Petition: Demand that NYC Health Commissioner Mary Bassett Shut Down Illegal Animal Sacrifice, New York City, NY

by: Jessica Hollander, Nathan Semmel, Donny Moss
target: NYC Health Commissioner Mary Bassett, New York City, NY

859 SUPPORTERS in New York City
11,544 SUPPORTERS 12,000 GOAL

Every year during Yom Kippur, practitioners of a religious ritual animal sacrifice called Kaporos erect dozens of pop-up slaughterhouses on the streets of Brooklyn. For several days, over 60,000 baby chickens are intensively confined in crates with no food, water or protection from weather extremes. Many of them die of hunger, thirst, illness and exposure before the slaughter even begins, and the bodies of the dead decompose next to those who are still alive.

The barbaric sacrifice takes place on public streets, where the smell of death is overwhelming, and the streets are contaminated with with the blood, feces, urine and body parts for days. The massacre breaks seven health codes and exposes New Yorkers to salmonella, E. coli and other dangerous toxins and pathogens. NYC’s health commissioner, Dr. Mary Bassett, is in possession of a toxicology report confirming the dangers, yet she and other city officials turn a blind eye because the practitioners of the animal sacrifice represent one of NYC’s most powerful voting blocs.

Both the residents of these neighborhoods where Kaporos takes place AND the victims of the ritual need your voice to demand that Mary Bassett do her job by enforcing the laws that would prohibit this massacre from taking place.

Photo: Unparalleled Suffering Photography

Petition: Justice for Pets Stolen and Killed by Almaty Animal Control Center, Kazakhstan!

by: Kira Rocha
target: Government of Kazakhstan

156,997 SUPPORTERS 160,000 GOAL


Pets are being stolen and inhumanely killed by Animal Control workers in my home country of Kazakhstan.

A dog was stolen and locked in the trunk of a car that belonged to the worker of Animal Control Center (ACC) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The young Husky died from suffocation and heat stroke before the police were able to force the car owner to open the trunk.

Volunteers came to The Animal Control Center the morning of May 23rd to help save a few dogs, and saw a car parked outside the entrance. They heard weak crying and breathing coming out of the trunk. The workers of the ACC told the volunteers that the car didn’t belong to them. The volunteers called the police, and contrary to what they had been told, the car did belong to an employee, to man named Ilya Kamazaev, who was a driver for the ACC. By the time police were able to open the trunk, the dog was dead.

Ilya told the police that the dog belonged to him, and he decided to get rid of the dog by locking her in the trunk and leaving her to die. He assured the police that he has all documents to prove she was his dog, and that he couldn’t leave the dog at the ACC where he worked because it was closed and wasn’t accepting dogs that day.

Well, Ilya was lying, and the actual owner of the Husky was found the same day of this cruel incident. 19 year old Asem recognized her dog from the pictures that had been posted on Instagram, she was so shocked that she couldn’t stop crying all night. She submitted the report to the police right away, and at the moment Ilya is believed to have lost his job at the ACC along with another worker who was involved in the incident.

The purebred dogs are believed to be stolen from the backyards by the workers of ACC and later sold. Asem’s dog Umka disappeared from her backyard almost a month ago, and Asem was looking for her dog all the while through social media and dog related websites.

Volunteers and animals support groups of Almaty are continuously fighting to change the laws about treatment of homeless pets. The ACC, which is sponsored by the government, uses inhumane ways of catching these dogs, one of which is the use of fish line that breaks through the skin and sometimes breaks the necks of the dogs. The dogs are kept 3 days or even less in small cages without any air conditioning, water or food, and usually killed using Lysthenon without anesthesia. It means that the dogs die while slowly suffering, however it’s one of the cheapest methods available.

Please help us to spread the message about the inhumane treatment of pets in Kazakhstan. We want to ensure that all workers who are responsible for animal abuse are punished by law and are removed from their positions at Animal Control Center. Volunteers should be allowed to work at the Center to establish the quality of animals lives. In addition, our government should open a city shelter and assists in reuniting dogs with their owners and hosting adoption events. These loyal animals deserve to have safe and happy lives but they need your help!

** Домашние животные украдены и бесчеловечно убиты работниками отлова в моей родной стране Казахстан **.

Собака была украдена и заперта в багажнике автомобиля, принадлежавшего работнику отлова (официально Центр Ветеринарии) в Алматы, Казахстан. Молодой Хаски умер от удушья и теплового удара, прежде чем полиция смогла заставить владельца автомобиля открыть багажник.

Волонтеры прибыли в отлов для животных утром 23 мая, чтобы помочь спасти несколько собак, и увидели машину припаркованную у входа. Собака слабо скулила и почти не дышала . Работники отлова сказали волонтерам, что автомобиль не принадлежит им. Добровольцы вызвали полицию и вопреки тому, что им сказали, машина принадлежала работнику, человеку по имени Илья Камазаев, который был водителем отлова. К тому времени, когда полицейские смогли открыть багажник, собака скончалась.

Илья рассказал полиции, что собака принадлежала ему, и он решил избавиться от нее, заперев ее в багажнике и оставив умирать. Он заверил полицию, что у него есть все документы, чтобы доказать, что собака принадлежала ему, и что он не мог сдать собаку в отлов, где он работал, потому что отлов был закрыт и клетки опечатаны в тот день.

Илья сказал неправду и владелец Хаски был найден в тот же день. 19-летняя Асем узнала свою собаку из фотографий, которые были размещены на Instagram, она была так потрясена, и проплакала всю ночь. Она сразу же подала заявление в полицию, и в настоящее время Илья был уволен из отлова вместе с другим работником, который был вовлечен в инцидент.

Считается, что чистокровных собак похищают с заднего двора работники отлова, а затем продают. Собака Асемы Умка исчезла со своего двора почти месяц назад, и Асем все время искала свою собаку через социальные сети и сайты.

