New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.)

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New Law Means You Could be the Subject of a Vaccine or Medication Experiment Without Your Informed Consent (VIDEO)

Posted by Daisy Luther
Date: March 30, 2017

A new law quietly passed last December contains a waiver of informed consent that eliminates the requirement of pharmaceutical companies to let you know if a medication or vaccine given to you or your child is experimental.

Wow. One last Christmas surprise from President Obama.

Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.This is according to Section 3024, “Informed Consent Waiver for Clinical Investigations” of H.R. 32, the “21st Century Cures Act.” Here’s the wording of the text:

“Clinical testing” is not clearly defined. Furthermore, who the heck gets to decide what “minimal risk” is? The…

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Muslim Man Enters Goodwill, Chokes Elderly Woman Employee…Because She Wouldn’t Say It

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All of the nations that find themselves on Trump’s now-famous travel ban list are nation’s that, among other sinister things, routinely beat people (or worse) for refusing to convert to Islam. This is true even though Islam is a religion that has precepts that have no real bearing in reality or reason, such as the more historical religions of the world. This is why Egypt once worshipped Ra, the Sun God, and today face having images of Ra shattered for the crime of Islamic blasphemy. The truth is that every nation that is today Islamic are only in that condition due to having been conquered by the sword and beaten into the practice. No one chooses this burden on a national level for any other reason; it has never happened.

These beatings are occurring now in America as the case of Khaliad Bilal shows us. Bilal was arrested the past…

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Scientists Just Created A “Super Sponge” That Can Remove Mercury From Water In Seconds

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It takes just a few minutes to absorb the mercury from an entire lake.

Brianna Acuesta

Scientists from the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Sciences just invented a device that many are calling a “super sponge” that can absorb mercury from polluted water in a matter of seconds. With the many water crises occurring around the world, it’s more important than ever to develop tools like this sponge to help combat a growing problem.

Though the problem seemingly plaguing U.S. citizens right now is lead being found in tap water, mercury in water is a viable problem as well. Just in the state this sponge was created in, Minnesota, two-thirds of the bodies of water on the Impaired Waters List were found to be primarily impaired by mercury contamination. This is significant and may now be a problem of the past if the sponge proves effective…

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Organic Skin Care ~ 19 Chemicals to Avoid in Skin Care

Sorry, but these pollinating robots can’t replace bees! They’re cool, but it’s easier and cheaper to save the ones we’ve got!!


robobee.jpgIn 2007, chemist Eijiro Miyako created a thick, viscous, sticky gel that could conduct electricity. He hoped that it could be used in batteries or actuators, but the gel didn’t perform as well as he hoped, so he shoved it in a drawer and forgot about it.

Years later during a lab cleanup, Miyako found the gel, and decided to try a new experiment with it, attaching the gel to fibers, and then attaching that long-lasting sticky gel to an off-the-shelf drone—and crashing it into some flowers.

The result is a large robotic pollinator described in the journal Chem. In addition to putting together the remote-controlled pollinating drone, Miyako and colleagues also tested the gel on ants, and found that ants with a small coating of the gel attracted more pollen than ants without.

Miyako’s experiment was inspired by the plight of pollinators like bees around the globe, many…

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Native American Nation Celebrates As President Trump Does What Obama Never Could

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navajoAllison Hillman

With the mainstream media overreacting to everything President Trump does, it can be almost impossible to sort out the truth. They create such a firestorm, the actual impact gets lost in the smoke. Even when he accomplishes something that nobody else was able to.

We saw it happen with his immigration ban. While the liberal press was running around screaming about a racist president, Muslims were commenting that the ban made sense; they were largely ignored. Common sense and truth rarely factor in for the left.

It appears to be happening again with the president’s energy policies. The press is complaining about the environment meanwhile there is relief among one Native American Nation.

Hiding behind a concern for the environment, Obama enacted several regulations that put a strain on an already struggling industry. In one of his many last-minute regulations, Obama produced even more laws that would…

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84 Illegal Immigrants Now Off The Street…But There’s Something MSM Isn’t Including In The Bust

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ICE agents protect citizens from real criminals. This is the story MSM does not want you to know.April Horning

The efforts of ICE agents made significant progress in making the streets a little safer for the American public. Social media and MSM would like you to see how heartless these agents are, as they post videos of families being torn apart. This is not the whole truth and the outcome of a recent series of raids in the Pacific Northwest proves this.

Between March 25 and 27, 2017, ICE agents in Washington and Oregon arrested 84 undocumented immigrants. The media would like you to think these are innocent, law-abiding members of the community.

Of the 84 arrested, 60 had criminal records. ICE agents do not usually target those without criminal records. In the course of apprehending the offenders, they often find more illegal immigrants. According to an ICE representative, the raids target “…at-large criminal aliens, illegal re-entrants, and immigration fugitives.”

Many of the 60 criminal aliens…

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