10 Magical Uses for Lavender

I love, love, love lavender! We had a Siberian Husky that would roll in the lavender the first time she did it I made the mistake of saying oh Misty you smell so good… so every time she went out,she would roll in the Lavender… My plants were always squished….. Which would released the lavender oil, when are neighbors would walk past our house, she would go to greet them and they would comment how good she always smelled…💜

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast

It’s everyone’s favorite herb.  It smells heavenly, it burns beautifully and it looks lovely.  And you probably have a ton of it just waiting to be used.  Here’s some ideas for putting it to work.

10 Magical Uses for Lavender

1.  Sew it into a sleep sachet to enhance dream work and promote relaxation.

2.  Use it in beauty and glamour spellsto symbolize the divine feminine.

3.  Burn it during meditation on a charcoal disk for heightened psychic awareness and insight.

4.  Better yet, make smudge sticks out of it.  Rolling smudge sticks with 100% dried lavender stems makes for gorgeous smoking wands that smell amazing.

5.  Add to your ritual bath to induce a calm, otherworldly feeling before you enter the circle.

6.  Use it spells to calm a conflict.  Lavender promotes peace between “at war” individuals.

7.  Make flower crowns for festivals.  Best done with fresh lavender, this flower can be made…

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