Humans are Now Pooping Plastic: New pilot study

Chemical Free Life

Oh, no.  This is not good. A new study tested feces samples of participants and discovered that 100% of the participants had microplastics in their samples. Not only are the plastics a potential risk to health, but also the additives in the plastics which as we have reported here numerous times, are endocrine disruptors (synthetic chemicals that disrupt hormones) and have been linked with health conditions like IBD.

People are pooping plastic: Plastic and the endocrine-disrupting additives in the plastic present potential for serious health conditions


The world produces about 400 million metric tons of plastic a year, the equivalent of 882 billion pounds, and 80 percent ends up deposited in landfills and other parts of the environment. The smallest particles, the microplastics, range from 10 nanometers — so tiny they are invisible to the human eye — up to to 5 millimeters in diameter. Microplastics…

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