Petition · Senator Derryn Hinch: Ban 1080 ·

Ban 1080
Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison started this petition to Senator Derryn Hinch

1080 poison is a slow killer. When ingested (usually through baited food) the animal suffers a prolonged and horrific death. Herbivores take the longest to die – up to 44hrs, while carnivores can take up to 21hrs before finally succumbing to final effects of the poison. The speed of death is dependent on the rate of the animal’s metabolism.

My name is Paul Anderson and I am trying to spread awareness about this horrifically cruel poison in memory of so many dogs I have lost to the gruesomely horrific death that 1080 causes. Here is my beautiful Ben before and after 1080 got him. His death and those of my other dogs will haunt me until the day I die.

I have lost a large number of dogs and puppies over the years to slow and terrible deaths because of 1080 poison. I live nowhere near a vet and had no way of putting my dogs out of their misery which lasted for hours and hours. The only thing I could do was film them to show the world the agonising pain that death by 1080 causes. Even if I had been near a vet there is no antidote to 1080 poisoning.

My dogs were effectively tortured to death. As veterinarian Ralph Howard says, “1080 poison – it is like being electrocuted for 2 plus days”.

1080 (Sodium monofluoroacetate) is a cruel and indiscriminate poison used to ‘remove’ unwanted populations of animals. Banned in most countries, 1080 is still used liberally throughout Australia to control so-called ‘pest’ species.

Help me stop this indiscriminate killer of companion and native animals. Please sign this petition to get 1080 banned in Australia.

Dear supporters, Without your time, effort, and compassion, we would not be where we are today. With less than one…
Coalition of Australians Against 1080 Poison
1080 is banned in many countries, cruel toxic and non selective it kills many animals native and domestic it must be banned.

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Petition · Paws 4 Thought: Enforce Animal Welfare and the law on Ireland’s Puppy Farms ·

Enforce Animal Welfare and the law on Ireland’s Puppy Farms
G ORiordan started this petition to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and 4 others

Irelands reputation is in shreds when it comes to animal welfare, in particular its shameful title as Puppy Farm Capital of Europe. Ireland is increasingly viewed as a country that puts profit first with a dark side of animal neglect & cruelty and a government that appears unwilling to take any kind of meaningful action.

Despite a plethora of evidence, including BBC documentaries, mainstream media reports, submissions of evidence from animal welfare charities like the ISPCA and other long time campaigners, these battery farmed dogs continue to have their health and wellbeing gravely neglected by those who should be enforcing not ignoring the Animal Welfare act, DBE regulations and common sense.

Increasing evidence has shown factory bred puppies are far more likely to carry physical & mental issues that can carry on through their entire lives. This can result in extremely high vet bills, painful death, difficulties in training and socialisation or as can be seen in any rescue through-out the country, the puppy being surrendered or dumped. The unsuspecting public buying these poorly bred dogs have little or no comeback and no idea of the horrendous conditions the parents are kept in. It would almost appear to be a licensed scam

A ban on all Dog Breeding Establishments is preferable but until this can happen this petition is calling for a suspension of any new licences or upgrading of licences being handed out in any county until the many legal, ethical and environmental issues have been addressed including, but not limited to:

  1. The Environmental Impact of high volumes of toxic parasitic dog faeces & kennel detritus being spread in fields
  2. Why councils, county planning boards, local authority vets appear to continue to allow violations of animal welfare, planning law and DBE licences with no discernible repercussions for the farmer or accountability on the part of the official bodies.

  3. All inspections are performed without notice, in cooperation with willing qualified animal welfare charities/rescues or other objective agency unconnected to the particular council

  4. Penalties are set that are timely and a deterrent to animal welfare failures not a slap on the wrist, retroactive planning permission nor unenforced improvement notices.

  5. The smuggling of underage puppies, spreading Irelands shame into other countries

Those fuelling this “industry” with no respect to the law or regulations, whether farmer or official body, must be held answerable and accountable.

It is time Ireland became a leading force for decent, proper care of all animals.

Petition will be sent to

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar

Local Authority Management

Damien English Dept of Environment Community and Local Government

Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine

An Bord

Veterinary Council of Ireland

Euro Group For Animals Animal Welfare and Conservation.

Environmental Impacts of Puppy Mills The Humane Society of the United States

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Petition · Bureau of Land Management: Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling Near The Great Sand Dunes National Park ·

Prevent Oil and Gas Drilling Near The Great Sand Dunes National Park
Brendan Monogue started this petition to Governor John Hickenlooper and 4 others

The Great Sand Dunes of Colorado are some of the most unexpected and glorious natural features in the West. Protected within a 150,000 acre national park, the sand dunes roll and swerve in fantastic changing patterns and are visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Now this incredible park is under attack. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is planning to auction off the mineral rights of thousands of acres of land just outside the park to the oil and gas industry.