Группы поддержки волонтеров и животных в Алматы постоянно ведут борьбу за изменение законов об обращении с бездомными животными. Отлов который спонсируется правительством, использует бесчеловечные способы ловли этих собак, одним из которых является использование лески, которая режет кожу и иногда ломает шеи собак. Собаки держатся 3 дня или меньше в маленьких клетках без обогрева/кондиционера, без воды или пищи и обычно умертвляются Листеноном без анестезии. Это означает, что собаки умирают медленно и мучительно, но это один из самых дешевых методов.

Пожалуйста, помогите нам распространить информацию о бесчеловечном обращении с животными в Казахстане. Мы хотим удостовериться чтобы все работники, ответственные за жестокое обращение с животными, были наказаны по закону и сняты со своих позиций в отлове. Волонтерам следует разрешить работать и свободно посещать отлов для того, чтобы установить контроль за качеством жизни животных. Кроме того, наше правительство должно открыть приют в городе и помочь воссоединять собак с их владельцами и проводить акции по устройству бездомных животных. Питомцы заслуживают того, чтобы жить безопасной и счастливой жизнью, но им нужна ваша помощь!

read petition letter ▾
We demand that all workers of Animal Control Center who are responsible for animal abuse, are punished by law and are removed from their positions at Animal Control Center. Volunteers should be allowed to work at the Center to establish the quality of animals lives. In addition, our government should open a city shelter and assists in reuniting dogs with their owners and hosting adoption events. These loyal animals deserve to have safe and happy lives but they need your help!

Petition: We Need a National Law to Get Research Animals Adopted


While no animal should be used as a test subject in medical research, until we succeed at repealing the laws that require drugs to be tested on animals first, the least we can do is ensure that these animals have a happy life outside of the laboratory after the research is complete.

Often times, dogs and cats in these facilities are euthanized rather than rehoused. Fortunately, a handful of states, most recently Maryland, have passed laws requiring researchers to take significant steps to ensure that the healthy animals are adopted by a loving family.

That’s great progress, but what about all of the research animals who don’t live in one of these states? We ought to have a federal law guaranteeing the same concept to all test subjects, which is why we’re calling on the U.S. Congress to make it a reality throughout the country.

Again, this petition in no way condones the cruel practice of animal testing, yet we still urge legislators and researchers alike to extend some compassion and ensure these animals have good homes for the second stage of their lives.

Petition: Protect the Green-Haired Punk Turtle That Can Breathe Through Its Genitals!

by: Care2 Team
target: Australian government

4,330 SUPPORTERS 10,000 GOAL
The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) just released a new list of the most vulnerable reptile species, and one species from the list quickly stole the hearts of people all over the world: a green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals.

Unfortunately, Australia has no plan in place to protect this awesome turtle from extinction. Sign now to urge the government to protect the Mary river turtle now!

The Mary river turtle is a truly unique species for many reasons. The elusive turtle is one of Australia’s largest turtles and is only found in the Mary river in Queensland. It can stay underwater for up to three days, using specialized glands in its posterior to breathe.

The turtles’ green, spiky hair isn’t their only unique physical feature – they also have two spikes on their chin, giving them an extra cool, punk rock look! These turtles are so interesting, it’d be a real shame for them to disappear!

Please sign this petition urging the Australian government to protect the Mary river turtle now!

Petition: End Pigeon Hunting to Protect the Little Dodo!


by: Emily Zak
target: Samoan government

31,306 SUPPORTERS 35,000 GOAL

When Samoans mention the manumea, their voices hush in awe. They’ve called the bird “the princess of the forest,” says biologist Rebecca Stirnemann to Mongabay.

But the Pacific Islands nation’s national bird is nearly extinction. Fewer than 250 exist.

Sign this petition to ask the Somoan government to crack down on pigeon hunting to protect the little dodo.

As the closest living relative to the dodo, the manumea is dying as hunters accidentally shoot it while pigeon hunting.

About 1 in 3 hunter in one area have inadvertently killed them. Samoans eating pigeons—often the island’s richest—help drive the little dodo’s demise.

As Stirnemann tells The Guardian, “People often think that forest meat is consumed by poor people who have to hunt in the forest to survive. But across the world patterns…are emerging that rich people are driving wildlife trade. They are often unaware of the impacts they are having since they often do not enter the forest.”

Samoa has banned the pigeon trade for more than two decades. Sign this petition to ask the Somoan government to crack down on pigeon hunting to protect the little dodo.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Lionel Walter Rothschild

Petition: Hunter Slaughters Wolves at Denali National Park With an AR-15

by: Andrew M
target: Alaska Department of Fish and Game

106,345 SUPPORTERS 110,000 GOAL

When you hunt with an AR15 even a wolf is a sitting duck.

That’s what the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (DFG) is finding out after officials investigated one “hunter” who went to the edge of the Denali National Park and waited for the wolves to enter into unprotected lands before he bombarded them with bullets.

The story just adds truth to the claim that the wolves of Denali are in trouble. For years activists have been fighting to create a permanent no-hunting buffer around the park that would shield unsuspecting wolves from the dangers lurking just beyond the reserve.

No animals are aware of the invisible lines humans use to delineate their safe zones, and in the wolf’s case, stepping one paw out of the national park could lead to their death.

This year, the area around the park has had an extremely high wolf harvest rate — more than the past 5-year average. When hunting is allowed, family groups are disrupted and the viability of entire wolf populations are put in jeopardy.

That’s what happened in the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve — a park not too far from Denali. Hunting became so destructive in and around the area that scientists had to end a 20-year research program on predator-prey relationships. The reason? The wolves of the park no longer lived in a natural state. The problem is now so grave that the wolf population will likely collapse without intervention.

We cannot let this happen to the wolves of Denali. We must protect the remaining Denali wolves from a horrible fate.

Please sign the petition and tell DFG to listen to the scientists that are sounding the alarm and implement a permanent buffer zone around Denali National Park.

