“No Animals Were Harmed” Disclaimer…or Were They?

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The American Humane Association is responsible for ‘No Animals Were Harmed’ disclaimer you see at the end of films and TV shows. The AHA is the only agency that monitors the treatment of animals on set. But are they doing their job? The disclaimers are not accurate according to the Hollywood Reporter, the following did happen.

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GRAPHIC CONTENT: ‘A gruesome, medieval scene’: Shocking images reveal Japanese fleet is slaughtering whales INSIDE an international sanctuary


  • Campaigners say they spotted vessels in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary
  • Images of whale carcasses on bloodied ship deck captured from a helicopter
  • Another minke whale was being butchered on board, says Sea Shepherd
  • Commercial whale hunting outlawed in 1994

Japanese whaling vessels allowed ‘for research purposes’

Militant anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says it spotted the Nisshin Maru sailing through the protected Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary during the annual whaling season.

As the Sea Shepherd’s helicopter flew above the Japanese ship, campaigners shot footage of the blood-streaked deck and the carcasses of three dead minke whales lying on the ship as another creature was butchered.

Sea Shepherd said it had spotted the Japanese fleet yesterday and captured evidence that four whales had been slaughtered this morning, alleging the ships were found inside the sanctuary.

Campaigners said they had located all five Japanese vessels and were now in pursuit, forcing the harpooners…

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Saving sun bears in Malaysia

Dear Kitty. Some blog

This video says about itself:

3 Feb 2013

Survival of the Sun Bears is an awareness campaign and documentary film project to educate the greater public about sun bears and their struggle to survive in the diminishing forests of Borneo.

From daily The Guardian in Britain:

Sun bear sanctuary to save ‘forgotten species’

South-east Asia’s endangered bears losing habitat to palm oil plantations as poachers target them for their bile and meat

Ami Sedghi

Monday 6 January 2014 13.35 GMT

Like a proud dad, Siew Te Wong’s office walls and desk are covered in baby pictures, but unlike ordinary infants these possess four-inch claws and a taste for insects and honey. Wong, a leading sun bear researcher, has a heartfelt passion for the world’s smallest bear that is as big as the problems facing the species.

The sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) lives in south-east Asia, Sumatra and…

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Sustainable Sunday’s: WildEarth Guardians

Video: China Ivory Crackdown Welcomed


CHINA has destroyed more than six tonnes of illegal ivory, in a move welcomed as an important signal the country backs action to stop elephant poaching.

The ivory, which is sought-after in China for making ornaments, was seized from the illegal trade and has been crushed into powder by the Chinese government.

Conservationists say China is the world’s largest consumer of trafficked ivory, most of which comes from elephants killed in Africa, and the move sends a signal of the government’s commitment to tackling the problem.

Destruction of the ivory, from more than 600 dead elephants, comes just weeks after eight Chinese citizens were convicted and sentenced to between three and 15 years imprisonment for smuggling some 3.2 tonnes of ivory.

“The destruction of seized ivory makes an important public statement that, in conjunction with other government-led efforts to reduce demand, has the potential to have a significant impact…

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The disgusting hobby of stuffing cats in jars

Three EVIL SADISTIC teens charged with setting possum on fire

The Monsters Among Us

Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Stonewall Lane, Tobaccoville, and Jared Raymond Rose, 17, of Glenwood Lane, King

Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Stonewall Lane, Tobaccoville, and Jared Raymond Rose, 17, of Glenwood Lane, King

Three teenagers face animal cruelty charges after investigators with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office were alerted to a video posted on a social media site of an opossum being burned alive.

Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Stonewall Lane, Tobaccoville, and Jared Raymond Rose, 17, of Glenwood Lane, King, were arrested Sunday and charged with felony animal cruelty. They were placed in the Forsyth County Detention Center with bonds set at $10,000. They are scheduled to appear in court Jan. 23.

What do you think about the three teens being charged with burning a possum to death?

A juvenile petition also has been submitted for a 15-year-old male in connection with the crime.

Chief Deputy Brad Stanley of the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office said investigators received a tip last month about a video posted…

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Chilling effect: How to prevent hypothermia


By Dr. Manny Alvarez

Hypothermia is a condition defined as the profound cooling of the body core temperature to less than 96 degrees Fahrenheit. As our body temperature drops, the cooling effect has a significant impact on our senses. People with hypothermia become very disoriented; others develop hallucinations.