Please sign our petition to protect this natural wonder from a greedy, and destructive industry.

Oil and gas developments can contaminate our water and air, destroy native plants, and harm or displace wildlife — all of which are crucial to this fragile ecosystem. In addition, the park’s tourist industry is dependent on a healthy and protected ecosystem.

The BLM has argued that the mountain ranges around the park will protect it from pollutants and have dismissed concerns about water contamination by saying the rain water flows to basins outside the park.

But we know this is not good enough. You can’t hide environmental dangers behind a mountain range. No matter how small or insignificant such developments seem, they still exact a price on the environment.

Sign the petition to demand a stop to Secretary Zinke’s attempts to put profit before our planet. Demand that the Huerfano County Parcels 8080-8090 NOT be approved for auction!

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Petition · Kansas Governor: URGENT: Keep Kansas dog tracks closed ·

URGENT: Keep Kansas dog tracks closed
GREY2K USA Worldwide started this petition to Kansas Governor and 2 others

Greyhound racing promoters are trying to pass legislation designed to re-open all three Kansas dog tracks!

SB 427/HB 2545 seeks to encourage these long-closed facilities to come alive again with thousands of slot machines. Owner Phil Ruffin, a Las Vegas billionaire, would be allowed to keep as much as 50% of the profits – but only as long as he offers live dog racing. We cannot let this happen!

Greyhound racing has killed and injured thousands of dogs nationwide in only the past few years. Tell Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer and the state legislature not to let it back in the state.

Commercial greyhound racing began in Kansas in 1989 with the opening of Wichita Greyhound Park and The Woodlands. A third track, Camptown, opened in 1995 but closed just six months later. All three facilities experienced catastrophic financial losses and thankfully, live dog racing ended with the shutdown of The Woodlands in 2008.

But the dogs paid the price until the very end. In the last six-month season of racing at The Woodlands, eighty dogs suffered broken legs and backs and other injuries. A total of nineteen dogs were killed.

Greyhound racing is a dying industry, illegal in 40 states. It proved to be a bad experiment for Kansas, with a 95% decline in gambling forcing the facilities to close. It makes little sense to bring this industry back.

And slot machine subsidies are anti free-market and do not work. This idea has been tried in multiple other states and failed. The state of Iowa was losing $14 million a year promoting greyhound racing, and today West Virginia, which also subsidizes the industry, has seen attendance levels drop by as much as 99%. The tracks in Florida lose a total of $35 million a year on dog racing, because wagering has declined by almost 100% in the last remaining big dog racing state!

The dogs lose, too. Since 2008, the year that dog racing ended in Kansas, 15,000 greyhound injuries were reported in other states, including broken backs and legs, spinal cord paralysis and death by cardiac arrest.

Now is not the time to bring back this cruelty.

Tell Governor Colyer and the Kansas State House and Senate not to bring the inhumane practice of greyhound racing back!

African Wildlife Foundation – #DislikeIt. Facebook allows groups to trade elephant ivory and rhino horn on their social media platforms and is reportedly running ads on those pages. This puts #elephan…

This is the link for the African Wildlife Foundation on Facebook…
African Wildlife Foundation – #DislikeIt. Facebook allows groups to trade elephant ivory and rhino horn on their social media platforms and is reportedly running ads on those pages. This puts #elephants and #rhinos directly in the poachers’ crosshairs. Be one of 60K to sign our petition demanding Facebook immediately purge #wildlifetrafficking from its platforms! Add your name.

3 Alleged Dog Meat Traders Arrested In The Philippines; Help Needed To Care For Rescued Dogs – World Animal News

By Lauren Lewis –
April 19, 2018
Following extensive surveillance work and a recent raid, three people suspected to be members of a dog meat trading group have been arrested in the Philippines.
Animal welfare organization, International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) which collaborated with its partner Animal Kingdom Foundation (AKF) and the local authorities on the case, announced the news on its Facebook page.
While IAPWA noted that most of the photos from the raid were extremely graphic and not suitable for posting, the organization did include a photo of four dogs that were discovered on-site who have now been rescued and are safe at the sanctuary.
According to the organization, the rescued dogs were due to be killed by the traders who are suspected to have been slaughtering approximately 40 dogs a week.
“A dozen animal carcasses were also found,” IAPWA shared in its post noting that the raid took place in a region in the south of Luzon, which is known to supply dog meat to the North. “These illegal activities are carried within an underground market and this work is highly dangerous for the investigation team.”
“This is the fourth raid in recent months which has seen all traders involved arrested and one by one we will close down these activities through this project,” IAPWA continued. “At the sanctuary, there are many victims of this trade and with new rescues coming in, we are appealing for donations to support them through their rehabilitation.”
“These dogs really need your help and with your support,” stated the organization, “we can achieve this for them and many others who need all of us to fight on their behalf against this injustice and cruelty.”
People are encouraged to make donations to IAPWA either through PayPal at

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