Petition: This Cruel Safari Park Is Torturing Monkeys

by: Care2 Team
target: Government of Thailand

49,999 SUPPORTERS 50,000 GOAL

The macaque monkeys of Phuket Safari Eco+ Park in Thailand might look like they are having the time of their lives. They get to ride tricycles, listen and dance to music, and when they want to wind down, they can have a bit of a workout.

But if you haven’t guessed already, they are doing none of these things by choice.

When the tourists arrive, the music starts and the macaques enter the pavilion with metal chains around their necks along with their trainers. With a quick yank of the chain, the monkeys start to perform and any pretense of fun completely disappears. Any astute animal lover can tell that these animals are suffering.

The monkeys have a tight schedule and they are forced to perform throughout the day, but when they do get a “break,” they are stuffed in tiny metal cages backstage. The cages have no food or water, and they are left to sit in boredom until their next show.

But the macaques aren’t the only animals suffering at the park. Phuket Safari also has mature and baby elephants, snakes, sheep and other domesticated animals that they force to perform at the whim of paying clientele.

Parks like Phuket Safari are technically illegal. In 2014 the Thai government passed its first ever animal welfare law but it is rarely enforced. If the government doesn’t work to shut down these horrible facilities, animals will continue to suffer and Thailand will continue to be known as a country that turns the other way when it comes to animal cruelty.

Tell Thailand to enforce their animal welfare laws but shutting down Phuket Safari Eco+ and sending these animals to sanctuary! Sign the petition and help make a difference.

petition: Save Bumblebee and Gnat! End Cruel and Ineffective Badger Culls

by: Judy Molland
target: U.K.’s DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

27,627 SUPPORTERS 30,000 GOAL

Two badgers who starred in a wildly popular BBC show could be slaughtered by marksmen currently carrying out a badger cull in England’s county of Somerset.

Bumblebee and Gnat are orphaned badgers who were taken in to a rescue center in the south west of England, and ultimately starred in “Hugh’s Wild West,” a show watched by millions and presented by chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.

At the end of the show, the two adorable badgers were released back into the wild, always the goal of the rescue center.

But Somerset, the site of their release, has now become one of the counties where badger culls are being carried out: that’s because, according to government officials, badgers are responsible for infecting cows with TB and therefore must be killed.

Please sign my petition demanding an end to these cruel and ineffective badger culls.

Scientists and animal rights activists disagree and see little or no evidence to support the use of culls.

Almost 20,000 badgers were killed in 2017, a big jump from the 10,000 that died in 2016. The culls were largely in the southwest of England with the county of Devon having six culls, and Somerset having three each.

But killing those cute badgers doesn’t seem to have affected the rate of bovine tuberculosis (bTB): The number of badgers culled rose from 615 animals in 2014 to almost 20,000 in 2017, but the number of cattle who died as a result of bTB increased from 27,474 to 42,000 as the disease continued to spread.

Please sign my petition demanding an end to these cruel and ineffective badger culls.

Petition: The Adorable Greater Glider Is on the Verge of Disappearing

by: Care2 Team
target: Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio

24,798 SUPPORTERS 25,000 GOAL
The greater glider of Australia has big black eyes, adorable fluffy fur, and huge ears. In short, it is ridiculously cute.

But most of us have never even seen one. Part of the reason is that the gliding marsupial is increasingly rare and has even been added to the country’s list of federally threatened species.

But besides adding it to its threats database, what is Australia doing to save it? Well, according to a recent report, very little.

Scientists and conservations recently discovered that the Strathbogie forest in north-east Victoria has one of the highest concentrations of greater gliders left in all of Australia. Yet despite this, the Victorian forest agency, — VicForests — is going ahead with a logging campaign that threatens to topple the greater gliders’ last stronghold.

Victoria’s own state government has advised against the logging in the area since the species is “in a demonstrable rate of decline which is likely to result in extinction.”

But still, the logging persists.

This is unacceptable. VicForests must halt all logging in the Strathbogies. Every time another tree falls, part of the greater gliders’ last remaining refuge disappears and if it continues so will they.

Please sign the petition and ask Victoria’s minister for energy, environment and climate change, Lily D’Ambrosio, to stop the logging and protect the greater glider.

Petition: Koalas Will Go Extinct If We Don’t Stop Rampant Deforestation

by: Care2 Team
target: Government of Queensland

30,000 GOAL
It might seem unbelievable, but one of Australia’s most iconic animals is now under threat of disappearing.

In fact, if things don’t change, researchers say that the marsupial could go extinct within our lifetime. This previously unthinkable headline is mainly because the state governments have been far to lenient when it comes to clear-cutting in the koala’s last remaining ranges.

The numbers tell a horrifying story. In Queensland for example, between 2012 and 2016, 5,000 koalas lost their lives due to habitat loss. Ninety-four percent of them died due to deforestation in the states rural areal.

And while koalas are dying everywhere in Queensland, losing ground to big box stores and skyscrapers as the threat of new developments constantly loom, the rampant destruction of the koala’s habitat outside of the urban centers is by far their biggest threat.

Under Queensland’s previous premier, laws that strictly regulated tree-clearing were rolled back. Now, the new premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk is considering introducing new measures that will help put an end to endless toppling of the koala’s forests.

It couldn’t come at a more crucial time.

Speak up and tell the Palaszczuk government that they have a duty to protect the last remaining Queensland koala populations. Sign and ask them to pass to new tree-clearing restrictions today.

Petition: Justice for Liam the Pit Bull, Used as Bait in Dogfighting

by: Care2 Team
target: Michael Rallings, Director of the Memphis Police Department

37,100 SUPPORTERS 40,000 GOAL
A young and sweet pit bull was found behind a warehouse in south Memphis with hundreds of bite marks and other severe injuries. Liam, as the rescuers named him, had been used as bait for dog fighting and his abusers are still at large.

Sign the petition to demand Memphis authorities find the people responsible, charge them with animal cruelty, and prosecute them to the full extent of the law to ensure no other dogs suffer Liam’s pain.