These conditions can produce atypical behavior, and often exacerbate the problem by interfering with a person’s judgment and ability to take care of themselves.

As the body temperature continues to drop, our heart rate becomes irregular, and without medical intervention, hypothermia ultimately results in death. Of course, the cooling effects take time, and our brain tries to slow the cooling effects with involuntary muscle contractions that manufacture heat. During this time, preventative measures to keep warm may just save your life.
Many people think that to get hypothermia, one needs to be exposed to extremely frigid temperatures. This is not true. The…

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Hearing Officer Recommends New Mexico Deny Horse Slaughter Plant’s Waste Water Discharge Permit

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Update from Front Range Equine Rescue

Valley Meat: History of willful disregard for environmental laws and regulations!

As a result of Front Range Equine Rescue’s continuous efforts to stop horse slaughter, a neutral hearing officer just recommended that the Secretary of the New Mexico Environment Department deny Valley Meat’s application for a wastewater discharge permit. Based on evidence assembled and arguments made in Front Range’s post-hearing brief, the hearing officer found that Valley Meat displayed a history of “willful disregard” for New Mexico’s environmental laws.

We are pleased with this recommendation; however, it is not a final decision.

Click (HERE) to download Hearing Officer’s Report

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Stop Wildlife Crime: The Series

North Idaho elk hunters form co-op to pay wolf trappers for kills


North Idaho elk hunters form co-op to pay wolf trappers for kills.

Enough. The elk herds have declined. That is a fact. To place most of the blame on wolves is not fact. There are multiple reasons for elk herds declining, and that decline isn’t isolated in Montana and Idaho.

One, trapping of wildlife should be illegal. Period. The use of traps is heinous, torture, and flatout unmoral and unethical.

Two, apex predators benefit ecosystems. Wolves will keep elk populations in check. Wolves will not hunt elk into extinction. Only humans hunt a species into extinction.

Three, this hysteria and hatred of apex predators, and especially wolves is an ideology brought to this continent from the first European immigrants. They had already hunted wolves to extinction in England when they first arrived to North America. Their hysteria is steeped in religion due to Christianity, and the negative depiction of…

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Walking For Lions

Great Cats of the "World"

Walking For Lions



Another hint for all of you. This is scary for us, but lets start to share with all of you. The next campaign will be done over 2 months, 5 countries and over 3 700 kilometres. How this will be done we will not reveal yet, the only thing we can say is that our aim is to reach as many people, locally and internationally regarding lion education, inspire people to realise they can do anything to help lions or anything one cares about in general. And we want you to take charge of mother earth in 2014 and make a difference some way or another. Pay it forward so to speak and lets get excited about making changes that will benefit our future generation. A little teaser but soon we will tell you the whole plan, and also how you can be apart of…

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Ward Churchill: I Am Indigenist – Notes on the Ideology of the Fourth World

Atkinson Photography and Safaris

Great Cats of the "World"


Atkinson Photography and Safaris


A female leopard glances in our direction as she descends from a tree. The dark skies helped reduce contrast between subject and background sky. Captured this image with Andy Biggs Photo Safaris in the Okavango Delta. I will be travelling to the same area again in November 2014, you can read more here:
Image taken with a Canon 5Dmk3, and Canon EF 70-300L f4/5.6 IS lens. Shutter speed 1/2000sec at f11, Iso 1600

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We’re going to Washington Post headquarters

The Captive Wildlife Crisis…

Great Cats of the "World"


The Wild Animal Sanctuary



Picture of the Day!

The Captive Wildlife Crisis…

Though we come from deep forests, from the edges of deserts, from snowy mountain ranges, from dense wet jungles, we are now part of your community. Who are we? We’re the cast-off, unwanted wild creatures whom man brought to civilization, bred and profited from, and no longer has use for… We are CAPTIVE WILDLIFE… Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards, Mountain Lions, Bears, Wolves and other Wild Species. We number in the thousands, and we are starving, cast off, abused, abandoned, exploited, confined in tiny cages, illegally kept and traded, and bred for profit – not Love

What can be done to Help this Problem?

