NYC horse carriage drivers seek help from anti-animal rights group

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I understand the horse drawn carriage drivers of Manhattan are trying to save their jobs and horses. That is to be expected.

However, I feel they are making a serious public relations error in hiring anti-animal rights group The Cavalry Group.

As you will see below The Cavalry Group work against meaningful regulation and legislation to protect animals.

This self-proclaimed anti-animal rights group appears to operate from the platform that laws protecting animals from abuse, torture and death interfere with human rights to do whatever they want to animals.

They are of course lumping anyone who cares about the welfare of animals into the same category. This is misleading. People working for the protection of animals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and philosophies. They are not all animal rights activists or vegans.

ERIN DURKIN, reporting for the New York Daily News, writes:

The outfit has opposed several…

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Before you say “there are no good men”….

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New Sibley Bird Guide To Birds

The second edition of The Sibley Guide to Birds goes on sale on March 11, 2014. Birdwatching has an article and interview with David Sibley about the new Sibley Guide at  First look: David Sibley describes changes to look for in his revised Guide to Birds – BirdWatching. The article states:

According to the publisher, almost every aspect of the book has undergone a remarkable makeover. Dozens of species have been added, most paintings have been revised, and hundreds of new paintings have been created. Maps have been updated, fonts have been tweaked, illustrations enlarged.

The Amazon description says

The second edition offers a wealth of improvements and updates:
• All illustrations reproduced 15 to 20 percent larger for better detail.
• Includes nearly 7,000 paintings digitally remastered from original art for enhanced print quality.
• Expanded text includes habitat information and voice description for every species and more…

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Speak up for disappearing rhinos

PLEASE HELP STOP THIS !!!!! ✴✴✴Please Sign the Petition to Deny the Permit✴✴✴