Random Blog Housekeeping Items


extra dusting power

I think of my blog kinda like this:

I’ve put up a sign outside my house that says “Public Book Club Meeting Here”.  My regular readers and commenters are guests at my house.  We have all read the same book (actually, just the day’s blog post) and we’re sitting around talking about it.  If someone new comes knocking on the door and wants to join in the discussion, he is welcome.  The more, the merrier.  Except sometimes the new guy busts in with mud on his shoes and immediately starts poking his finger in my chest and/or those of my guests, asking if we want to take it outside.  And he hasn’t even read the book.  This type of person gets the hose and is not welcome to return to my house, ever.  Then there’s the guy who reads the books but only drops by when he wants to say…

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