Urgent Help Needed Preferably (NOT Limited To) In TX; Fallen soldier’s dogs Need a Home!

Will You Help To Stop Another Donkey Basketball School Fund Raiser Event?

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On February 19th, 2014 another Donkey Basketball school fund-raiser event begins.  Will you help to stop this one as we have all the others?

Just takes a few minutes to send an e-mail to the local newspaper and the event coordinator at brunswick2014afterprom@gmail.com. News article explaining when this event starts in Feb 19, 2014. Select Newspaper article to read all about this event.

The event, which will take place at 7 p.m. Feb, 19,  2014, will feature 32 live donkeys – yes, you read that right. Donkeys. Four teams of eight players each will then ride the donkeys in an effort to score baskets, similar to traditional basketball.  – Copied from the news paper article above.

We need to STOP DONKEY BASKETBALL! This fund-raising event is coming to a school of children on Feb 19, 2014. Donkey Basketball is inhumane. How the teachers can think this is good…

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Keep Up With The Tweet Storm….

Dog collar measures heart rate, counts calories

(Video) Three elephant families need your help

Anyone Near Calgary, Alberta??

Pet cat microwaved but saved and becomes star

Commit to helping animals in 2014

Sustainable Sunday’s: African Wildlife Foundation (AWF)

Indonesia: Palm Oil Company Gets What it Deserves for Destroying Orangutans’ Home.

Serbian Animals Voice (SAV)


Some brilliant news just for once !!

palm oil 3palm oil 2

Palm Oil Company Gets What it Deserves for Destroying Orangutans’ Home

January 15, 2014


Past SAV posts associated with this issue:



An Indonesian court issued a big blow to a palm oil company for illegally destroying forest land in Sumatra’s protected Leuser Ecosystem, which provides critical habitat for orangutans and other endangered species.

In what’s being called a groundbreaking verdict, the court found palm oil company PT Kallista Alam guilty of illegally burning large areas of the Tripa peat forest in the province of Aceh and ordered it to pay roughly $30 million in fines. An estimated $20 million was allocated for restoration efforts. The court also confiscated land and will be charging a fine for every day the palm oil company delays repayment, reports the Environmental News Service.

In 2011 the government placed a two year moratorium on…

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Sunrise Eggs Enriched Cage Investigation

Walk, But Stay Safe: Tips for Pedestrians

Save Angel the baby Albino Dolphin (Even though the damage is done…its been ripped from its family and its family is prolly Dolphin Food today)

Japanese Magazine called, ASAHI (Asahi) and their Writer LIES about how they got our White Albino Dolphin this week:

An Equine Thanksgiving in January

Straight from the Horse's Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ president/co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

An Open Letter to the Advocacy

During the course of the week we constantly comb the internet for not only the very latest equine related news but also for something good, uplifting and encouraging to be able to share with you on our “Feel Good Sundays”.

I, for one, believe that we need at least one day of rest, one day to step back and a brief moment of peace away from the clatter and noise of the fight.  We need that day to recharge, regroup and reaffirm and there is no better day than Sunday to do that.

So today, I really did not have to look too far for good news, it pretty much fell into our laps and we can freely feel good, this day…and it’s pretty simple;

American horses will not be cruelly slaughtered for…

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Nuts for Nutella? Learn how to make your own

Why This Dog Goes To Church Every Week Broke Me Down. I Wish He Could Understand.

Everything About Jared

It’s not every day you’ll see a dog in church, but in the small town of San Donaci near Brindisi, Italy, it’s a regular occurrence. A 12 year-old German Shepherd named Tommy goes to Mass nearly every day and sits patiently by the altar. He goes there out of love, he is just waiting for his master. But the real story behind his reason will break your heart

The reason Tommy attends Mass at this church is because it’s where he last saw his owner.

The reason Tommy attends Mass at this church is because it's where he last saw his owner.

Her funeral was held here.

Her funeral was held here.

Now, he diligently waits for his master to come back. He curls up by the altar to wait for Maria.

Now, he diligently waits for his master to come back. He curls up by the altar to wait for Maria.

Tommy is there every day and waits patiently through all of the church services, keeping a silent watch and waiting for her.

Tommy is there every day and waits patiently through all of the church services, keeping a silent watch and waiting for her.

The loyalty and love dogs possess is unlike anything else in the universe. Nothing breaks my heart more…

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A Royal Disappointment: Prince Harry’s And William’s Secret Hunting Trip

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

The young royals are a delight to behold – such good ambassadors for the United Kingdom with their gleaming white smiles, perfect posture and impeccably tailored clothes. But, like a horror film in which the beguiling love interest strips off his mask to reveal an alien monster’s face beneath, the young royal’s beauty is apparently only skin deep, and more’s the pity.

It has come out, despite the Palace’s “no comment”, that William and Harry have been busy indulging in their usual sadistic pastime: killing animals for the sheer fun of it.

