Serbia: Appeal To Help Snesko – Any Little Helps !

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)

Help Snesko to pay his debt for 6 months (July – December)

Snesko is young retriever mix who dreams about real home almost 2 years. 
We care about him but a lot of dogs require a lot of money but…you know. Money is always problem.

We have debt for his 6 month from July to December. We have debt for accommodation, food, protection against parasites, gas for bringing him to the vet (his kennels is about 40 km in one way from vet), vet costs…

Can anyone help us?

Or please, share this.

We have a lot of problems because we don’t have money to pay all of this.

Thank you!

Please go to the following for donations and to see the photo gallery:

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US/UK: #ISIS hackers release ‘kill list’ with call for 8,786 targets in ‘ Lone Wolf Attacks ‘ and also leaving a threatening message for Donald Trump – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Apr.06: An ISIS-linked group of hackers has released a “kill list” of 8,786 names and addresses in the U.S. and U.K., calling for lone wolf attacks on the targets in a chilling video posted online..

PreviewVideo released of ISIS-linked hackers release 9,000-name ‘kill list’ for US & UK a group of hackers supporting Islamic State have released a “kill list” with the names of 8,786 people primarily from the US and UK, inciting violence against them, and also leaving a threatening message for Donald Trump.

Jihad Watch reports that Islamic State hackers release ‘kill list’ with 8,786 targets in US, UK Fox News doesn’t think it important enough to tell you, but “kill them wherever you find them” is from the Qur’an (2:191; 4:89; 9:5), the principal source for the Islamic State’s motivations and pattern of action.“Pro-ISIS hackers release ‘kill list’ with 8,786 targets…

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Help wanted

After Reading This You’ll Never Throw Out an Avocado Seed Again


California Avocados « Earl's Organic Produce

Source: TheMindUnleashed
April 5, 2017

The flesh of an avocado (Persea americana) is already amazing. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, containing 20 different vitamins and minerals that can help prevent obesity, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, and depression, but did you know that the seed of the avocado makes the flesh of this stone fruit pale in comparison? 70 percent of the antioxidants, amino acids, and other healing plant compounds are in the seed!

After reading further, and learning how to consume the seeds of avocados which contain one of the highest sources of bioactive compounds imaginable, you’ll never want to throw them out again.

Here are just a few things the seeds of avocados can do for you:

  • They’ve been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for ailments such as monorrhagia, hypertension, stomach ache, bronchitis…

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Alaska’s Intensive Predator Management: The Shocking Reality


The following report shows the results of Intensive Management with “wolf control” in Upper Koyukuk Management Area within Game Management Unit 24B in Alaska. This predation control program was authorized by the Alaska Board of Game under5 AAC 92.124 (c)

Never do I use use graphic images in my work, however this information is equally disturbing.

Note: The criteria for “success” with this program is a harvest of 35-40 moose in UKMA. The wolf removal objective is to reduce wolf numbers “as low as possible” in the UKMA near Allakaket and Alatna (combined human population of around 150) to allow more moose to be hunted by humans. The objective seeks to maintain a population of 100-140 wolves in all of GMU 24B “to ensure wolves persist in the area”. Keep in mind that GMU 24B is 13,523 square miles, and area larger than the entire state of Maryland which…

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