Liam was found with hundreds of bites on his body. His left eye was swollen shut and his paws were so injured that he couldn’t even walk on his own. Thank god he was rescued and survived, but he is in for a long recovery. But he has clearly lived his whole life being attacked again and again by other dogs. And once he was of no use to them, the abusers just left him to fend for himself.

Pit bulls who are naturally sweet are often used as bait to train other dogs in dog fighting. The idea is to train the other dogs on how to attack dogs like Liam. It’s called a bloodsport, and for good reason — the losing dog dies and that’s the end of the “fight.”

These dogs are often drugged with steroids and their tails are docked and ears cropped so that their normal body language cannot be read. They experience extreme abuse to bring out their aggression, and never experience the love every dog should. All this abuse happens just to entertain cruel and dangerously violent people.

It’s a disgusting “sport” that only attracts truly heartless people and deeply damages the dogs involved. It is a felony in every state, but it still goes on with abandon. That’s why whenever there is a lead like a bait dog like Liam being found, authorities must take it extremely seriously!

Please sign on to demand justice for sweet Liam and catch the dog fighting ring leaders in their heinous crime.

Petition: We are DROWNING in Plastic Pollution – Urge your State to End Single-Use Garbage, Now!

by: Aaron V
target: Your Governor

50,000 GOAL

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now twice as large as Texas. A juvenile sperm whale was just found dead with 64 pounds of plastic trash in its stomach. We are facing a plastic pollution crisis.

If we continue to trash our planet this way, it’s estimated that by 2050 our oceans will have more plastic than fish.

Recycling just isn’t cutting it. It’s time to address this overwhelming problem with aggressive solutions. Unfortunately, the current leadership of the EPA seems more focused on weakening environmental rules and our using tax dollars to live like the 1%. We need the states to act.

Urge California, New York, Washington and YOUR STATE to confront our plastic problem head-on, and begin a phase out of all single-use plastics.

It’s radical, but not impossible. Over a hundred cities have already banned polystyrene take-out containers, and California has banned single-use grocery bags. But we need a larger, more ambitious effort.

The only way we can beat the plastics industry, and their polluting partners the oil and gas corporations, is with a massive citizen outcry. Please sign and share this petition as widely as possible.

We’re amplifying the call of the LA Times for California to lead the charge, and for every state to follow suit. Our oceans, our fisheries, and our future all demand our action.

Petition image of a dead sperm whale with plastic trash in its mouth courtesy of Richard Humphrey.

Petition · Justin Trudeau: Save The Seals ·

Save The Seals
Jesse VanHolland started this petition to Prime Minister of Canada/Premier ministre du Canada Justin Trudeau and 1 other

After extensively researching the great Canadian seal hunt for a class project, I found that there was truly no reason for Canada to continue this barbaric practice. The Canadian government argues that seal hunting benefits the economy tremendously and is done sustainably, when truthfully it hardly stimulates the economy and the export of pelt has been banned in 40 countries. The practice is also thought to be regulated but in reality the hunters get away with terribly inhumane acts like skinning seals alive. What I want is to abolish this modern day massacre by creating a petition to let the government know how Canadians feel about being home to the largest aquatic animal slaughter in the world.

Petition · Parlamento Europeo: Prohibe la caza con galgos en España / Stop the hunting with galgos in Spain ·

Prohibe la caza con galgos en España / Stop hunting with galgos in Spain
Kennet Nordström started this petition to European Parliament Ernest Urtasum (European Parliament) and 37 others

Petición al Parlamento Europeo: Prohibir la caza con galgos en España

Petition to the European Parliament: Stop the hunting with Galgos in Spain

Español – English – Cestina – Dansk – Deutsch -ελληνικά- Francais – Hrvatski – Italiano – Lietuviu – Magyar nyelv – Nederlands – Polszczyzna – Portugues – Romana – Slovencina – Slovenscina – Suomi – Svenska


Los galgos se usan tradicionalmente para la caza de liebres. Todos los años se crían nuevos cachorros, de cuales solamente los mejores galgos se usan para cazar y el resto se matan a empezar la temporada de caza. Alrededor de los 3 años incluso a los galgos que han cazado bien se matan, porque piensan los galgueros que los galgos jovenes son los más eficaces.
Los métodos tradicionales de matar a los galgos son brutos, ahorcamiento es común. Para los calgos que han cazado mal ahorcamiento con las patas traseras tocando el suelo (el ’pianista’). A veces se dejan los galgos en el bosque, atados o con una pata rota, para morir de hambre. Algunos les echan en pozos secos o abajo precipicios. 50.000 – 100.000 galgos son matados cada año, la mayoria con estos métodos tradicionales e ilegales.

Otras regulaciones de caza en la UE ya existen, como por ejemplo EEC No 3254/91. Ahora es tiempo prohibir también la caza con Galgos (si desean también con otras razas de ’Sighthounds’) en la Unión Europea.

– ENGLISH – 137,909 have signed. Let’s get it to 150,000

Galgos are traditionally used to hunt for hares.. Every year new litters are born, from which only the best galgos are used for hunting, and the rest are killed at the beginning of the hunting season. Around 3 years of age even the galgos that have been hunting well are killed, as the hunters believes young galgos to be more efficient at hunting.
The traditional methods of killing the galgos are brutal, hanging is common. Galgos that have not been good at hunting are hanged with their back paws left on the ground (the so called ’pianist’). Alternatively, galgos are left in the forest, tied or with a deliberately broken leg, to starve to death. Others are, when still alive, thrown into empty wells or into steep canyons.
50.000 – 100.000 galgos are killed each year, most of them with these traditional and illegal methods.

Other hunting regulations by the EU already exists, such as for example Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91. It is time to also forbid hunting with Galgos (if desired also with other breeds of Sighthounds) in the European Union.


