International Snow Leopard Day 2018

The Jaguar

Snow Leopard on Snowy Rocks by Eric Kilby. CC BY-SA 2.0

Well friends, today is October 23. That makes it International Snow Leopard Day: a day set aside to celebrate and generate support for snow leopards (Panthera uncia).

Snow leopards are extraordinary creatures that are somehow able to survive in the harsh mountains of Central Asia, and yet do so with unparalleled grace and beauty. Here is a ‘quick facts’ guide I wrote about snow leopards last year, which should serve as a good introduction to this remarkable species.

An excellent side-effect of International #SnowLeopardDay is that the Twitterverse is alive with pictures and videos of snow leopards. Since what people say on Twitter apparently counts as real news now (God, help us), here are a few of my favorite tweets thus far:

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