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The Dirt on Fleas

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Cat With Flea Dermititis Cat With Flea Dermititis

My colleague Mike Dryden, who has spent his career studying fleas on pets, has a very informative YouTube video called, The Dirt on Fleas. The video outlines a basic strategy for minimizing flea problems.

When fleas on a pet become noticeable, there will be many fleas in the pet’s environment. Fleas on a pet begin to lay eggs 24 h after they begin feeding. Fleas lay 30 or more eggs per day which drop off the pet and are distributed in the environment. A noticeable flea infestation on a pet will have already produced thousands of flea eggs.  The eggs hatch into larvae that develop in carpet, cracks and crevices or in shady areas of a yard. Depending on conditions a flea takes 3 to 8 weeks to go through its larva and pupa stages and become an adult. This means that if a pet has a…

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England: BREAKING: TV Animal supplier ‘Amazing Animals’ exposed.

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BREAKING: TV Animal supplier ‘Amazing Animals’ exposed

A polar bear is brought out to a stage in front of a large crowd. Her handler makes her climb onto a podium on command. Two lions are made to stand in a line up on their back legs when ordered. A leopard is made to jump from a podium and balance on two ropes. A monkey is brought out on a lead, a sloth carried out hanging on a pole for crowds to stare at.

These scenes were witnessed at the premises of ‘Amazing Animals’ a company which provides animals for the TV and media industry with clients such as the BBC and Hollywood film makers. READ the Daily Mail coverage this morning with support from wildlife expert and TV Presenter Chris Packham As well as exposing these terrible shows we filmed animals who were mentally affected by their captivity.

A white tiger…

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