Deadly Superbug Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to US, Says Top Doc

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Fungus represents a “catastrophic threat” to the public

Deadly Superbug Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to US, Says Top DocSputnik

A deadly fungus is causing a “catastrophic threat” in the United States and has already killed at least 61 people in recent years.

Candida auris is considered a superbug, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning that about 60 percent of people who have been infected by the fungus have died. So far, recorded cases have been mostly in New York and New Jersey, but Dr. Anne Schuchat, acting director of the CDC, is warning that it is highly dangerous and may spread.

Schuchat told STAT News this week that the fungus represents a “catastrophic threat” to the public and is one of the “scariest threats” currently facing the nation.

The fungus was first documented in Japan eight years ago, but has since been reported in a dozen countries and on four continents.

“It appears that C. auris…

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2 comments on “Deadly Superbug Poses ‘Catastrophic Threat’ to US, Says Top Doc

  1. You can look at the map and see it’s probably started from immigration-urban poverty:
    And, sure enough, the Illinois variant is from South America. Latin American immigration seems driven by resource extraction land-grabs, drugs, worsened by population growth. “Whole-genome sequencing was performed on isolates from six patients. Isolates identified in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York were closely related to one another (differing by approximately 70 single nucleotide polymorphisms [SNPs]); the isolates from Maryland and New Jersey (the patients admitted to the same New Jersey hospital) differed by <10 SNPs, which was on same order of magnitude as the 6-SNP differences identified among multiple isolates from specimens obtained over a 10-day period from the Maryland patient. These U.S. isolates were related to isolates from South Asia (<60 SNPs apart). Isolates from the two Illinois patients were nearly identical (<10 SNPs apart) and were most closely related to isolates from South America (<150 SNPs apart)."

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    • Exactly!! They need to be quarantine, unless they have proof they had all their shots and in good health…not to mention the illegals coming from Mexico, it only goes to reason they are going to bring in diseases… Not just earwigs, stink bugs and bed bugs!!!

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