Petition: Demand Coyote Protection in Minnesota, Now!
Demand Coyote Protection in Minnesota, Now!
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Last night, my neighbor trapped a coyote and then shot it, and about 30 minutes later shot another one.

My son and I heard the horrific cries of this desperate animal clinging to its final breaths of life while its pack cried and whined for it. It was the worst haunting sounds I have ever heard in my life.

These beautiful packs of coyotes were here long before my neighbor moved out here. I’ve raised chickens, turkeys, ducks, and children around the packs and there has never been a reason warranted to harm one of these gorgeous animals. My neighbor has her horses in electrified fences and the coyotes can’t get to them. This was clearly a senseless killing of two animals that she did and a cowardly way she did it.

The law states that you cannot kill coyotes for a 1/2 hour before sunrise or sunset, but her killing occurred well over an hour after sunset. When cops were called, they stated “she has the right to protect her livestock”. Even livestock behind electric fences? I think NOT!

This was senseless murder of innocent animals who are just roaming their normal territory. We need laws to change in Minnesota to balance the protection of these animals, as they currently have no laws to protect them at all. It is currently set up as “open season” for all Coyotes.

Once the goal has been reached in signatures, this petition will be sent to every single lawmaker/representative in the entire state of MN. We have the opportunity to be the voice they need so that this never happens again! I would love the assistance of larger Animal Rights groups to help the push for protection!

Inability to Opt Out of Beeping Presidential Alerts Violates the US Constitution; Violates Right To Be Let Alone; Violates Nuisance Laws & More

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Now in what used to be the USA: Freaking Presidential Alerts beep frenetically even with volume off phone and phone in sleep mode and emergency alerts shut off. How scary is that! Americans can’t shut off Trump. You can shut off emergency warnings, including pending tornado strike, chemical leaks or approaching forest fire, but not shut off Trump!

Americans of a certain age know how patently UNAMERICAN this is. The most basic American right is the right to be let alone, as pointed out by Supreme Court Justice Brandeis in 1890, citing Judge Cooley. That’s why Americans like private homes and not to be stuffed in apartments like both Democrat (Elizabeth Warren) and Republican (Ben Carson) politicians apparently desire, as seen in their recent and still ongoing attempts to overrule and undermine single family home zoning laws.

Excerpt from lawsuit against this nuisance. The entire lawsuit is further below…

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Petition · fire Amber and the 2 animal officers above her and charge them with murder and NEVER let them around animals; get Heather her job back. and to prevent anything like what happened to Mystiqu…
Petition · fire Amber and the 2 animal officers above her and charge them with murder and NEVER let them around animals; get Heather her job back. and to prevent anything like what happened to Mystique to happen to any other animal. Justice for Mystique!!!!!! ·
Rhonda Travis started this petition to Mayor Ron Button
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Yesterday, adorable 3 year old deaf Mystique who had just given birth a couple of months ago was killed even though she had several rescues as well as a qualified vet that were willing to save her from being put down by the shelter. Adding insult to injury, a compassionate volunteer who worked at the shelter was fired because she contacted No Kill Coalition as well as several rescues to help save Mystique from being put down. This volunteer had been asked by the shelter to look for someone to take Mystique.Complaining about an animal shelters treatment of animals is a constitutionally protected right. A volunteer, rescuer, or any other member of the public not only has the First Amendment right to speak out, he or she also has a constitutionally protected right to demand that the government correct the wrongs that are identified.
There was no reason to put Mystique down since she was being successfully treated for heart worms and had no other major condition that couldn’t be resolved with treatment by a qualified vet. Here’s another example of shelters who ignore pleas from legitimate rescues and act with disregard for the life of the animal. We must work towards changing this mindset. We can do so by speaking up for the rights of the animals. All calls from rescues and vets to the shelter regarding Mystique were ignored. The local Humane Society a separate entity also wanted to help Mystique!! Monroe Animal control in Sparta, Wisconsin. Fire Amber and the two animal control officers who approved the killing of Mystique. Charge them with murder and NEVER let them around animals; Help volunteer Heather get her job back and prevent anything like what happened to Mystique from happening to any other animal.

