Taliban Setting Wildfires in Southwestern USA

Spanish waterfowl saved from poisoning by lead ammunition prohibition

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This video from 2008 is about a big flock of migrating northern pintail ducks near Fukushima, Japan. What effects will the Fukushima nuclear disaster have had on these pintails and other waterfowl?

From ScienceDaily:

Waterfowl Poisoning Halved by Lead Shot Prohibition in Spain

Jan. 16, 2014 — The pollution of waterfowl meat and their poisoning by lead shot has dropped by 50% since this type of munitions was prohibited in wetlands in 2001. This is one of the data in a report from the Hunting Resources Research Institute, which also states that the hunters’ compliance with this mandate has been very high.

Lead shot was forbidden in 2001 in Spanish wetlands on the Ramsar List of these areas of international importance. Ten years later, this prohibition -and the consequent use of steel shot by hunters- has started to bear fruit, according to a report in the journal…

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The Endangered Jaguarundi Is Coming Back To Texas

The Cove Guardians Team Discuss Taji TONIGHT on CNN (Pierce’s show and Anderson Cooper’s show)!

Does Your Body Absorb Genetically Engineered DNA?

GMO Awareness

Plant test tube GMO genetic engineering

One of the biggest assurances that pro-GMO manufacturers and scientists continue to make is how “safe” genetically engineered crops are. One of their primary arguments behind this assurance is that “new genes introduced in GM food are harmless, since all genes are broken up and rendered inert during digestion.”

Here are five studies disproving that theory…

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Symptoms consistent with

First Light Productions

A recent study has shown nearly half the bottlenose dolphins living in Barataria Bay in the Gulf of Mexico, the area oiled by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig four years ago, were/are in guarded or worse condition.

Twenty-five percent were significantly underweight. Seventeen-percent were classified as being in poor or grave condition and not expected to survive.

The findings showed unusual lung damage and very low levels of adrenal hormones, which are critical for responding to stress.

The abnormalities were not found in bottlenose dolphins tested in Sarasota Bay, Fla., chosen as a comparison site because it was not contaminated with oil.

The explosion 40 miles off the Louisiana coast spewed over 4 million barrels of oil into the sea, spreading an oil slick across open water that covered more than 1,000 miles of coastline

The research team, composed of government, academic and non-governmental researchers, concluded that…

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Who Needs “Old Highly Endangered Black Rhinos” Anyway?

Howling For Justice

Black Rinos in Ngorongoro Crater Wiki

Black rhinos in Ngorongoro crater

The fury continues over the  endangered black rhino that Corey Knowlton paid $350,000 to slaughter in Namibia, because after all the endangered black rhino is an old guy and who needs old endangered black rhinos anyway?

Bob Barker, host of the Price is Right and passionate animal rights activist, wrote an open letter to the Dallas Safari Club, who held the auction that allowed Knowlton to purchase a permit, issued by Namibia, to murder one of less than 5000 black rhino’s left in the world. Oh but don’t forget, that rhino’s life means nothing because he’s old!


Bob Barker Urges Safari Club Not to Auction Off License to Kill Older Male Rhino

 For Immediate Release

January 10, 2014

Moira Colley 202-483-7382

Dallas, Texas – As the Dallas Safari Club prepares to auction off a license to kill an endangered black rhinoceros in…

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1/20/14 I Have A Dream, Too


Today being the Dr. Martin Luther King holiday, I thought I would paws and reflect on Dr. King’s momentous “I Have A Dream” speech.  I have a dream, too, for my canine brethren.  If I imagine what Dr. King would say about Pitbulls, he might say something like this:

“My brothers and sisters, even as we face the injustice of Breed Selective Legislation, and penalties for responsible dog ownership, and violence against dogs of all types, I have a dream.

I have a dream that one day the world will stop labeling Pitbulls and Pitbull mixes solely upon their appearance, and hold these truths to be self-evident, that all dogs are created equal.

