World Stray Animals Day in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dalida Kozlic L.L.B writes:

Something very personal….

It is estimated that there are about 600 million stray animals in the world. Every year the 4th of April is marked as “World Stray Animals Day”.

Stray animals are the ones that live on the streets without having an owner, or that have lived their lives without being domesticated. Stray animals usually feed on any rubbish that is left outside, which is why you find them close to populated areas. Some of the animals, although living wild on the streets, are fed by people. This is why they are sometimes known as “community animals”.

Many hundreds of thousands of animals worldwide have been poisoned, clubbed to death, euthanized or killed in other ways to solve the stray dog problem. But all these barbaric methods only lead to a short term decrease in the population density (the World Health Organisation
and the WSPA…

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