Petition · Georgia State House: Animal Cruelty Registry ·

Animal Cruelty Registry
Kristen MacKenzie started this petition to Georgia State House and 3 others

I think having a registry for animal cruelty is great idea, for many reasons, this registry, will help animal shelters(TLC, Humane Society, etc) would benefit from it. Not only does it alert shelters, but it will also make animals safer. I have seen several dogs, cats, and chickens being tossed out, due to their families not wanting them, or leave them out somewhere to die.

We need to stop this, we need to have this registry, so animals who need a home, goes to a safe enviroment!

Petition · WWF: Save the Elephants and Rhinos ·

Kennara Dewineto started this petition to WWF

Many Elephants and rhino’s are being killed just for their tusks. If we don’t save them now, they won’t be around any more. By 2030, most elephant and rhino species will be extint. Save them, or they’ll be go with forever…

Petition · U.S. Senate: Tell Congress not to pass the SEA Act and SECURE Act and protect marine life ·

Tell Congress not to pass the SEA, Act & SECURE, Act which will harm protected marine life
Sea Voice News started this petition to U.S. Senate and 3 others

The SEA Act bill and the SECURE Act bill would give oil industries almost unregulated ability to perform Seismic surveying. The practice involves a ship firing blasts of pressurized air to create powerful sound pulses that penetrate beneath the seafloor. Below the water, the explosions sound like bombs going off every 10 to 15 seconds and can be heard as far as 1,500 miles, audio recordings show.

The testing threatens a number of species and is part of a thinly veiled oil industry wish list that would upend established protections and fast-track the permitting process for oil exploration off the Atlantic, much of Alaska and even California.

Both bills have passed committee and could head to a full vote any day. The bills follow other undoings that have prioritized oil and gas energy over conservation which is vital to the protection of endangered species.

The new bills would target the core provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act, which regulates seismic blasts used to locate oil and gas. The noise, scientists say, can disorient and damage the hearing of whales and dolphins so badly that they lose their ability to navigate and reproduce.

We cannot allow further offshore oil and gas exploration and development as it harms our coastal economies in the near term and opens the door to even greater risks from offshore oil and gas production down the road.

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Petition · Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce : End the Annual Cruel Barnesville Greased Pig Chase ·

Georgia Animal Rights and Protection started this petition to Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce and 13 others

Every September, the Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce in Georgia hosts a greased pig chase. For hours, one by one, terrified piglets are brought into an arena and thrust towards mobs of screaming children who run after them grabbing and clawing to try to be the first one to “claim” the pig.

After being roughly handled, the pigs are chased by children, teens, and young adults who pile on them with their full body weight. Pigs suffer emotionally and physically as they are body-slammed to the ground and their limbs, ears, and tails, are yanked, bent backward, and twisted by the frenzied crowd. GARP documented the event workers slamming the pigs down, slapping them, and spitting on them in front of the crowd.

Pigs are sensitive, intelligent, affectionate animals who experience physical and emotional harm at this event. Pigs instinctively fear being chased by predators and experience sheer terror while being pursued by a manic group of screaming people trying to catch them.

In addition to being traumatic and extremely frightening for the pigs, animal chasing events desensitize children and teach them that terrorizing and hurting animals is acceptable behavior.

The Barnesville-Lamar County Chamber of Commerce claims the city is “forwardly innovative”. Please sign the petition to let them know that violent events promoting animal cruelty are not innovative and they do not make Barnesville a desirable place to visit or do business.

Petition · Ban the barbaric bull-riding event in Halifax ·

Ban the barbaric bull-riding event in Halifax
Tony Payzant started this petition to Scotiabank Center.

Bull-riding, a rodeo event, involves a rider attempting to stay mounted on a bucking bull for a set time. A “flank strap” is tied around the bull’s sensitive hindquarters to make him buck. The bull bucks wildly, clearly being tormented by the flank strap and by the desire to get the rider off. Bulls do not behave this way outside a rodeo arena. There is also video evidence of bulls at rodeo events being abused prior to release into the arena.

Halifax is set to host a bull-riding event on 26 May at Scotiabank Centre. This event must be stopped.

Petition · Ryan Zinke: Ban Elephant “Trophies” in the US ·

Ban Elephant “Trophies” in the US
Sarah Wilson started this petition to Department of the Interior Ryan Zinke and 2 others

The Trump Administration has quietly made it legal to bring tusks and other elephant parts back to the US as “trophies” from big game hunting. This policy sends the wrong message to poachers and endangers an already threatened species.

From Washington Post: “The decision, announced quietly in a March 1 memorandum from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, withdrew previous rulings on trophy hunting and said the agency would allow sport hunters to receive permits for the trophy items on a ‘case-by-case basis.'”

However, the Trump administration/Dept. of the Interior has not commented on HOW these permits will be administered. Secretary Zinke of the Dept of the Interior, Eric Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. are also known big game hunters and this policy would be greatly beneficial to them.

Secretary Zinke needs to remember that his job is to PROTECT wildlife, not to encourage hunting threatened species.