I have a dream that one day, the Legislators who propose BSL will realize that education and training is the answer to dog bite problems; and that those Legislators might sit down together to propose ordinances that…

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Fast Fact Attack: Endangered Species No. 100 – Pallas’ Cat

Mungai and the Goa Constrictor

Pallas' cat

“As long as people will shed the blood of innocent creatures there can be no peace, no liberty, no harmony between people. Slaughter and justice cannot dwell together”
Isaac Bashevis Singer

These captivating, incredibly furry little cats manage to survive the winters of some of the coldest regions on earth outside the Arctic Circle.  When they can hold onto their coats, that is.  Unbelievably appealing, though I think a little grumpy lookingPallas' cat sometimes, they are not much bigger than the average domestic cat, and were once wrongly thought to be the progenitors of the sleeky, long-haired domesticated Persian cat. Also known as manul, steppe cat or rock wildcat, Pallas’ cats are now in desperate trouble.

As you can imagine, that beautiful, luxurious coat has been much in demand over the centuries. Perfectly suited to its owner, enabling it to survive the harsh winters of the steppes, it is highly valued…

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Hypoallergenic Diets: Are They Right for Your Dog?

Dog Food Matters

Commercial and homemade diets using novel protein and carbohydrates sources have become very common. This trend is due to the popular belief that most allergies are due to specific protein ingredients in the diet. Commercial food with lamb, duck, bison, venison and salmon are now readily available. Consumer fear of grain gluten has moved many food companies to use potato and sweet potato products as novel carbohydrates.

Does Your Dog Need a Hypoallergenic Diet?

Actually allergies caused by food represent a small percentage of animals afflicted with allergies. Environmental proteins in pollen, fungus, parasites, dander and dust account for most allergic reactions in dogs. Changing food will not prevent most allergic conditions. Some dogs have both environmental and food allergies and food does reduce the severity of their allergic symptoms. Establishing environmental or food allergies by specific tests (skin tests, blood test or dietary trials) is important before changing diet. Celiac disease is actually rare in dogs…

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January 20, 2014 Update in Taji: The Last few days have Been Great For Overall Areness, But The Killings and Captivity Does NOT stop today!

A Sonnet: Let the Sun Set on Hatred

Friendly Fairy Tales


We are all children together looking for answers,
Cheered by beauty, gymnasts, athletes or dancers.
We look for family, love or a release to our pain,
For food, comfort, or shelter from fear and distain.
We are all alike: blessed by every sunny day, 
Then cast down by ice storms and endless gray.

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District Judge Deals Blow to NM Horse-Slaughter Plant

Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Milan Simonich as published in The Santa Fe New Mexican

“Attorney for Plant continues to Whine”

A state district judge issued a preliminary injunction Friday night against a horse-slaughter plant in New Mexico.

It was another setback, perhaps a fatal one, for Valley Meat Co., which for two years has been the target of lawsuits and heavy public opposition. The company wants to kill horses and sell the meat in foreign markets.

Judge Matthew Wilson of Santa Fe granted the injunction against the company. He accepted state Attorney General Gary King’s arguments that Valley Meat would harm the environment and contaminate the food chain.

Wilson’s ruling came after a confusing afternoon, in which he first issued an order saying he would hold a hearing on whether he should remove himself from the case because of challenges to his impartiality.

Lawyers for the slaughterhouse had filed an emergency…

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Dog Story

These will make you smile!

The American Parasite – 250 Million Americans Infected (29:49)

Gays caused British flood disasters, politician says

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This video is called UK Storms 2014: Flooding Across England.

There are not only funny theories in Texas, USA about the causes of the first world war. There are also funny theories in England about the causes of recent flood disasters.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Ukip suspends councillor who claimed floods were caused by gay marriage

Ukip councillor David Silvester’s suspension comes after new interview in which he says gay people ‘can be healed’

Patrick Wintour

Sunday 19 January 2014 15.32 GMT

A Ukip councillor who blamed the Christmas and new year floods on the passage of gay marriage laws has been suspended from the party, Ukip said on Sunday, reversing an earlier view that he was entitled to his opinion.

Henley-on-Thames councillor David Silvester, who defected from the Tories in protest at David Cameron‘s support for same-sex unions, said he had warned the prime minister…

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Man who paid $350K for the right to kill a black rhino: “I will say to Bob Barker…the price was wrong”

Donkey Basketball Was Stopped In Anacortes, Washington

Donkey Whisperer Farm ®


Select the news story to read all about how we stopped this event of cruel and in-humane treatment of the introverted donkey.  Wondering what the big deal was all about selectStop Donkey Basketball in Anacortes, Washington.

Thank you for all of your letters, phone calls and re-blogging to help create education, awareness and finally change for the animals and our young students.

GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!





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