Petice k Evropskému parlamentu: Zastavte lov s galgos ve Španělsku

Galgos jsou tradičně používány k lovu zajíců. Každým rokem se rodí nová vrh, ze které se pro lov požívají jen ty nejlepší druhy Galgosu a zbytek je zabit na začátku lovu. Okolo 3 let se dokonce zabijí Galgové, kteří lovili dobře, protože lovci věří, že mladí Galgos jsou účinnější při lovu.Tradiční metody zabíjení Galgosu jsou brutální, visí je běžné. Galgové, kteří nebyli dobří v lovu, jsou pověšeni zadními tlapkami ponechanými na zemi (tzv. “Pianista”). Alternativně je Galgos ponechán v lese, vázán nebo úmyslně zlomenou nohou, aby zemřel hladem. Jiní jsou, když jsou ještě naživu, hodeni do prázdných studní nebo do strmých kaňonů.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos je zabito každý rok, většina z nich má tyto tradiční a nelegální metody.

Jiné předpisy EU o lovu již existují, například nařízení Rady EHS č. 3254/91. Je na čase také zakazovat lov s Galgos (v případě potřeby i s jinými plemeny chrtů) v Evropské unii.

  • DANSK –

Petition til det Europæiske Parlament: Gør jagten med galgos-jagthundene i Spanien ulovligt.

Disse hunde bruges traditionelt for jagten på harer. Hvert år fødes der nye kuld, hvoraf kun de raskeste bruges til jagten, resten aflives ved begyndelsen af jagtsæsonen. Når galgos-hundene er omkring 3 år gamle, aflives de, selv hvis de var gode jagthunde, idet jægerne tror at yngre jagthunde vil være bedre egnet.
De traditionelle metoder til aflivningen af galgos-hundene er utroligt brutale. Ofte bliver hundene hængt. De hunde, som ikke var succesrige ved jagten, hænges på sådan en måde, at deres bagpoter kan lige røre ved bunden, hvorved hunden begynder ligesom at “danse”, hvilket kynisk nok kaldes for “pianist”-metoden. Alternativt binder man hunden fast til et træ i en skov eller endnu værre, man knækker forsætligt et af hundens ben, hvorefter man efterlader hunden for at sulte ihjel. Andre kastes levende i tomme brønde eller dybe kløfter. Mellem 50.000 og 100.000 galgos-hunde aflives hvert år, hvoraf de fleste aflivninger foregår på de førnævnte ulovlige men traditionelle metoder.

Andre regulativer angående jagt findes allerede i EU, som for eksempel Regulativ EEC Nr. 3254/91. Det er nu på tide at der også gribes ind med et forbud imod jagten med galgos hhv. behandlingen af jagthunde generelt på disse traditionelle metoder i Spanien, og dette i hele den Europæiske Union.


Petition an das Europäische Parlament: Beenden Sie die Jagd mit Galgos in Spanien

Windhunde sind traditionell für die Hasenjagd eingesetzt. Jedes Jahr züchten sie neue Welpen, von denen nur die besten Windhunde verwendet werden, um zu jagen und die restlichen werden getötet, um die Jagdsaison zu starten – jedes Jahr.

Auch nach rund 3 Jahre werden sogar Windhunde, die gut gejagt töten, weil sie denken, dass junge Windhunde am wirksamsten sind.

Die traditionalen Methoden des Tötens der Windhunde sind grauenhaft, aufhängen ist weit verbreitet. Meist noch grauenhafter hängen sie die Hunde so auf, dass die Hinterbeine nur knapp den Boden berühren, sie tänzeln so lange, bis sie der qualvollen Methode erliegen, was sehr lange dauert.

Manchmal werden die Hunde im Wald angebunden, auch mit einem gebrochenen Bein, um zu verhungern. Einige Leute werfen sie in trockenen Brunnen oder unter Abgründe. 50.000-100.000 Windhunde werden jedes Jahr getötet, die meisten mit diesen illegalen Methoden.

Andere Jagdbestimmungen der EU existieren bereits, wie zum Beispiel die Verordnung ECC Nr. 3254/91. Es ist an der Zeit, auch die Jagd mit Galgos (und wenn gewünscht, auch andere Rassen des Windhundes) in der Europäischen Union zu verbieten.


Αναφορά προς το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο:Απαγόρευση κυνηγιού με λαγωνικά στην Ισπανία.

Τα λαγωνικά παραδοσιακά χρησιμοποιούνται για το κυνήγι του λαγού. Κάθε χρόνο μεγαλώνουν νέα κουτάβια, και μόνο τα καλύτερα λαγωνικά χρησιμοποιούνται για το κυνήγι και τα υπόλοιπα σκοτώνονται πριν ξεκινήσουν την κυνηγετική περίοδο. Μέχρι να φτάσουν 3ων ετών όπου και αυτά τα κυνηγετικά λαγωνικά σκοτώνονται, επειδή οι κυνηγοί θεωρούν ότι τα νεαρά λαγωνικά είναι τα πιο αποτελεσματικά.Οι παραδοσιακές μέθοδοι δολοφονίας του Γάλγκου είναι βίαιες, η κρέμονται ανάποδα από τα πισινά πόδια (ο λεγόμενος «πιανίστας»), Ή εναλλακτικά τα αφήνουν στο δάσος δεμένα με ένα σκόπιμα σπασμένο πόδι, για να πεθάνει από ασιτία. Ενώ άλλοι, όταν είναι ακόμα ζωντανοί, ρίχνονται σε άδεια πηγάδια ή σε απότομα φαράγγια.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos σκοτώνονται κάθε χρόνο, οι περισσότεροι από αυτούς με αυτές τις παραδοσιακές και παράνομες μεθόδους.

Άλλος κανονισμός του Συμβουλίου αριθ. 3254/91. Είναι επίσης καιρός να απαγορεύσετε το κυνήγι με λαγωνικά Galgos (επίσης το ίδιο και με άλλες φυλές Sighthounds για πτηνά κ.α.) στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση.