Fresh from blowing birds out of the sky at Sandringham at Christmas, the young Princes spent last weekend on a ‘secret’ killing spree in Spain. It was not their first visit. At a New Year’s getaway in 2005, they and their party apparently slaughtered 740 partridges in a single day as well as numerous other animals, including…

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Refloated whales strand again (New Zealand)

The ocean update

January 19th, 2014. Forty-eight pilot whales have restranded on Farewell Spit after being refloated earlier today.

The whales began to restrand at Triangle Flat at 4.30pm, several hours after initially being refloated by DOC rangers, Project Jonah volunteers and members of the public.

The stranded whales will be cared for by around 40 volunteers, but it is considered unsafe to attempt to refloat them in darkness.

It is hoped that the whales will refloat with the incoming tide.

DoC reported earlier most were swimming in deeper water towards the other side of Golden Bay and it was hoped that they would continue further out into the bay.

They were being monitored by the Tasman District Council harbourmaster.

Update : The Department of Conservation is appealing for volunteers to assist with 73 pilot whales found stranded on Farewell Spit this morning.

People with wetsuits are particularly needed to help refloat…

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Legal Open Carry in Michigan – See why this Tyrannical Police Video has now Sparked a Federal Lawsuit

Mom Left Kids In Frigid Car To Go Hog Hunting: Cops

Exposing the Big Game


A Florida mom was arrested after police say she left her two young children inside her car in near-freezing temperatures so that she could go hog hunting.

Kayla Shavers, of New Port Richey, was charged with child neglect on Thursday, WTSP reports.

The 31-year-old who said she went after the hogs because they had been tearing up her property, allegedly left her 9-year-old and 8-month-old alone in the car, which was not running, around 7 a.m. on Thursday. The temperature was 38 degrees, according to WPTV. The 9-year-old did not have a coat.

The 9-year-old called 911, saying he was cold and “a police car would be warmer,” according to Bay News 9. Police say they aren’t sure how long the children were alone in the car, but after arriving at the scene it was about 40 minutes before Shavers emerged from the woods, clad in camo.

“Kudos to…

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Wolf Hell! Judge Says Idaho Can Continue Wolf Slaying In Frank Church….


Howling For Justice

gray wolf wisconsin dnr wi.gov

January 18, 2014

Idaho is wolf hell and the fires are burning hotter than ever for them now that a district judge has refused to stop the extermination of two wolf packs (Monumental and Golden) in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, after environmental groups filed a lawsuit to halt it. The wolf packs are bothering nobody, they live in a  2.4 million acre wilderness for god-sakes. BUT some elk hunters, who think Idaho is a giant game farm, want more elk to kill for themselves, hence the pressure on IDGF to eradicate even more wolves.  Who do these people think they are? Do they own Idaho’s wildlife? Apparently they do!!

And I highly doubt the Idaho hired gun or guns is just going after two wolf packs. Who in the heck really knows whats going on in that vast wilderness? They could be killing or have already killed…

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The Ultimate “Oh Shit” Moment

Real-Life Fox And The Hound Best Friends Will Melt Your Heart

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SourceBuzzFeed Animals

This is the cutest friendship in the history of friendships. The lucky photographer who knows this pair is planning to release a children’s book.

Meet Tinni (the dog on the left) and Sniffer (the fox on the right).

Meet Tinni (the dog on the left) and Sniffer (the fox on the right).

Photograph by Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16

They are BEST FRIENDS who live together in the NORWEGIAN FOREST.

They are BEST FRIENDS who live together in the NORWEGIAN FOREST.

Photograph by Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16

Photographer Torgeir Berge is Tinni’s guardian and has watched the development of his dog’s incredible relationship with this wild fox.

Photographer Torgeir Berge is Tinni's guardian and has watched the development of his dog's incredible relationship with this wild fox.

Photograph by Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16

He and his writing partner Berit Helberg are planning a book for children and adults full of fairy tales and Berge’s beautiful photos.

He and his writing partner Berit Helberg are planning a book for children and adults full of fairy tales and Berge's beautiful photos.

Photograph by Torgeir Berge / Via Facebook: torgeir.berge.16

The author and…

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Winner of Black Rhino Hunting Auction: My $350K Will Help Save Species

New Look! Same Great Taste!

Follow These Tips to Find Your Lost Dog :)

Federal appeals court says bloggers have same 1st Amendment rights as journalists

Duck Dynasty Preppies Before They Started That Reality Show:

Impressive Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb | DeMilked


via Impressive Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran-Webb | DeMilked.

Originally from Devon, Doran-Webb currently works on Cebu, the Philippines, where, one imagines, these have been erected.  According to his catalogue, he also runs a WordPress site.

These majestic life-sized driftwood horses, made by British-born artist James Doran-Webb, lift your mind and soul the moment you see them. With the help of an assisting team of craftsmen, Doran-Webb expresses animal vitality and fierce energy in these masterful artworks that each take from 1,000 to 3,000 hours to make. The team hand picks every single piece of driftwood and then tries to figure out which ones of them fit the individual animal best.

His artworks are not only an aesthetic pleasure, but they also express a strong message about the life on our planet.

“I chose to sculpt animals as I have a great affinity for the animal…

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