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Petition: Nearly 200 Animals Abandoned and Left to Fend for Themselves

by: Amil J
target: Mr. Shri Thanedar

40,000 GOAL

Shri Thanedar, currently a candidate in Michigan’s gubernatorial race, was the owner of an animal testing facility that went bankrupt. When it shuttered its doors, the candidate left the 170 dogs and monkeys inside to fend for themselves.

According to news reports, after it closed, ex-employees continued to bring the 118 beagles food and water by jumping the fence. And the monkeys’ former caregivers reached out to an animal rescue organization to let them know about the 55 long-tailed macaque monkeys that were also left at the complex.

If it weren’t for the efforts of ex-employees from the clinic, and animal rights activists, it is quite possible they would have perished.

For his part, Mr. Thanedar says that when he owned the testing facility the animals were never harmed and always in good care.

But if he cared so much about their well-being, how could he just abandon them without helping to find them new homes?

Every day countless animals from dogs and cats to rabbits and pigs are abandoned in our America. Sometimes they are lucky and kind people take them in, other times they are forced to live in the wild and still others die. Despite being illegal, animal abandonment is a huge problem. Rescue organizations work hard to help those animals left in the cold and find them new loving forever homes. In this case, they helped save nearly 200 dogs and monkeys.

We owe them a debt of gratitude for the job they do.

That’s why Mr. Thanedar should admit that he was wrong for abandoning those animals and donate to an animal rescue organization who helps find animals like the 170 dogs and monkeys new homes when they are no longer wanted.

Please sign the petition.

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Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
1 minutePetition update

Apr 28, 2018 — After a four and one-half hour debate, the Kansas Senate rejected a bill to bring back dog racing to state. The Woodlands, Wichita and Camptown Greyhound Parks will remain closed. #Woofs to everyone who helped protect the dogs!

Abilene’s “Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame” must now be called the “Greyhound Racing Hall of Shame” #DyingIndustry #TimeToMoveOn #KeepDogsSafe Read more at

Attention Ex-Wives & Girlfriends of Wisconsin Hound Hunters! Wolf Patrol will pay $1000 for Videos of Your Ex’s Hunting Violations!

Wolf Patrol

In February 2018, Wolf Patrol began a campaign targeting Wisconsin hound hunters whose own videos published on Facebook depict graphic and illegal animal cruelty, which has led to a Department of Natural Resources criminal investigation. We are now soliciting the public for other video and photographic evidence of animal cruelty committed against Wisconsin’s wildlife over the last three years.

Wolf Patrol will pay $1,000 for any video or photograph depicting Wisconsin hound hunters engaged in illegal activity, such as allowing hounds to maul and kill coyotes, raccoons and other wildlife. If the video or photos you provide result in a criminal conviction, you will then receive your $1,000. Only videos not previously reported will receive a reward and you may remain anonymous.

Wolf Patrol is not an anti-hunting organization, but we are opposed to the animal cruelty committed by some hunters using hounds to hunt coyotes, raccoons and other wildlife…

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