All these people should be held accountable for what they did to Mystique!!

Governor: Scott Walker

Mayor: Ronald Button

County Administrator- Jim Bialecki

Please Sign Petition…

Enforce Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Laws ·
Enforce Pennsylvania Animal Cruelty Laws ·
Mary Robbins started this petition to Office of the Governor Governor Tom Wolf and 3 others
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The signing of this petition would ensure your voices are heard, by the governing officials. That you wish to see laws enforced as well as to ensure harsher penalty for those who abuse animals.

Since animals can’t consent or fight back to sexual assault. It should be considered rape. We’re asking for either an emendation to the current Pennsylvania animal abuse law or to draft a new one.

FBI study shows that animal cruelty leads to other forms of abuse. Our laws are lax, they need to be more stringent.

”A crime is a misdemeanor of the second degree if it is so designated or if a person convicted thereof may be sentenced to a term of imprisonment, the maximum of which is not more than 2 years, or if it is an offense declared by law to constitute a crime, without specification of the class thereof, if the maximum”

it should be 5 to 10 years with a higher fine as well as having the right of owning a companion animal taking away…

If our laws continue to be lax individuals will repeat the crime. On top of this, it only shows that the majority of officials thinks animals don’t deserve fair rights. Animal Rights aren’t a joke, animals deserve better they deserve to be treated fairly and with respect. Animal Abuse shouldn’t be a ”misdemeanor”, it should be a felony.

Navy war games killing whales?

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This video says about itself:

Almost 200 Pilot Whales Beached in New Zealand! Is Navy Testing to Blame?

13 February 2015

Almost 200 pilot whales stranded themselves Friday on a New Zealand beach renowned as a deathtrap for the marine mammals. Is past nuclear testing to blame?

By Peter Frost in Britain:

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Are submarine war games killing whales?

PETER FROST investigates many mysterious whale corpses turning up on Scottish and Irish beaches

LAST week I told the remarkable tale of an Arctic beluga whale which turned up at Tilbury on the Thames. It is still living there as I write this, seven days later. And it shows no signs of moving on at any time soon.

Should the animal manage to make its way from the Thames, it will need to avoid being hit by passing shipping both in the busy Thames itself…

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Pets OK for Kids with Asthma, say researchers – FIREPAW, Inc.
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The findings of a recent scientific study are good news for families who have pets and a child with asthma. The takeaway: Having a pet or not was insignificant in determining whether the child’s asthma improved. What did matter was the child and family closely following the asthma guidelines. This was true even for families with pets. In other words: According to the research findings, if you have a child with asthma, as long as you carefully follow the guidelines, there may be no need to get rid of the family cat or dog.
Have asthma and a pet? Re-homing your cat or dog may not be necessary

A study analyzed environmental exposures, like pet and secondhand smoke, to determine if they have a role in asthma control among children whose asthma is managed per NAEPP (EPR-3) guidelines. Researchers found that once asthma guidelines are followed, environmental exposures to pets or secondhand smoke were not significant factors in overall asthma improvement over time.


Study overview

Three hundred and ninety-five children, ages 2 to 17 years, were included in this study; 25 percent were exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke, and 55 percent were exposed to a cat or dog at home.

Children with the diagnosis of uncontrolled asthma and were followed at a pediatric asthma center were provided asthma care as per NAEPP guidelines. At each visit (3-6 months), families completed asthma questionnaires including acute care needs, symptom control and asthma control test (ACT). Asthma control in patients was evaluated at each visit. Results were compared between patients with or without exposure to secondhand smoking and between patients with or without exposure to pets (cats or dogs) at home at baseline and over time.



Environmental exposure to pets and secondhand smoke were not significant co-variants in asthma improvement over time. When closely following the asthma guidelines, both groups of asthma patients improved over a three-year period–regardless of whether there was a pet in the house.