Pétition au Parlement européen : Arrêtez la chasse avec les galgos en Espagne

Les galgos sont traditionnellement utilisés pour la chasse aux lièvres. Chaque année naissent de nouvelles portées, dont les meilleurs galgos seront élevés et utilisés pour la chasse ; les autres sont tués avant la saison de la chasse. Même les galgos qui ont bien chassé sont tués à l’âge de 3 ans, car les chasseurs pensent que seuls les jeunes galgos sont efficaces à la chasse.Les méthodes traditionnelles pour tuer les galgos sont brutales, la pendaison est communément utilisée. Les galgos qui n’ont pas su bien chasser sont pendus, leurs pattes arrières trainant sur le sol (les chasseurs appellent cela le pianiste). D’autres galgos sont abandonnés dans la forêt, attachés ou avec la patte volontairement cassée, pour y mourir de faim. D’autres sont jetés vivants dans des puits vides ou dans des canyons aux pentes raides.50.000 à 100.000 galgos sont ainsi tués chaque année, la plupart d’entre eux avec des méthodes dites traditionnelles et illégales.

D’autres règlements de chasse existent déjà dans l’UE, comme par exemple le Règlement de Conseil N°. 3254/91. Il est temps d’interdire la chasse avec les galgos (ainsi qu’avec d’autres espèces de lévriers) dans l’Union Européenne.


Molba Europskom Parlamentu: Zabranite lov s hrtovima u Španjolskoj!

Hrtovi se već dugo koriste za lov na zečeve. Svake godine uzgajaju se novi štenci, od kojih se samo najbolji koriste za lov, dok ostali budu ubijeni na početku lovne sezone. S tri godine ubijaju čak i hrtove koji su dobro lovili jer uzgajivači misle da su mladi hrtovi učinkovitiji. Ubičajeni načini ubijanja hrtova su okrutni, najčešće je vješanje. Hrtove koji se nisu iskazali u lovu objese tako da stražnjim šapama mogu dotaknuti tlo (zovu ih “pijanistima“). Katkad ostave pse u šumi, zavezane ili sa slomljenom nogom, da uginu od gladi. Neke bacaju u suhe bunare ili u ponore. 50 000 – 100 000 hrtova ubijeni su svake godine, većina na takve okrutne i nezakonite načine.

Drugi lovni zakoni u Europskoj Uniji već postoje, kao primjerice EEC No 3254/91. Sada je vrijeme da se u Uniji zabrani i lov s hrtovima (i, ako želite, s drugim pasminama koje služe za lov na zečeve).


Petizione indirizzata al Parlamento Europeo: Fermate la caccia con i galgo in Spagna

I galgo vengono per tradizione usati per la caccia alla lepre. Ogni anno nascono nuove cucciolate, dalle quali vengono selezionati solo i migliori cacciatori, mentre gli altri vengono uccisi all’inizio della stagione venatoria. Attorno ai 3 anni di età vengono uccisi comunque anche i galgo che hanno dimostrato di essere bravi cacciatori, perchè i galgueros ritengono che solo i galghi giovani possano essere bravi nella caccia.I metodi tradizionali di uccisione sono brutali, ed è comune l’impiccagione. I Galgos che non si sono distinti nella caccia vengono appesi in modo che i loro piedi sfiorino il terreno (chiamato “il pianista”). In alternativa i galgos vengono abbandonati nei boschi dopo essere stati legati o dopo che deliberatamente gli sono state spezzate le zampe, così da farli morire di inedia. Altri vengono, da vivi, buttati in pozzi o in burroni.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos vengono uccisi ogni anno,, la maggior parte con questi metodi tradizionali anche se illegali.

Esistono già regolamenti di caccia da parte dell’Unione Europea, come ad esempio Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91. E’ ora che venga proibita la caccia con i galgo (se possibile anche con altre razze di cani per la caccia) nella Comunità Europea.


Peticija Europos parlamentui: sustabdykite medžioklę Ispanijoje su ispanijos kurtais.

Galgon-ispanijos kurtai, naudojami kiškių medžioklei. Kiekvienais metais atvedamos naujos vados, tik geriausi kurtai naudojami medžioklei, kiti brutaliai užmušami. Sulaukę maždaug 3 metų, užmušami ir tie , kurie buvo geri medžiotojai, nes jaunesni kurtai efektyviau medžioja. Užmušimo metodai yra ypač brutalūs, pakarimas yra vienas iš jų. Tie, kurtai, kurie medžioja negerai, pakariami taip , kad galinės kojos liestų žemę, kad lėtai numirtu (vadinama ‘pianistais’). Kitas įprastas metodas, palikti kurtą miške pririštą arba sąmoningai sulaužyti jam kojas, kad numirtu iš bado. Taip pat ,gan dažnai dar gyvi kurtai įmetami i sausus šulinius arba išmetami sąvartynuose. Kiekvienais metais užmušama 50000-100000 kurtų, dauguma jų tradiciniais, neteisėtais metodais.

Jau yra nauji medžioklės teisės aktai EU, pavyzdžiui EEC Nr 3254/91. Dabar reikia uždrausti medžioklę su ispanijos kurtais (jei norima ir su kitų rasių kurtais) Europos Sąjungoje.


Kérelem az Európai Parlamentnek: Kérjük, segítsenek megállítani meg a Galgo-vadászatot Spanyolországban! A Galgo egy spanyol agárfajta.

A Galgo-kat hagyományosan a mezei nyulakra való vadászatkor használják. Minden évben sok új alom születik, melyekből azonban csak a legjobb Galgokat választják ki a vadászatokra és a többieket, a vadászati szezon kezdetekor, megölik. 3 éves kor körül azokat a Galgo-kat is megölik, akikkel addig vadásztak, mivel a vadászok úgy hiszik, a fiatalabb Galgok eredményesebben teljesítenek a vadászatban.A Galgokat a hagyomány szerint brutálisan és kegyetlenül végzik ki, általában felakasztják. Azokat a Galgokat, akik nem teljesítettek jól a vadászatkor, úgy akasztják fel, hogy a hátsó mancsaik érik a földet (úgy nevezik, hogy a „zongorista”).Más esetekben a Galgokat az erdőben hagyják összekötözött vagy eltört lábakkal, akik így éhhalált halnak. Másokat, még élve, kutakba vagy mély kanyonokba dobnak.50.000-100.000 közé tehető az évente meggyilkolt Galgok száma, közülük a legtöbbet ezekkel a kegyetlen és illegális módszerekkel végeznek ki.

