French Govt Trying To Balance Budget On Backs Of Americans With Nuclear Dump In Texas: Comment By Friday Oct. 19, 2018 11:59 PM Eastern

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The French government is trying to get the US taxpayer to help pay for the bailout of their bankrupt government owned nuclear company, Areva, which they renamed Orano, by opening an “interim” nuclear waste dump in Texas. Japanese companies have bought into Orano at 10%, raising the question of if Japanese nuclear waste will come to Texas. Japan tried to send its nuclear waste to bury in Scotland in the 1980s. The Scots stopped them. The US taxpayer already lost an estimated $7.6 billion for the unfinished Areva MOX project in South Carolina.

So, after fleecing the American taxpayer out of billions for a MOX nuclear facility, which will never be completed due to cost overruns, the French government is trying to fleece Americans some more. They hope to do this in conjunction with a private company owned…

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