Petition: Animal Abuse Leads to Violence Against Humans. This Bill Wants to Intervene.


203631-1523318726-wideby: S E Smith
target: California Legislature

10,000 GOAL

The link between animal and human violence is well established: People who neglect and abuse nonhuman animals are much more likely to go on to abuse humans. Animal welfare advocates and law enforcement alike are painfully aware of how violence can escalate and perpetuate itself without formal intervention.

Despite this known public safety risk, many states have few measures in place to break this cycle.

California State Senator Scott Wilk has a proposal: The Animal Welfare and Violence Intervention Act of 2018. While the state of California mandates counseling for people offered parole in certain animal cruelty cases, his bill would formalize counseling for people convicted of such crimes. It would require offenders to receive training in “responsible animal ownership,” and in the case of specific offenses, they would need to be screened for mental health conditions and provided with counseling, if needed.

The goal of this legislation is to break the cycles of violence that can trap people and animals alike, sometimes in escalating patterns. We want to see both houses of California’s legislature bring this bill forward for a vote and pass it, making California safer for people and animals alike.

And we’d like to see other states follow in California’s lead.

Protect animals and vulnerable humans by passing legislation that will get people the help they need before their violence has an opportunity to escalate!

Photo credit: Torrey Wiley


Petition: Pass ‘Scruffles Law’ So Animal Abusers Can Be Brought to Justice

12,000 GOAL
Scruffles the bull dog was a beloved part of a family, until his untimely death while being groomed at PetSmart. Now his family is attempting to pass a law in his name to be sure any future victims of such a crime can truly find justice.

Sign the petition to ask for a federal law that would consider pets more as family members and less like property in the event of harm or death.

Pets are hurt, tortued and killed all the time. Sometimes it’s negligence and sometimes it’s malice, but whenever a person is responsible for the suffering or death of a pet, they should be held responsible.

Right now, as in Scruffles’ case, there is very little a family can legally do to get justice or damages after someone harms their pet. Instead, pets are considered property. Which means that in the event of someone harming or even killing your family dog, you could only ever sue them for the cost of the dog. As many of you know, animals are priced shockingly low, especially if they are rescues. But the true price of a pet is much higher because they become a part of the family.

That’s why there should be a federal law like Scruffles Law so that pet owners can exact justice if their animals are harmed. Please sign the petition if you agree.

If you want to hold PetSmart accountable for the death of Scruffles and other animals, please sign.

petition: Close PetSmart Grooming – Too Many Dogs Are Dying There!

by: Kelsey B.
target: PetSmart

25,000 GOAL
Another innocent and beloved pet has died in PetSmart’s grooming department. Abby was a loving, healthy, 8-year-old corgi who had recently been to the vet and been given a clean bill of health. Abby is at least the fourth dog to die in PetSmart’s care in just the last few months.

Sign on to tell PetSmart to close down all their grooming centers until they can find a way to responsibly care for the animals entrusted to them.

After Scruffles the bulldog died, the outrage from people like you and me caused PetSmart to launch a comprehensive review to change the way they do grooming. But obviously pets are still getting hurt and dying in the meantime. Which is why we need to insist they hault their grooming programs in all stores until all the changes have been made and implemented.

Abby’s father, Chuck Crawford, is hurting deeply due to the passing of his sweet corgi. PetSmart tried to pay for her necroscopy, but he refused when the vet told him if they paid he may never see the results. That means that PetSmart may be trying to conceal the truth of what is happening in their grooming departments. This is unacceptable.

Please sign on in demanding open investigations and a temporary hault to all grooming until higher and safer standard can be met.


Petition · Protect the most biodiverse savanna in the world ·



Pedro Piauí, with the Campaign in Defense of the Brazilian Savanna started this petition to Brazilian Congress

My name is Pedro Piauí. I belong to a rural community in the Brazilian “Cerrado,” an immense tropical savanna filled with trees, plains, and thousands of animal species. It’s a magical place, but it’s currently at risk so my family, along withedrl hundreds of other people and traditional communities, have started a campaign to protect it. Will you join us?

The Cerrado is also known as the Brazilian Savanna. It isn’t as big or well-known as the Amazon, but it is still one of the most important and rich ecosystems in our country. Please help us pressure the Brazilian Government to give the Cerrado more legal protection by making it a National Heritage Site!

The history of the inhabitants of the Cerrado is rich and vibrant. We are peasants, fishermen, river dwellers, coconut breakers, and family farmers. Many of us are indigenous – there are over 80 indigenous ethnic groups – and also quilombolas, groups that descended from fugitive slaves. But our families and our way of life are being threatened. We are losing our native vegetation, rich biodiversity and our ancestral culture to the monoculture of soy, mining, cattle ranching and dams – but National Heritage Site status would help to stop that.

We are trying to call for international attention because we found out there is money from the United States, Germany, Sweden and Holland being invested in deforestation and forced evictions. It comes through pension funds, multilateral banks and export credit agencies.

Are the North American and European citizens aware that their own money is tainted by environmental destruction and the human rights violations of traditional peoples?

The Cerrado is one of the oldest biomes in the world, with 5% of the planet’s biodiversity. It hosts jaguars, rare birds and thousands of unique plants – half of which have already been lost. It is also crucial to the maintenance of the water in the South American continent, since the most important rivers and water basins come from here. My community works hard to protect our home but big agribusiness have used violence and coercion to fight us.

We protect nature because we know we are part of it, we need it. Without us, the people of the Cerrado, there will be no conservation of nature, there will be no water, there will be no life!

We can not lose this battle against greed, power and corruption. Join us in calling on the Brazilian Congress to recognize that connection and protect the Cerrado.

Petition update · Victory! ·

April 10,2018 – The LaValle Village Board agreed to rewrite their ordinance to allow mini pigs within the Village limits! My unending gratitude for all the support and kind words we’ve received.