us at ForceChange and will no longer carry exotic hunting trophies on its airplanes. Please sign the petition to thank Delta for not contributing to the killing of endangered animals for sport.

Source: Success: Delta Airlines Bans Transport of Wildlife Trophies

Success: Pig Wrestling Event Canceled

An annual pig wrestling competition has been canceled in favor of an all-human mud football game. Applaud the move, which will change a cruel and brutal tradition into something more compassionate.

Source: Success: Pig Wrestling Event Canceled

Success: Turtle-Abusing Event Cancelled

An event where contestants harass snapping turtles for entertainment has been cancelled. People would wrench their heads out of their necks and toss the terrified creatures around. Sign the petition to praise the cancellation of this event.

Source: Success: Turtle-Abusing Event Cancelled

Success: Pets Protected from Being Locked in Cars

Dog owners who leave their pet unattended in a car during extreme weather and without adequate fresh air or water will now face criminal charges. Applaud the passing of this bill, which is a step in the right direction toward preventing animal cruelty.

Source: Success: Pets Protected from Being Locked in Cars

Success: Baby Monkeys No Longer Tortured In Lab

Cruel experiments on baby monkeys that involved purposefully causing the infants psychological distress have finally ended after 30 years. Thank the congresswoman who helped it happen.

Source: Success: Baby Monkeys No Longer Tortured In Lab

2015 was a great year for polar bears and for EATEN


Not only did we see plenty of great news about polar bears but EATEN(my first novel) is now well on it’s way to being a resounding success. Don’t let your friends and colleagues have all the nightmares! Fabulous read for a long cold NH winter’s night but also an excellent choice for the beach…perhaps fewer nightmares?


The Canadian Ice Service predictions for winter 2016 off eastern Canada (where my novel takes place) is for extensive ice for the third year in a row.That means only nine years to go for the situation in 2025 to meet my speculations regarding a most terrifying onslaught of starving polar bearsin Newfoundland.

I don’t ask for donations here at PolarBearScience – if you appreciate my efforts (418 posts and almost 630,000 views since late July 2012) and would like to see more of the same, please buy a copy or…

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Woman Adopts Cat, Returns To Shelter For His BFF He Grew Up With

Emilio Cogliani

This woman did the purrfect thing.

Two cats, a 16-year-old cream-colored tabby named Max and 11-year-old white and orange kitty named Mojo, entered Anne Arundel County Animal Control in Millersville, Maryland, together, on Nov. 13.

Although they had to be placed in separate cages, the two cats had a lifelong bond: They had entered the shelter together because they grew up together.

It only took cute, green-eyed Mojo a few weeks to get adopted, leaving Max behind at the shelter. But once Mojo’s new human took him home, she felt a pang of guilt. Mojo is a wonderful pet, she told the volunteer group Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, but she couldn’t get Max out of her mind.

“The idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,” Mojo?s mom said, according to the organization’sFacebook page.

So, on Dec. 26…

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The 10 Best Pit Bull Stories From 2015

Emilio Cogliani

Our favorite pit bulls of 2015 are an incredible lot.

They’ve overcome abuse, they’ve cavorted with rock stars, they’ve worn pajamas and they’ve raised a whole lot of money to help others of their kind.These dogs are goofy and wonderful and inspiring.But, sadly, it was tragedy and injustice that brought many of these dogs to our attention.

So here’s a goal for 2016, dog lovers: let’s do our best to get rid of the bad laws, terrible violence, and other rotten, preventable circumstances that made these pits suffer before their remarkable triumphs.

1. Ray The Vicktory Dog, Who Lived A Good Life And Made The World A Better Place

Ray is one of the 51 pit bulls who was rescued out of Michael Vick’s horrific dogfighting operation in 2007.

At the time, the standard outcome for dogs like Ray would have been euthanization — it was thought these dogs were…

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