Már léteznek az EU-n belül vadászatra vonatkozó törvényi szabályozások, mint például a Council Regulation EEC No 3254/91 (Tanácsi rendelet).Itt az idő, hogy a Galgo-vadászatot is betiltsák (egyben más agárfajtákkal történő vadászatot) az Európai Unióban.


Petitie aan het Europees Parlement : Stop de jacht met Galgo’s in Spanje!

Galgos worden normaal gebruikt voor het jagen van hazen. Elk jaar worden er nieuwe nesten van Galgos geboren, maar alleen de beste worden geselecteerd voor de jacht, de rest wordt gedood voor het jachtseizoen. Als de Galgos drie jaar oud zijn, zelfs als ze goed jagen, worden de gedood, omdat de jagers vinden/denken dat jongere Galgos efficiënter jagen.

Galgos die niet goed jagen, worden opgehangen met hun achterpoten nog op de grond (de zogenaamde “pianist) Andere Galgos worden in het bos achtergelaten, vastgebonden met vaak opzettelijk gebroken poten om daar uitgehongerd te sterven. Anderen worden levend in putten of diepe ravijnen gegooid.

50.000 tot 100.000 Galgos worden op deze illigale maar traditionele manier per jaar gedood.

Er bestaan al andere jachtregelementen door de EU, zoals bv. regelgeving EEC. No 3254/91.Het is tijd om de jacht met Galgo’s volledig te verbieden binnen de Europese Unie! (En als dat nodig is ook met andere windhonden rassen.)


Petycja do Parlamentu Europejskiego: Wprowadzenie w Hiszpanii zakazu polowania z użyciem chartów

W Hiszpanii tradycyjnie charty używane są do polowania na zające. Każdego roku psy tej rasy są rozmnażane, ale tylko najlepsze z nich z używane są do polowań; reszta jest zabijana już na początku sezonu łowieckiego. Po około 3 latach również te, które sprawdziły się na polowaniach są zabijane, ponieważ ich właściciele sądzą, że tylko młode osobniki są wystarczająco skuteczne.Psy zabijane są w okrutny i brutalny sposób, zazwyczaj przez powieszenie.Charty, które “nie sprawdziły się ” na polowaniu są wieszane tak, aby ich tylne łapy ledwo dotykały ziemi , co przedłuża ich cierpienia (jest to tzw. metoda “na pianistę”). Często porzucane są w lesie, przywiązane do drzewa lub z połamanymi wcześniej łapami, tak aby umarły z głodu i pragnienia.Inne wrzucane są do studni, zrzucane z urwiska lub podpalane.Każdego roku zabija się od 50 000 do 100 000 chartów, większość ginie okrutną śmiercią.

W UE obowiązują już przepisy dotyczące polowań, jak na przykład EEC No 3254/91. Pora aby objęły one również charty oraz inne rasy psów myśliwskich.


Petição ao Parlamento Europeu: Parar a caça com galgos na Espanha

Galgos são tradicionalmente usados para caçar lebres. A cada ano novas ninhadas são nascidos, a partir do qual só os melhores Galgos são usados para a caça e o resto são mortos no início da temporada de caça. Em torno de 3 anos de idade até os galgos que foram a caça são mortas, bem como os caçadores considera os jovens Galgos para ser mais eficiente na caça.Os métodos tradicionais de matar os galgos são brutais, travando é comum. Galgos que não tenham sido boa a caça são enforcado juntamente com suas patas posteriores esquerda no solo (o chamado “Pianista”). Alternativamente, Galgos são deixadas na floresta, amarrado ou com uma perna quebrada deliberadamente à fome. Outros são, quando ainda vivo, jogado em poços de vazio ou em íngreme canyons.50.000 – 100.000 Galgos são mortos a cada ano, a maioria deles com estes métodos tradicionais e ilegal.

Outros regulamentos de caça pela UE já existe, como por exemplo o Regulamento CEE nº 3254/91. É tempo de também proibir a caça com Galgos (se desejado também com outras raças de Sighthounds) na União Europeia.

  • ROMANA –

Petitie catre Parlamentul European: Opriti spanzurarea ogarilor in Spania

Ogarii spanioli sunt folositi in mod traditional la vanatoarea de iepuri. In fiecare an se nasc noi pui, dintre care doar cei mai buni se folosesc pentru vanatoare, iar restul sunt ucisi la inceputul sezonului de vanatoare. In jurul varstei de 3 ani, chiar si ogarii care au vanat bine sunt ucisi, deoarece vanatorii considera ca ogarii tineri sunt mai eficienti la vanatoare.Metodele traditionale de ucidere a ogarilor spanioli sunt brutale, iar spanzurarea este obisnuita. Ogarii care nu au fost buni la vanatoare sunt spanzurati cu labele din spate pe pamant (asa-numitul ’pianist’). De asemenea, ogarii sunt lasati in padure, legati sau cu un picior rupt in mod intentionat, pana cand mor de foame. Altii sunt aruncati de vii in puturi sau in canioane abrupte.50.000 – 100.000 de ogari spanioli sunt ucisi in fiecare an, majoritatea prin aceste metode traditionale si ilegale.

Alte regulamente emise de UE referitor la vanatoare exista deja, de exemplu Regulementul EEC Nr 3254/91 al Consiluilui Europei. Este timpul sa interzicem vanatoarea cu ogari spanioli (daca se doreste si cu alte rase de ogari) in Uniunea Europeana.


Žiadosť adresovaná Európskemu Parlamentu: Zakážte lov Galgami v Španielsku.

