Humans are Now Pooping Plastic: New pilot study

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Oh, no.  This is not good. A new study tested feces samples of participants and discovered that 100% of the participants had microplastics in their samples. Not only are the plastics a potential risk to health, but also the additives in the plastics which as we have reported here numerous times, are endocrine disruptors (synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormones) and have been linked with health conditions like IBD.

People are pooping plastic: Plastic and the endocrine-disrupting additives in the plastic present potential for serious health conditions


The world produces about 400 million metric tons of plastic a year, the equivalent of 882 billion pounds, and 80 percent ends up deposited in landfills and other parts of the environment. The smallest particles, the microplastics, range from 10 nanometers — so tiny they are invisible to the human eye — up to to 5 millimeters in diameter. Microplastics…

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Eating Organic Food May Prevent Cancer, say scientists

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Here is another reason to ditch the highly processed foods at the grocery store and conventional and fast food restaurants:  According to new results from a longitudinal study people who regularly eat organic food may be less likely to develop cancer than those who don’t.

Does eating organic food prevent cancer? Yes, a new study suggests

Study overview

A team of researchers studied 68,946 adult volunteers from France who provided information on how often they ate organic food, drinks and even dietary supplements. Participants were given a score, based on how often they eat organic food ranging from “most of the time” to “never” or “I don’t know.”


During two follow-up appointments, one in 2009 and another in 2016, the researchers then tracked cancer diagnoses, the most prevalent being breast cancer. Other cancers observed included prostate cancer, skin cancer, colorectal cancer, non-Hodgkin lymphomas and lymphomas.

People who reported…

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Homes Filled with Dangerous Pesticides: Study

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So it turns out much of the most dangerous types of indoor pollution we live with we may be creating ourselves…Despite the existence of chemical-free methods to eradicate pests, Americans use more than a billion pounds of pesticides per year. These chemicals are mostly out of sight and out of mind to unsuspecting homeowners, who are typically unaware of how to prevent potential harm – something new research is addressing.

There is reason for everyone to attend to this issue.  At CFL we have published a number of studies in recent years linking exposure to pesticides to cancer, endometriosis, lowered sperm count/infertility and miscarriage, among a number of other serious health conditions.

Harmful pesticides lurking in New York State homes

The study

In a study recently published in JSM Health Education & Primary Health Care, researchers from Cornell University examined the extent of indoor pesticide pollution in…

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