Congress moves to restore ban on horse slaughter

Let’s Nuke Japan Again but this Time To Target Taji!

Friday Cat-erpillar Blogging: Gypsy Moth

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Gypsy Moth caterpillars were found on the Purdue Campus in Spring 2013. This year (2014) the State of Indiana will aggressively target the population for eradication. The DNR is advertising its plan to the media and holding informational meetings to answer the public’s questions. The plan consists of spraying the area with a Bacillus thuringiensis strain that is effective against gypsy moth caterpillars. That will be followed by an area wide pheromone treatment to disrupt adult mating. A similar program successfully eradicated an isolated population in Indianapolis earlier this decade.

One reason for the media blitz is to answer the concerns of citizens. However, some citizens oppose any spraying on public property and spraying by government agencies. I think eradication is the right move and will lead to less pesticide use and abuse in the long run. The BT is specific for Lepidoptera and it will be sprayed on a…

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South Korea slaughters poultry amid H5N1 bird flu scare, 24 farms under quarantine

The Extinction Protocol

January 17, 2014SOUTH KOREASouth Korea started culling thousands of poultry after a preliminary test indicated the first possible outbreak of bird flu since 2011, officials said. A suspected case of avian influenza was reported yesterday at a poultry farm in Gochang in North Jeolla Province, some 300 kilometers southwest of Seoul, the agricultural ministry said. Local authorities had already begun culling all of the more than 20,000 ducks on the farm, it said. Quarantine measures were also enforced at 24 other farms in four different provinces that were known to have purchased ducks from the Gochang farm. Further testing from Gochang was under way, but the ministry said it was “highly likely”’ it would be confirmed as H5N1 avian flu. The last outbreak in South Korea occurred in 2011, when more than six million poultry were culled at more than 280 farms across the country. –

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Shark Cull: Australian Politicians Pledge to Round up Usual Suspects

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On a Saturday morning six weeks ago, Chris Boyd, a 35-year-old father of two, was surfing the break off Gracetown in Western Australia. A shark, presumed to be a great white, bounced off the board of a nearby surfer first, before tearing into Boyd. “The shark bit him and held him for about a minute,” said another surfer, who witnessed the attack from the beach. “He was dead before the shark let go.”

It was the third fatal shark attack on a surfer at Gracetown in the past decade, and the seventh fatality from a shark attack in just three years in Western Australia. Predictably, local politicians reacted by pushing for immediate action on a shark mitigation scheme first proposed in September 2012.

Their plan, due to go into effect this month, calls for placing drumlines—buoys rigged with large baited hooks—a little more than a half mile off popular…

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Live Baby Chicks Used as Packing Peanuts

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Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, a company that sells and ships live birds, uses live baby chicks as packing material! According to complainants and Ideal Poultry’s own website, male chicks are included as filler in live shipments so that the birds who were ordered can be kept warm during transit. Sadly, many of these filler chicks reportedly arrive dead or die within hours of arrival. One caller who adopted several ailing filler chicks from a neighbor contacted PETA with a heartbreaking story: She tended, fed, and watered her chicks with a dropper throughout their first night, but she could only watch as each one slowly died.

We reached out to Janet Crouch, the owner of Ideal Poultry, but our concerns were brushed off with the response that male chicks are used for warmth and to take up extra space in the box. … Adding males for warmth…

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100 Most Weirdest and Rarest Animals in the World / Pictures (10:51)

These beautiful shawls are made from endangered antelope fur

Nevada lawsuit exposes underbelly of the Public Lands grazing disaster

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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO. (Jan. 17, 2014) — A lawsuit brought by the Nevada Association of Counties (NACO) and the Nevada Farm Bureau (NFB) against the federal government claims wild horse overpopulation creates serious environmental concerns for horses, wildlife, and the ecology of rangelands, yet makes no mention of the glaring inconsistencies between policies of wild horse management and the free ride granted to federal livestock grazing.

The lawsuit accuses the federal government of failing to comply with the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act by not keeping wild horse populations within Appropriate Management Levels (AML) set by the BLM. The lawsuit claims that the wild horses have damaged public land and demands not only removal of “excess” wild horses, but the disposal of removed wild horses that are incarcerated in holding facilities.

“Even though millions of privately-owned livestock occupy public lands, the few remaining…

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GLEE, the miracle cat who survived terrible abuse


beforeafterOn the 1st of December 2013, animal rescue charity Andjeo Sarajevo found two animals in a desperate situation, a cat with blood pouring out of her eyes and a puppy with a serious and infected leg wound. The puppy, Cara, had to have her leg amputated, but this is the story of the cat, who everyone thought had to be put to sleep. She was named Glee. Glee has made such a remarkable recovery her story deserves to be read by the world. I will tell her story through the words of Andjeo Sarajevo as they posted up her progress on Facebook:


December 1, 2013 Bloody day. I have no words to describe the pain I’m feeling. The pictures say more than I can now say, a cat left on the street to die in agony and poor puppy only a month and a half old also left to die, to…

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NY Assembly Response

Update in Taji is A Great One Today (I am so happy right now): All killing boats returning to Taiji harbor empty handed. January 16, 2014….Woo Fucking Hoo!

What the Hell Happened to Our Food Chain?

Protect Black Rhinos from Trophy Hunters

Protect Black Rhinos from Trophy Hunters

A Russian Mother’s Photographs

This Guy Just Dumped A Few Tons of Horse Manure in Front of the French Assembly…

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The protester, who has yet to be identified, drove a truck full of horse manure in front of the the French National Assembly building, where the French parliament meets.

He was halfway through dumping the load (pun intended) when he was arrested by police.

President Francois Hollande, France’s current president, is (according to polling numbers) the least popular leader in France’s modern-day history. He also recently became entangled in a sex scandal with a popular French actress.

The side of the feces-filled truck read, “Out with Hollande and the entire political class. Long live the Sixth Republic”. The 5th Republic refers to the 5th and current version of the French constitution, so it seems the man was calling for a whole new constitution and political system in the country.

But he might have just been saying, “This whole situation is horse****.”

Read the full story from TIME here.

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Kentucky 7000G Reward For Tips Who Shot The Whooping Cranes

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Kentucky is offering a $7,200 reward to anyone who can lead authorities to the person or people responsible for shooting two endangered whooping cranes that arrived in the state this winter.

The two 5-foot (1.5-meter) tall, pure white birds, who were mates, were killed around Thanksgiving in central Kentucky, according to U.S. officials. The shooters could face up to a $100,000 fine and a year in jail.

Fewer than 500 whooping cranes live in the wild in the United States, making them the world’s most endangered crane species, said Tom MacKenzie a spokesman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on Thursday. Only seven spend their winters in Kentucky.

Joe Duff, the co-founder of Operation Migration, an organization that helps young whooping cranes on their first migration from Wisconsin to Florida, called the shooters “vandals that want to kill something, putting their own moods, feelings and aggressions on a creature…

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In Defense Of Animals Releases 2013 List Of “Ten Worst Zoos For Elephants”