Support A Wild Animal Sanctuary (they are the only place these animals can go)
Get Educated about this Crisis and learn how to be Effective (be part of the solution… become proactive…

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Update in Taji!

Tell Outdoor Gear Companies to End Down-Plucking Torture of Geese

Our Compass

Click HERE to sign petition

Down feathers are sometimes cruelly and painfully plucked from live birds. But consumers and most retailers don’t know which products contain this live-plucked down.

Peta and Four Paws have obtained undercover video footage of workers pulling fistfuls of feathers from geese as the ravished birds shriek with pain. During the torture the geese are often squeezed between pluckers’ knees or sometimes have their necks sat upon. The traumatized, suffering birds are often left with gaping wounds, which many don’t survive.

But the horror doesn’t always end after this torment, because many of these tortured birds are further victimized by the foie gras market, and then some go on to be slaughtered or dumped into scalding water – also while still alive.

Most upsetting is that none of this cruelty is necessary. Imitation materials that mimic down are warmer and washable and now available, and outdoor…

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It’s too cold in Chicago for even polar bears to stay outside


Anana, a polar bear, lives in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. And for a polar bear, that’s basically the equivalent to living in Costa Rica. It’s fricking warm — even when it gets cold, it’s like, pleasant cold, you know? And so, like a super-tan American expat, Anana has adapted to her new home. She’s still got her polar bear blubber — she’s not a native, after all — but, compared to the juicy, five-inch thick layer of protective fat she’d have grown back home, it’s pretty thin.

And so, when the temperature drops to 0 degrees F (-40 with wind chill!), Anana gets cold. DNAinfo:

Anana … is keeping warm in a “climate-controlled” area in the wake of the city’s below-zero temperatures, according to zoo spokeswoman Sharon Dewar.

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ACTION ALERT: Oregon Coyote Killing Contest

Exposing the Big Game

We have learned of a Coyote Killing Contest in Central Oregon over a three day period from Friday, January 17 through Sunday, January 19, 2013.

The contest offers a special one-day free entry for children under 16. Cash, belt buckles and other prizes will be awarded to the two-man team killing the most coyotes by weight, the largest individual coyote, and more.

Please contact [see below*] the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the US Forest Service (USFS) to express your concerns, which may include the following:

• Commercial activities on public federal lands require special use permits and an environmental review to determine their impact on the ecosystem and the quality of the human environment.
• Are these agencies aware of this event?
• Participants are paying a one hundred dollar fee to join the event, making it a commercial endeavor.
• Have the promoters of this event applied…

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Deadly to Horses: The Baffert Effect – Part 1

Tuesday's Horse


An article written by Bill Dwyre last month in the Los Angeles Times absurdly glorifies Thoroughbred horse racing’s poster boy; “Horse racing has problems, but trainer Bob Baffert isn’t one of them”.


Bob Baffert is the Hall of Fame trainer with the largest racing stable in California, and more recently under the microscope for the mysterious “sudden deaths” due to cardiovascular/pulmonary failures of seven race horses over the course of several months (November 4, 2011 through March 14, 2013).

See The Blood-Horse at http://goo.gl/j1wmqZ.

What is particularly disturbing about these deaths is that by all accounts sudden death failures are a relatively rare occurrence, according to trainers and track veterinarians.

“A study published in 2010 in the Equine Veterinary Journal on sudden death in racing Thoroughbreds found it was responsible for 9% of fatalities in California. This same study showed 96 reported…

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Milwaukee Zoo Animals Adjust to the Cold

Igor Purlantov

Nama wanted to go outside and romp around in the snow Monday, but because it was so cold he was kept indoors.  So the Milwaukee County Zoo’s cheetah registered his displeasure by loudly chirping and whining. To no avail. His keeper Jessica Munson knows his fur isn’t thick enough and his foot pads would quickly freeze to the frozen ground.  Join the club, Nama.  “It’s for his own benefit,” said Munson, echoing countless parents who kept their children inside as dangerously frigid weather closed schools throughout southeastern Wisconsin on Monday.  While humans hunkered down indoors to avoid the cold, animals also changed their routines.


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UPDATES TO: Tell Outdoor Gear Companies to End Down-Plucking Torture of Live Geese

The Nobel Prize In Chemistry 2013 Goes To Researchers That Have Developed Animal Free Research

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

forskningThey have used computer models instead of lab animal research , which can be used in drug testing in pharmaceutical companies for example.