Journal Reference: Shahid Sheikh, Judy Pitts, Ann Salvator, Christopher Nemastil, Swaroop Pinto. IMPACT OF ENVIRONMENTAL EXPOSURES (SECOND HAND SMOKING AND/OR PETS) ON LONG-TERM ASTHMA CONTROL IN CHILDREN. Chest, 2018; 154 (4): 738A

Study abstract: DOI: 10.1016/j.chest.2018.08.666

Overview of findings

Petition · Protect Point of the Mountain ·

Carey Brown started this petition to Draper City Mayor Troy Walker and 5 others

Mining and other gravel pits are a significant culprit in polluting local air quality. Local research and environmental organizations show Geneva Rock has knowingly distributed fugitive dust and crystalline silica into our air.

As stated by Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment, “Fugitive dust is composed of harmful particulate matter and often heavy metals including uranium and arsenic. Crystalline silica present in this dust can cause chronic, irreversible lung disease and lead to lung cancer.” These substances are toxic to humans and a major cause of lung disease and other respiratory conditions, including asthma. These diseases are detrimental to all residents, and especially children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

By allowing Geneva Rock to expand, the city of Draper is prioritizing illegal business practices and greed over it’s residents health and well-being. Geneva Rock has not supplied an environmental impact report, and has repeatedly and knowingly broken the law. See

Similarly, Geneva Rock’s expansion is a potential danger to homes and safety in Draper. The close proximity of explosive charges, large construction machinery, and natural human error has the potential to dismantle the integrity of the Point of the Mountain and the home and lives that live on it. Because the Point is a large sand bar, by continuing to dig and disrupt its foundation, Geneva Rock is putting the lives of Draper residents and their homes at risk.

Geneva Rock’s plan discourages the economic growth and development the state of Utah is proposing with Silicon Slopes. Credible companies will not move to Utah with our unhealthy environment. Additionally, tourists and outdoor enthusiasts flock to the Point annually. In order to retain and attract these groups, the city needs to vote no to the Geneva Rock expansion. We need to protect are best, natural asset for social growth and integrity.

We stand united with the residents of Draper and oppose Geneva Rock’s proposal to rezone their mining operations into the Point of the Mountain.

Prtition: Ban paraquat, an herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease. ·

Despite being banned in 32 countries, paraquat is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States. Yet many studies, including one as recent as 2017, show that paraquat exposure increases risk of Parkinson’s disease. We believe the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) should join other countries in banning the use of this herbicide.

Parkinson’s is a chronic, degenerative neurological disease that impacts nearly 1 million Americans. Currently, there is no treatment to slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s, nor is there a cure.

Every 15 years, the EPA reviews all herbicides to confirm they comply with federal safety standards, and paraquat is currently under review. That’s why your signature is so important today.

The Unified Parkinson’s Advocacy Council, led by The Michael J. Fox Foundation, educates lawmakers on the causes of Parkinson’s and advocates for public policy changes that support patients and families. Last year, the Council sent a letter to the EPA outlining paraquat’s health risks and asking for it to be banned in the United States.

Introduced in the 1960s, paraquat kills most green plant tissue on contact and is often used as an alternative for weeds resistant to glyphosate, the herbicide commonly known as “Roundup.” There are other means of pest-control that farmers can use to obtain an adequate yield without increasing Parkinson’s risk.

Please sign our petition asking the EPA Administrator to protect Americans and prohibit the use of paraquat.

Georgetown Issues Statement BACKING Professor Who Said White Republican Men Should Be Murdered, Castrated | Daily Wire

De-listing of Gray wolf passes House

Exposing the Big Game

Congressman Dan Newhouse,

Congressman Sean Duffy (R-WI) and Congressman Dan Newhouse (R-WA) released the following statements after bipartisan legislation they introduced to return management of gray wolves to state control advanced in the House of Representatives. The House Natural Resources Committee approved the legislation in a committee markup today.

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REPORT: Immigrants Leaving Democrat Party In DROVES Because Of Kavanaugh Treatment

BREAKING: Senate Makes 51-49 Decision In Preliminary Kavanaugh Vote