“Angel” the baby albino dolphin kidnapped Two weeks ago Gets To Live This Way Now because of You Weirdos

Grand Teton National Park wolf death shrouded in secrecy

Exposing the Big Game

By Mike Koshmrl Daily | Posted: Friday, January Jackson Hole 24, 2014 12:15 am

Even though hundreds of Wyoming wolves having been killed over the years during hunting seasons and for attacking livestock, until Monday not a single one had ever been purposely killed in Grand Teton National Park.

But that’s about all one can learn about the wolf that was shot in the park four days ago. Virtually no information is being made available about the animal that was shot and killed on private land within Grand Teton.

“Since present-day Grand Teton National Park was created in 1950, this is the first intentional killing of a gray wolf,” Grand Teton spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs said.

What is known, according to a statement the park issued the next day, is that the wolf was 2 years old, was not wearing a radio collar and was accompanied by three to four pack…

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Highway Wilding

Coca-Cola Deleting enraged LGBT comments from Facebook Page


The Most Poorly Timed Social Media Post of All Time!

By Melanie Nathan, January, 2014.

Screen Shot 2014-01-26 at 3.34.29 PMCoca-Cola is not only a sponsor of the Putin Sochi Games, in homophobic Russia, but has now had the audacity to post ad on Facbook using an equality, love and happiness themed song.

The LGBT community around the world is outraged by the disingenuous response of Coca-Cola to Sochi and is screaming its comments as well as creating viral versions of the ad on social media, including Facebook.

It seems, however, that COKE does not have the stomach for the criticism and so is systematically deleting LGBT and ally community comments from its pages.

Here are some Screen shots of what we have seen:

First, here is Coke’s initiating Status Post which accompanies its video – You will note they have the audacity to link themselves to love and equality and happiness while sponsoring and…

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TRUE cost of the season’s must have fur-trimmed Canada Goose coat

Exposing the Big Game

‘Chilling cruelty, unspeakable suffering and corporate denial’:  the TRUE cost of the season’s must have fur-trimmed Canada Goose coat


By Laura Collins  23 January 2014

They have made America their new frontier, forging into the US clothing market to become one of the season’s most recognisable brands with sales of Canada Goose outerwear expected to top $30million this year alone.

In a high profile year in the States, Kate Upton has appeared on the front of Sports Illustrated in one of their fur trimmed, down jackets and nothing much else.

It isn’t the only firm to market such coats, yet Canada Goose has rapidly established itself as the label of choice for the well-known and the well-heeled braving the frigid weather blown in on the polar vortex.

But today MailOnline can reveal that allegations of chilling cruelty and unspeakable animal suffering have been repeatedly levelled at this family…

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January 27th, 2014 Taiji, Japan Update

Spread the Word: Help Protect Millions of Pigs & Chickens‏

Homemade Dog Food: Is It Good for Dogs with Urinary Crystals?

Dog Food Matters

Many dogs suffer from chronic crystals in their urine that can often lead to bladder stones. What causes this problem is unknown so there is no cure. Veterinarians use special diets to help manage the problem with mixed success. Although no diet can solve the problem completely, homemade diets offer some advantages for dealing with the problem.

 Is Homemade dog food suitable for dogs with Urinary Crystals?

Urinary Crystals and Stones

Urinary crystals occur as a result of normal metabolism. What causes some dogs to have more than normal amounts of crystals in their urine is unknown. Crystals can become so dense that they form sand that irritates the bladder lining. This causes pain, swelling and bleeding. Over time the sand can form large stones that are too large to pass in the urine. These stones roll around in the bladder causing even more irritation.

There are two types of crystals and stones that cause most of the problem…

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Many reasons to detest animal abusing Japan.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Many reasons to detest animal abusing Japan.


‘Angel’ the dolphin – Photo credit: ???

Internet Rallies Around ‘Angel’ the Albino Dolphin in Taiji

byMichael dEstries 

A “Take Action for Dolphins Day” in the UK is being organized for February 21st – with more sites around the world to follow. Check out more info here.]

As the world watches the dolphin tragedy that continues to unfold in Japan’s infamous “killing cove,” support is building around a rare albino dolphin nicknamed “Angel” stuck in the middle of it.

The calf, which a Cove Monitor for the SaveJapanDolphins campaign described as “an angel with fins,” was separated from its mother early in the hunt as rounded up. On his website, Ric O’Barry says the little one’s chances of survival in captivity are not good.

Please Contact these leaders and ask them to release the dolphins…

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Stop Cruel Animal Traps in America by 2020!

Send Snowden home‏