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4 tips for picking the perfect olive oil

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While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest, largest jug of extra-virgin olive oil at conventional grocery stores, it’s not the best idea.


If you’re on a mission to make olive oil part of your health plan, aim for about 4 tablespoons of 100 percent olive oil per day by drizzling over salads or fresh, sliced tomatoes or using as a simple dip for whole-grain bread.

But buyer beware: While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest, largest jug of extra-virgin olive oil at conventional grocery stores, it’s not the best idea. Not only will the flavor be subpar, it may not even be olive oil. Unfortunately, olive oil adulteration is common. Seeking profits, tricksters can blend extra-virgin olive oil with low-quality varieties, or even with other plant oils like sunflower oil, reducing olive oil’s superior health benefits. It’s worth it, however, to suss out quality olive oil…

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Wednesday weirdness

bluebird of bitterness

Let’s be honest: Who among us has never felt the urge to bitchslap a random stranger with an octopus?

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Bug off

7 Signs of Narcissistic Abuse – Infographic

WATCH OUT: Japan is pushing exports of its Fukushima ‘s radiation contaminated sake to other countries


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Free Fukushima “sake” tasting events in NYC.

Japan’s No.1 Sake Fukushima
Experience the best sake in Japan, without leaving NYC!!
Most Gold Prizes 6 years in a row in the century-old Japan Sake Awards. “Champion Sake” in 2015 and 2018 at the International Wine Challenge. Unmatched craftsmanship and the finest taste. While famous in Japan, Fukushima sake has remained a mystery to the outside world—until now!
Enjoy a FREE tasting session of premium Fukushima sake with us. Tasting session participants will receive a 20% discount for Fukushima sake purchased during event hours (while supplies last).
More Free Sake Tasting Events
Japan’s No.1 Fukushima’s Sake for Holiday Gift–Free Tasting
Dec 7, 2018 5:00 PM
Japan’s No.1 Fukushima’s Sake for Valentine’s Day–Free Tasting
Feb 8, 2019 5:00 PM
Fukushima Trade Promotion Council
Organizer of Japan’s No.1 Fukushima SAKE –Free Tasting
USA Inquiries
Attn: Aya Ota

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Grand Canyon uranium mining ban upheld by Supreme Court


Grand Canyon uranium mining ban upheld as supreme court declines to hear challenge
Court says extraction ban is among cases it refuses to review, in victory for environmental groups and Native American communities,
Guardian, Joanna Walters in New York @Joannawalters13 2 Oct 2018 The ban on new uranium mining near the Grand Canyon implemented by the Obama administration was effectively upheld on Monday when the US supreme court declined to hear a challenge from the industry.

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Increased Threat to Wildlife from Traditional Chinese Medicine

International Wildlife Bond

An article in Nature (“Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world,” 26 September 2018) presents the alarming prospect of ‘Traditional Chinese Medicine’ (TCM) being endorsed by the World Health Organization (WHO):

….expect that the inclusion of TCM will speed up the already accelerating proliferation of the [TCM] practices and eventually help them to become an integral part of global health care

In response to queries by Nature, the WHO said that its Traditional Medicine Strategy “provides guidance to Member States and other stakeholders for regulation and integration, of safe and quality assured traditional and complementary medicine products, practices, and practitioners””

“A pharmacy in a traditional-medicine hospital in Beijing dispenses medications” – Credit: David Gray/Reuters – “Why Chinese medicine is heading for clinics around the world,” Nature, 26 September 2018

It should be borne in mind, that many such…

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Petition: Tell Hong Kong: End the hippo ivory trade | African Wildlife Foundation



The Importance Of Neutering Your Cat – Debunking The Myths – Katzenworld

Cats Protection is debunking some common myths in a bid to get owners to neuter their feline friends. Neutering is an important part of owning a cat but is a subject that many cat owners don’t know much about. For example, research by Cats Protection found that 94% of cat owners didn’t realise that cats could […]

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The Processed Meat-Breast Cancer Link: New Study

Chemical Free Life

Processed meats in the U.S. contain food additives that have been linked in scientific research to numerous adverse health outcomes, and for some of those chemicals that link includes cancer.  Now another study has found a link between consuming processed meats and an increased risk for breast cancer–a 9% increased risk, in fact, suggesting that those consumers who wish to reduce their risk for breast cancer should remove processed meats from their diet.

Processed meat consumption linked to breast cancer risk

Studies on red and processed meat consumption with breast cancer risk have generated inconsistent results. A new meta-analysis study has now examined all published studies on the topic. Comparing the highest to the lowest category in the 15 studies included in the analysis, processed meat consumption was associated with a 9% higher breast cancer risk.

Note: Investigators did not observe a significant association between red (unprocessed) meat intake…

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