China Southern Airlines…

Mustang Monument


Boycott “Kumano “. As long as Taiji / W. P, continues slaughter and captures of dolphins.

One-Quarter of Sharks and Rays at Risk of Extinction

/ Japanese voices against the Taiji dolphin hunt

Update in Taji! Your Daily Update Of Today's Dolphin Killings and Capturing in Taji, Japan!

Luke, The Wolf Dog, Comes To “Mission Wolf”

Howling For Justice

*Husky/Wolf Dog

Every year, thousands of wolf dogs are abandoned by their owners and end up in shelters.  Please be a responsible pet owner.

This is a video of Luke, a wolf dog, rescued by Mission Wolf.  He has had virtually no socialization with humans.  He looks like a wolf/husky cross, a gentle giant.

Think about wolf dogs like Luke and compare him to wolves that are hunted down and killed for no reason other then blood lust.  Do the people that hunt and hurt these animals think they don’t feel pain and agony being shot with high powered rifles?  It breaks my heart to think how they must suffer.

Wolves and wolf dogs  are some of the most sensitive and social of creatures.  It’s a shame some people lack empathy and kill these magnificent animals.

*Wolves never have blue eyes.  Only if there are husky genes in the mix.


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