Petition: Don’t Let Police Officers Shoot Feral Cats!

by: Care2 Team
target: Mayor/Council – City of Jefferson, Iowa

45,000 GOAL
The police of Jefferson, Iowa shoot to kill. The target? Feral cats.

The cats are considered a pest in the city of 4,500. But the way they are going about trying to fix it is downright cruel.

According to city ordinance, residents can request a police-monitored cat trap which police officers can then collect. If a cat has been trapped and is deemed unadoptable, officers can shoot them on the spot.

At the moment, city police kill at least one cat per month!

Aside from being inhumane to shoot cats, the Jefferson’s “trap-and-kill” method of animal control is actually counterproductive. According to experts, shooting and killing the cats just opens up space for other feral cats to take their place. However, if the city implemented a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program, the existing colony would cease to breed, keep new cats from entering the colony, and the colony would slowly, over time, die out.

After an outcry from city residents, the city council has decided to put the practice “under review.” However, that does not guarantee that they will decide to end it.

We must make sure that Jefferson city officials end their trap-and-kill and instead implement a more humane cat control program like TNR.

Please sign the petition and tell Jefferson police to stop shooting cats.

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7 comments on “Petition: Don’t Let Police Officers Shoot Feral Cats!

    • I agree some of those cats may even be lost from their families, but all you need is one person to complain about one cat and that causes problems. A small town near here, a person was feeding some cats and a young cat bit the person and it was discovered the poor cat had rabies, so they were going to kill all of them, one of our rescues programs that does capture, spay, neuter, release and does health checks and gives rabies shots, went to the meeting and promised to trap all the cats and get them taken care of and the town people were happy with that, the Township and people donated money. I’m very proud of our rescue groups and CPAA has a large mobile medical van that goes out on Saturday’s parks in different locations (parking lots) and does free s/n for pit bulls and free to low-cost shots, it’s all volunteers, from the veterinarians who do the surgery to the rest of us who take care of everything else. Need to sign the petition and I’m seriously thinking of telling them about our program!

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      • You should! That was a great thing and a great program! I’ve never heard of a cat biting anyone – scratched yes, though I wouldn’t recommend picking up a stray. I also can’t imagine in my wildest dreams people would shoot a cat! I lived in a town population 1000 with 1000 cats (they claimed) and they were no problem. It was the dozens of dogs barking 24/7 and they blamed the cats because one cat liked to sit in the road occasionally. The town considered it normal that dogs should bark constantly like they can’t be trained and stay inside some but not that cats sit! I was alarmed that there might not be enough cats, actually. I like all of the neighborhood cats to stay in my yard to repel mice, (though fox are good too). But, I think the cats have owners and a home.


        • I am really shocked that police are shooting the cats!!
          Being scratched or bit is common when you work with strays, if you ever need to, make sure you have a towel and wear heavy-duty gloves and wrap them in the towel. My nieces dog goes nuts..the cat across the street loves to sit outside of their window…LOL

          Plant catnip, but don’t be surprised when you look out the window and see them rolling or sleeping on top. 😊

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