Injecting dogs with plutonium – to prove what?


Nuclear radiation, Kierkegaard, and the philosophy of denial, The Ecologist, Chris Busby 8th January 2016  “……….Injecting dogs with plutonium – to prove what?

HormesisSome years ago I was up against one of these hormesis geezers, a certain Dr Otto Raabe, in a court case in America. He was the expert for the defence. Raabe was in charge of the Beagle dog studies in New Mexico.

They injected these poor creatures with Plutonium, Radium or Strontium-90 and watched them develop bone cancer and leukemia. The doses were enormous, the number of dogs was small (cost). The whole place was contaminated with Plutonium, the particles hanging in the air like fairy dust. The burial site for the dogs is so radioactive it is fenced off as a US superfund site for decontamination.

Raabe’s thing was that he had mathematically converted beagle dogs into humans: you should just see his amazing three dimensional graphs…

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Obama Coming for Your Vegan Food

Australia: Here We Go Yet Again – They Tell That ‘All Is Well’ Whilst 13,000 Animals Are Stranded At Sea. Demo In Freemantle – See Below.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


we are on your side

Aus exports jan 16 1

Aus exports jan 16 2

13,000 Australian LIVE EXPORT animals stricken at sea:

LiveExport – GlobalVoice4Animals

Latest news on the Ocean Outback indicates it is being held well out to sea (about 110 km), west of Perth.

The sea conditions in the area are moderate to rough, and temperatures are high, all of which is not very good at all for the welfare of the animals.

Of course, the exporter’s spokesman continues to report that it’s all good on board, along with the broken record like announcements about the so called excellent ventilation characteristics of the ship. However, the facts are not changed by his childish propaganda. Animals are dying. It should be noted that the ship went well beyond 50 km out, so far out that, at one point, it seriously looked like it was being taken out of the Australian Exclusive Economic Zone, which is 320 km out. No doubt a…

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The Afternoon Video – If you are having trouble fitting into your jeans!!

Little Girl Who Lost Arm Adopts Kitten With Missing Limb

Igor Purlantov

amputee-kid-kitten-today-160106-tease-06_11d32bac15f969b26b4ad64157f108a3-today-inline-largeSince their daughter Scarlette, 2, lost an arm to cancer as an infant, Simone and Matt Tipton have wanted to get her a pet with similar physical challenges. When the Trabuco Canyon, California couple heard about a kitten that lost its front leg, they knew they had found the next member of their family.

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