I-Team: Madeleine Pickens makes grisly discovery on her Nevada ranch

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By George Knapp Matt Knapp  as published on LasVegasNow.com

“What happened to these horses has been described as a massacre..”

LAS VEGAS – The owner of a sprawling ranch in northern Nevada has made a gruesome discovery — the carcasses of eight wild horses gunned down near a watering hole.

The identity of the gunmen is not mystery though. The horses were shot multiple times by a federal agency — the Bureau of Land Management. It’s the latest skirmish in a running battle between BLM and advocates for wild horses.

Businesswoman Madeleine Pickens offered to take as many as 30,000 wild horses out of government pens and put them on her own 600,000 acre ranch in Elko County. That plan would save the government an estimated $100 million. But Elko County is cattle country so Pickens has faced opposition at every step.

What happened to these horses has been described…

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A grand day out

bluebird of bitterness

A truck carrying 24 penguins bound for the city zoo broke down on the highway. The trucker knew it would take some time to repair, so he flagged down a van and offered the driver fifty dollars if he would take the penguins to the zoo. The driver agreed, so all the penguins got out of the truck and piled into the van.

When his truck was finally repaired, the trucker went to the zoo to make sure that the penguins had arrived safely. But when he got to the zoo, the penguins weren’t there. He jumped back into his truck and drove around town, searching for them. He finally spotted the driver and all 24 penguins walking along a busy downtown street.

“You were supposed to take those penguins to the zoo,” said the trucker.

“I did,” said the driver. “But there was still some money left over, so I’m taking them to a…

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The ideal diet to combat climate change: Plant-based diets better for planet, study says

Exposing the Big Game


Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Fresh fruits and vegetables lie on display at a Spanish producer’s stand at the Fruit Logistica agricultural trade fair on Feb. 8, 2017, in Berlin, Germany.

(CNN) – You may be aware that a plant-based diet can make you healthier by lowering your risk for obesity, heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. Now, a study suggests there’s another good reason to regularly eat meatless meals. By filling your plate with plant foods instead of animal foods, you can help save the planet.

The study, published last week in the journal Nature, found that as a result of population growth and the continued consumption of Western diets high in red meats and processed foods, the environmental pressures of the food system could increase by up to 90% by 2050, “exceeding key planetary boundaries…

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Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are all dropping support for older versions of the onlin e security protocol TLS, used in practically any encrypted exchange online. While few peopl…

Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer and Safari are all dropping support for older versions of the onlin e security protocol TLS, used in practically any encrypted exchange online. While few people or machines are using the long-unsafe TLS 1.0 and 1.1, they’re still permitted in many connections — but no t for long #AceNewsDesk reports
3-4 minutes

AceNewsDesk – Oct.16: Transport Layer Security is a community-developed standard that got its 1.0 release nearly 20 years ago: It and its close relative, 1.1, have known flaws that make them unsafe to use for any secure communications. 1.2 addressed these major flaws in 2008 and is currently used by the vast majority of clients. 1.3, released earlier this year, both improves and streamlines the standard, but as yet has only a limited presence online as many servers and services haven’t been updated to support it #AceNewsDesk reports

The messy, musical process behind the web’s new security standard

Mozilla, Google, Microsoft and WebKit all made separate but similar announcements on their blogs, essentially that the old versions, 1.0 and 1.1, will be phased out by early 2020 — March specifically for some, which we can take as a general indicator for the others.

“Two decades is a long time for a security technology to stand unmodified,” wrote Microsoft’s Kyle Pflug. “While we aren’t aware of significant vulnerabilities with our up-to-date implementations of TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1, vulnerable third-party implementations do exist. Moving to newer versions helps ensure a more secure Web for everyone.”

As a user you don’t need to do a thing. The browsers and apps you use will work just as they have before — chances are they’re all using 1.2 already. Mozilla shared a chart showing that only a smattering of connections it sees use the earlier versions:

These connections, low by proportion but still numerous, could be lots of things. Legacy machines embedded here are there; old apps for which the security stack hasn’t been updated in years; hacked devices. It’s almost certainly not you or even your parents.

The long lead time is given because of the possibility (nay, inevitability) that there are some critical systems (for example in aging municipal infrastructure) that will cease to work because of this change. People need time to do a real audit, although they probably should have done it years ago.

This move should make everyone a little safer online, though everything will continue to act exactly as it did before. That’s by design.

Source: TechCrunch.Com/ and https://t.me/TheHackerNewsRSS/1002 Published: October.15: 2018:

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Earth Report

Global insect populations declining at alarming rate

An article in PNAS (National Academy of Sciences) has highlighted research from around the world that has found that insect populations are declining significantly.

