Sustaining the Joy of the Lord While Advocating for Animals

Shepherding All God's Creatures

Fixing Your Eyes On Jesus, by Elizabeth Spencer Courtesy CreationSwap Fixing Your Eyes On Jesus, by Elizabeth Spencer
Courtesy CreationSwap

Psalm 56:8 “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.”

I don’t know about you, but the joy of the Lord can escape me with all the cruelty I see happening to animals.  It is easy to allow the thoughts and pictures in my mind of these abuses consume everything else.

But then I ask, in the face of such extreme suffering:  Since God is asking us to be joyful (for the “joy of the Lord is our strength” – Nehemiah 8:10), how can he expect us to have joy in the face of all we see?  It feels like we are not to feel pain or get angry, but to constantly be in some state of happiness or “joy”!  How can this be? …

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Poachers Kill Over 20,000 Reindeer in Russia To Send Their Tongues To China


WWF Russia

We have previously discussed how the growing Chinese market for exotic animal parts is wiping out the world’s populations of endangered and threatened animals.  This week the extent of that slaughter was brutally evident in Russia where poachers have killed over 20,000 reindeer . . . only to cut their tongues out and leaving miles of rotting carcasses.

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World Stray Animals Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dalida Kozlic L.L.B writes:

Something very personal….

It is estimated that there are about 600 million stray animals in the world. Every year the 4th of April is marked as “World Stray Animals Day”.

Stray animals are the ones that live on the streets without having an owner, or that have lived their lives without being domesticated. Stray animals usually feed on any rubbish that is left outside, which is why you find them close to populated areas. Some of the animals, although living wild on the streets, are fed by people. This is why they are sometimes known as “community animals”.

Many hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide have been poisoned, clubbed to death, euthanized or killed in other ways to solve the stray dog problem. But all these barbaric methods only lead to a short term decrease in the population density (the World Health Organisation
and the WSPA…

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Earth Day is no longer about Celebration: Uranium Contamination Across America, Holding the Silent Killers Of Environmental Destruction Accountable

Nwo Report

Earth Day 2017. This article was first published in April 2014

The findings of the most recent IPCC report are sobering. We have 15 years to mitigate climate disaster. It is up to us to make a major transition to a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy economy within that time-frame. Big Energy and our plutocratic government are not going to do it without effective pressure from a people-powered movement.

Earth Day is no longer about celebration. We are making Mother Earth sick by using extreme methods to extract fuels from her mountains and from beneath her surface and by massive spills of oil, chemicals and radiation. We must mobilize ourselves to take action now to create clean renewable energy and to restore the damage we have done.

More people are getting this concept. This year, there are several major campaigns around Earth Day, for example the Global Climate Convergence and…

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Author Kuki Gallmann shot in Kenyan conservation park  | Daily Mail Online

Deadly Superbug Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to US, Says Top Doc

Nwo Report

Fungus represents a “catastrophic threat” to the public

Deadly Superbug Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to US, Says Top DocSputnik

A deadly fungus is causing a “catastrophic threat” in the United States and has already killed at least 61 people in recent years.

Candida auris is considered a superbug, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that about 60 percent of people who have been infected by the fungus have died. So far, recorded cases have been mostly in New York and New Jersey, but Dr. Anne Schuchat, acting director of the CDC, is warning that it is highly dangerous and may spread.

Schuchat told STAT News this week that the fungus represents a “catastrophic threat” to the public and is one of the “scariest threats” currently facing the nation.

The fungus was first documented in Japan eight years ago, but has since been reported in a dozen countries and on four continents.

“It appears that C. auris…

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Synthetic Sweeteners in Diet Soda Triple Risk of Deadly Stroke: New Study

Source: Synthetic Sweeteners in Diet Soda Triple Risk of Deadly Stroke: New Study

Everyday Needs to Be Earth Day

Mining Awareness +

April 22nd was officially Earth Day. Everyday needs to be Earth Day.
NASA, Image # : 68-HC-870, 12/24/1968 Earth-rise Christmas Eve 1968
NASA Earth-Rise Christmas Eve 1968
The human population of the earth has more than doubled since the Earth-Rise picture was taken in 1968, making caretaking of the earth more urgent.
parting of waters 1493 Chronicles
Schedelsche Weltchronik or Nuremberg Chronicle Date 1493

Here in an old, old tradition from thousands of years ago, written almost 2,000 years ago, one sees much biological truth. The human body reflects the earth and water itself. If you poison the earth and the water with lethal radionuclides, humans and other life takes up these man-made radionuclides:
Genesis 2:6 “But there went up a mist from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground. 7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.” In this context, nuclear…

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Why I’m an Animal Rights Activist When There Is so Much Human Suffering in the World


Before I was an animal rights activist, I was a budding human rights activist. While in law school, I helped victims of domestic violence obtain personal protection orders. I studied human rights and refugee law, participated in an asylum clinic, spent all my summer legal internships working with refugee organizations and focused primarily on helping women who were victims of gender-based persecution and violence such as honor crimes, forced genital mutilation, sex-trafficking, and rape. My first client let me touch the shrapnel that was embedded under the skin in her knee after the Taliban had bombed her village in Afghanistan and killed most of her family.  I also represented men when they were in need, like the gentle Congolese man who had been tortured, and had the marks on his body to prove it, because of dubious ties to the wrong political party. Refugees and victims of gender based violence…

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In Memory of ‘Britches’ For 24/4/.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

In memory of Britches

Every year on this day I remember the liberation of the macaque baby “Britches” from the University Laboratory of California (ULC). The ALF has made this exemption. Britches, a five-week-old monkey baby, was separated from his mother shortly after his birth. The aim of the experiment was to test the effect of a device on the blind so that blind people are guided by warning signals. For this reason the eyelids of Britches had been sewn and a sonar device attached to him.

On April 20, 1985, some courageous ALF activists deactivated the alarm system of ULC, entered the lab, and freed Britches, along with other 460 laboratory animals.

The story of “Britches” is perhaps known, but less well-known is that due to this action, these cruel trials in UCR were no longer pursued. The eyes of the monkeys were also no more sewn…

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