Egg of extinct elephant bird was mislabeled as fake for decades, museum realizes

A museum in Buffalo, N.Y ., recently discovered that a rare elephant bird egg in its collect had been mislabeled as a model for decades.

A collects director at the Buffalo Museum of Science was updating its catalog to a digital system when she detected the ?realistic? cream-colored egg among its collecting of more than 1,000 eggs, the Buffalo News reported.

“When I insured the egg, it was so much bigger than any other eggs in our collection, ” Paige Langle, collections director of zoology, told the times. “It had so much detailing and pitting, and the colouring was beautiful. It looked too realistic to be a model.?

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Presenting Humane PA’s 2018 State Primary Endorsements!

Humane PA

Humane PA is pleased to present its recommendations for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, May 15th:

Humane PA 2018 Endorsements

In a  statewide poll, 86 percent of Pennsylvania voters polled support their legislators’ efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals. Our aim is to make sure that Pennsylvania voters who care about the treatment of animals know which candidates will support a humane agenda and deserve their vote at the polls!

How do we chose who to endorse?

Before we endorse candidates, we give them the opportunity to let us know where they stand on animal cruelty so we can measure their responses and commitment to stand Endorse 18 Primarystrong for the humane treatment of animals against their opponent(s). Our endorsement process is not taken lightly and we spend a great deal of time reviewing and evaluating an incumbent candidate’s voting record and leadership on animal bills…

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New rules sprung on lobster fishermen to protect endangered whales (New Brunswick, Canada)

The ocean update

New measures have been announced by the federal government to protect the endangered whales from potential entanglement in lobster fishing gear. (CBC)

Season won’t open at all in one area off northern coast of New Brunswick

April 24th, 2018 (Gabrielle Fhamy). Parts of the water off the coast of New Brunswick will be closed to lobster fishing this season to protect the North Atlantic right whale, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans has told lobster fishermen.

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Petition: Don’t Let Police Officers Shoot Feral Cats!

by: Care2 Team
target: Mayor/Council – City of Jefferson, Iowa

45,000 GOAL
The police of Jefferson, Iowa shoot to kill. The target? Feral cats.

The cats are considered a pest in the city of 4,500. But the way they are going about trying to fix it is downright cruel.

According to city ordinance, residents can request a police-monitored cat trap which police officers can then collect. If a cat has been trapped and is deemed unadoptable, officers can shoot them on the spot.

At the moment, city police kill at least one cat per month!

Aside from being inhumane to shoot cats, the Jefferson’s “trap-and-kill” method of animal control is actually counterproductive. According to experts, shooting and killing the cats just opens up space for other feral cats to take their place. However, if the city implemented a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, the existing colony would cease to breed, keep new cats from entering the colony, and the colony would slowly, over time, die out.

After an outcry from city residents, the city council has decided to put the practice “under review.” However, that does not guarantee that they will decide to end it.

We must make sure that Jefferson city officials end their trap-and-kill and instead implement a more humane cat control program like TNR.

Please sign the petition and tell Jefferson police to stop shooting cats.

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Private Livestock grazing on federal public lands is a privilege — not a right

Straight from the Horse's Heart

as published on The Hill

Welfare Ranching is EXACTLY that!!!

Recently, the Hage family of central Nevada has become the poster boy for ranchers supposedly victimized by federal law enforcement. But far from being victims of a repressive federal bureaucracy, the Hage family demonstrates the vulnerability of our western public lands to the livestock industry.

The Hage family have played significant role in the “Sagebrush Rebellion,” a political movement aimed at utilizing western public lands for the benefit of the livestock industry.

The Hage family cattle were impounded in 1991 for repeatedly trespassing and overgrazing on Forest Service lands. That year, Wayne Hage Sr. sued the federal government for suspending his grazing lease, arguing that he had purchased the local water rights and therefore possessed a sort of squatter’s right to graze on neighboring public lands.

Wayne Hage Jr. picked up where his father left off…

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These New Yorkers have had it with plastic. So they’re getting very creative.

What happens when you blend politics and activism with bodega proprietors and artists? An environmental motion to stop plastic purse utilize.

Vote With Your Tote was launched by a pro bono team of creatives and environmental experts in New York City.

Their goal is to combat the city’s growing toxic waste problem by reducing the use of plastic bags. Each year, NYC residents use and discard approximately 10 billion single-use plastic grocery pouch, a whopping $12.5 million disposal expense .

“Plastic bags are just a terrible kind of garbage … it becomes litter on our streets and an eyesore, ” said Brad Lander, NYC council member and deputy leader for policy. ” People across racial and economic lines care about their neighborhood, and reducing toxic waste is meaningful to them . People who live in public housing love and care about their neighborhood, and that’s important for people to…

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