A number of studies indicate that tropical arthropods should be particularly vulnerable to climate warming. If these predictions are realized, climate warming may have a more profound impact on the functioning and diversity of tropical forests than currently anticipated. Although arthropods comprise over two-thirds of terrestrial species, information on their abundance and extinction rates in tropical habitats is severely limited. Here we analyze data on arthropod and insectivore abundances taken between 1976 and 2012 at two midelevation habitats in Puerto Rico’s Luquillo rainforest. During this time, mean maximum temperatures have risen by 2.0 °C. Using the same study area and methods employed by Lister in the 1970s, we discovered that the dry weight biomass of arthropods captured in sweep…

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The Amazing Health Benefits of Ginseng

Openhearted Rebellion

By Jon Yaneff, CNP

One great herbal cure comes to us in the form of ginseng. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, this powerful herb is thought to balance both yin and yang.

You will also find evidence that ginseng benefits weight loss efforts, reduces inflammation, improves brain function, increases energy, boosts immunity, and lowers blood sugar.

Other health benefits of ginseng reportedly include treating erectile dysfunction, preventing and treating cancer, treating menopausal symptoms, and improving quality of life overall.

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Earth Report

Disease Outbreak Threatening California Sea Lions

A major outbreak of a deadly disease has sickened more than 200 seas lions along the Northern California coast, the Marine Mammal Center announced Tuesday.

Officials at the center said it was the second largest outbreak of leptospirosis in California sea lions in its recorded history. This year, 220 sea lions at the Marin Headlands-based center have tested positive for the bacterial infection, which affects their kidneys.

Though sea lions diagnosed with leptospirosis are treated with antibiotics and other supportive care, roughly two-thirds of the animals with the infection do not survive.

Other animal species, including humans and dogs, can become infected with the bacteria through contact with contaminated urine, water and soil.

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Donkey Skins Are The New Ivory In China. Immense Global Animal Suffering Results.

World Animals Voice

DONKEYS are the backbone of many farming villages in developing countries. But if current trends continue, the world’s rural poor may soon need to find a new beast of burden.

The animals’ ranks have thinned dramatically in many African countries: Kenya’s donkey population, for example, has fallen by half since 2009, to 900,000. The primary cause is neither disease nor declining demand for live donkeys, but instead a burgeoning market for their pelts.

donkey skins global.png

Since ancient times the Chinese have consumed , a gelatine made by boiling and refining donkey skin to produce a tonic taken as an elixir.

As the country grew richer in the 1990s and 2000s, demand for the product grew and fewer donkeys were needed for agriculture and transport. As a result, there were only 5m donkeys in China in 2016, down from 11m in 1990. Because donkeys are relatively poor breeders, China no longer has enough…

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Japan will flush unsafe water from Fukushima nuclear plant into sea 


 https://www.independent.ie/world-news/asia-pacific/japan-will-flush-unsafe-water-from-fukushima-nuclear-plant-into-sea-37429128.html, Julian Ryall, October 17 2018 Water the Japanese government is planning to release into the Pacific Ocean from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant contains radioactive material well above legally permitted levels, according to the plant’s operator.

The government is running out of space to store contaminated water that has come into contact with fuel that escaped from three nuclear reactors after the plant was destroyed in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that struck north-east Japan.

Its plan to release the approximately 1.09m tons of water stored in 900 tanks into the Pacific has triggered a fierce backlash from local residents and environmental organisations, as well as groups in South Korea and Taiwan fearful that radioactivity from the second-worst nuclear disaster in history might wash up on their shores.

Tokyo Electric Power Co (Tepco), which runs the plant, has until recently claimed the only significant contaminant in the…

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2 wild horses found shot to death: Heber Wild Horse Territory in Arizona

Straight from the Horse's Heart

SOURCE:  Heber Wild Horses facebook page

A band of Heber Wild Horses look on at the bodies of their dead.

In case there are people who are not aware the Heber Wild Horse Herd is protected by Federal Law. There is a maximum penalty of $100,000 and up to a year in prison for killing a federally protected wild horse.

If anybody has any information on the shootings, please call CAES at 541.315.6650 or private message this Facebook page. Thank you!

****** Wild Horse Shooting Update 10/16/2018 ******

The Black Mesa Ranger District office is not open on weekends. Robin, one of our members, went to the district office yesterday to get the contact information for the Sitgreaves law enforcement officer John Lopez, in order to find out what the current status is on the investigation of the two horses that were shot and killed. Forest Service office staff…

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Keeping Pets Safe this Autumn: How to Avoid Toxic Plants – Katzenworld

Keeping pets safe this autumn PDSA offers advice on how to avoid toxic plants Temperatures are starting to drop and that fresh, crisp autumnal feel is in the air. Autumn can be a brilliant time for you and your pets, and a time to enjoy the beautiful scenery as trees change from green to an […]

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