2013-12-10 Nobelpriset i Kemi går till forskare som utvecklat datorsimuleringar av kemiska reaktioner, vilket bidrar till färre djurförsök bl.a. inom läkemedelsindustrin. Medicinpriset går till forskare som studerat  viktiga transportsystem i celler.

Årets Nobelpris visar på styrkan hos djurfri forskning, både cellmodeller och datormodeller.

Kemipristagarnas datormodeller har ersatt enorma mängder djur i läkemedelsutveckling

Kemipristagarna, Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt och Arieh Warshel får dela på priset för upptäckter som ligger till grund för datorsimuleringar av kemiska reaktioner.

Datorsimuleringar används bland annat inom läkemedelsutveckling för att simulera hur ett läkemedel kopplar till sitt målprotein i kroppen.

– Dessa modeller har  revolutionerat metoderna för att hitta substanser som kan fungera som läkemedel, säger Karin Gabrielson Morton, sakkunnig på Forska Utan Djurförsök.

– En mycket stor andel av djurtesterna som tidigare användes i de tidiga…

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BLM Planning Another Assault on Great Divide Basin Wild Horses

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Posted by Carol Walker ~ Director of Field Documentation for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and published at WildHoofBeats.com

Zeroing Out the Wild Horses is the Mission of the BLM and local “Grazing Association

In a continuation of their relentless persecution of the wild herds in Wyoming’s Red Desert, the BLM has posted a Scoping Notice for the roundup of the wild horses in the Great Divide Basin Herd Area in Wyoming.  This is one of three herds that the Rock Springs Grazing Association hopes to completely zero out, removing all wild horses not only from the checkerboard areas of public and private lands but from all public lands as well.

This press release does not propose the complete zeroing out of the herd, but only proposes removing 164 horses at this time, but says that all horses will be removed from private lands.  The document is remarkably vague:


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China: Early Death From Air Polution More Widely Recognized by Doctors

Peace and Freedom

The former Chinese minister of health has written that air pollution is responsible for 350,000 to 500,000 premature deaths in China every year

January 7, 2013

(ECNS) — Former Health Minister Chen Zhu said that poor air quality in China was responsible for 350,000 to 500,000 premature deaths in China every year, China.org.cn reported on Tuesday.

Chen’s view was expressed in a report, “China tackles health effects of air pollution,” published in Lancet on Dec 14, 2013.

Based on studies released by the World Bank, WHO, and China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the report concludes that air pollution is linked to 350,000 to 500,000 premature deaths in China.

The number is much lower than in the “Global Burden of Disease Study 2010 (GBD 2010)” published in Lancet on Dec 14, 2012, which said that air pollution was linked with 1.2 million premature deaths in China.

“The report ‘China tackles health…

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Brown, Crickets, Entrepreneurship And Kickstarter

La Paz Group

We have been following both Kickstarter and Brown University for some time, with interest in how this generation of graduating entrepreneurs from universities are pursuing careers in sustainability-related fields. And now, a word about alternative sources of nutrition that intersects these interests:

10g bioavailable protein. All-natural. Gluten/grain/soy/dairy free. Made in America.

Exo will introduce to the West one of the most nutritious and sustainable protein sources in the world: insects. Through combining cricket flour (slow roasted and milled crickets) with organic and all-natural ingredients such as raw cacao, dates, almond butter and coconut, we have created a bar that is high in protein, low in sugar, incredibly nutritionally dense, and packed with omega 3 fatty acids, iron and calcium. Our bars are free of: unnatural sugars, gluten, grains, dairy, soy, artificial preservatives and anything processed.

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UN Report: Small-Scale Organic Farming ONLY Way to Feed the World

For Our Beloved Wolves, For The Murdered, Fallen Ones…

Howling For Justice

Posted in: Wolf Wars

Photo: Courtesy Earth Island Journal

Video: Courtesy DragonneHeart·  (YouTube) Wolves – The Mummers Dance

Tags: the beauty of wolves, sorrow for the murdered wolves, wolf wars, Earth Island Journal, never give up the fight


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Animal Crackups . . . thanks to S. :) . . . Seems like we need a little levity :) Hugs, ~Jean