Galgovia sa tradične používajú na lov zajacov. Každý rok sa rodia nové vrhy, z ktorých sa na poľovníctvo používajú iba tí najlepší a zvyšok je zabitý na začiatku loveckej sezóny. Dokonca aj dobrí lovci sú zabití vo veku okolo 3 rokov, pretože lovci veria, že mladí Galgovia sú pri love užitočnejší. Tradičné metódy zabíjania Galgosov sú brutálne, bežné je obesenie. Galgovia, ktorí neboli dobrí v love, sú obesení so zvesenými zadnými labkami, ktoré zostali na zemi (takzvaný “klavirista”). Takisto zvyknú byť ponechaní v lese, uviazaní alebo s úmyselne zlomenou nohou, aby zomreli hladom. Iní, keď sú ešte nažive, sú vhadzovaní do prázdnych studní alebo do strmých kaňonov. Ročne je zabitých okolo 50 000 – 100 000 Galgov a väčšina z nich týmito tradičnými a nezákonnými metódami.

Existujú aj iné nariadenia o poľovníctve EÚ, ako napríklad nariadenie Rady č. 3254/91. Je načase zakázať lov s Galgami (ak je to žiaduce aj s inými plemenami Chrtov) v Európskej únii.


Peticija v Evropskem parlamentu: Ustavitev lova z Galgosom v Španiji

Galgos se tradicionalno uporablja za lov na zajce. Vsako leto v novem leglu, vzamejo le najboljše Galgose za lov, preostali v leglu pa jih na začetku lovne sezone ubijejo. Približno 3 leta starosti, tudi Galgosi, ki lovijo dobro, so ubiti, saj lovci verjamejo, da je mladi Galgos bolj učinkovit pri lovu.Tradicionalne metode ubijanja Galgosa so brutalne, običajno jih obesijo. Galgos, ki niso bili dobri pri lovu, so obešeni tako, da visijo z zadnjimi tačkami, navzdol (temu pravijo t.i. pianist). Druga možnost je, da Galgose pustijo v gozdu zvezane ali jim namerno zlomijo tace, da bi umrli. Drugi, ko so še vedno živi, vrženi v prazne vrtine ali v strme prepadeVsako leto ubijejo 50.000 – 100.000 Galgosov, večina jih je s temi tradicionalnimi in nezakonitimi metodami.

Drugi lovski predpisi EU že obstajajo, na primer Uredba Sveta EGS št. 3254/91. Čas je tudi prepovedati lov s Galgosom (po želji tudi z drugimi pasmi sighthounds) v Evropski uniji.

  • SUOMI –

Vetoomus Euroopan Parlamentille: Galgoilla metsästys on lopetettava Espanjassa.

Galgo-koiria käytetään perinteellisesti jänisten metsästyksessä. Joka vuosi syntyy uusia pentueita, joista vain parhaat galgot käytetään metsästykseen. Loput tapetaan metsästyskauden alussa. Noin kolmen ikäisenä myös metsästykseen valitut galgot tapetaan, koska metsästäjien mielestä nuoret galgot metsästävät tehokkaammin. Perinteellinen tapa tappaa galgon on brutaali: hirttäminen. Ne galgot , jotka eivät ole olleet hyviä metsästäjiä hirtetään takajalkojen ollessa maassa (niin sanottu ’pianonsoittaja’). Vaihtoehtoisesti ne jätetään metsään: puuhun sidottuna tai tarkoituksellisesti jalat murtuneena ja jätetään kuolemaan nälkään. Toiset galgot heitetään elävinä kuivaan kaivoon tai kanjoneihin. 50 000 – 100 000 galgoa tapetaan joka vuosi, suurin osa näillä perinteellisillä ja laittomilla keinoilla.

On jo olemassa muitakin metsästyssäätelyitä, esimerkiksi EEC 3254/91. Nyt on aika kieltää Galgoilla metsästys (halutessa myös muillakin vinttikoirilla) Euroopan Unionissa.


Petition till Europaparlamentet: Förbjud jakten med galgor i Spanien.

Galgon – den spanska vinthunden används traditionellt till jakt på harar. Varje år föds nya valpkullar upp, då endast de bästa galgorna används vid jakten och övriga galgor avlivas brutalt redan vid jaktens början. Vid ca 3 års ålder avlivas även de galgor som jagat bra, då yngre vinthundar anses jaga effektivare. Avlivningsmetoderna är synnerligen brutala, hängning är vanligt. De galgor som inte anses ha jagat bra hängs med baktassarna stående på marken, så att de skall dö långsammare (kallas för ’pianisten’). En annan vanlig metod är att lämna vinthunden i skogen, bunden eller med ett avsiktligt brutet ben, för att svälta ihjäl. Det förekommer ofta även att galgor kastas levande ner i torra brunnar eller utför branta stup. 50.000 – 100.000 galgor dödas varje år, de flesta med dessa traditionella och illegala metoder.
Det finns redan lagstiftning för jakt inom EU, till exempel EEC 3254/91. Nu är det tid att även förbjuda jakt med galgor (om så är önskvärt även med andra vinthundsraser) inom den Europeiska Unionen.

Masacre galgos / Galgo massacre
Uno de los afortunados. One of the lucky ones. English text continues below. El interés en el Parlamento Europeo por…
Kennet Nordström

Petition · Eric Denhoff: Allow the Rehabilitation of Orphaned Bear Cubs Left Behind Due to Trophy Hunting. ·

Lisa Madsen started this petition to Deputy Minister Environment and Parks Eric Denhoff and 9 others

If you would like to know the background for this petition: please check out:

Currently our Alberta government allows the killing of bear cubs left behind by trophy hunters who “accidentally” kill mother bears for a head to mount on their wall. Bear cubs are shot by Fish and Wildlife or left to starve to death, or be victims of predators. This includes both black bear and grizzly bear cubs , as well as many other species found in Alberta.

A petition was delivered to the Legislature in March by MLA, Dr. David Swann. Albertans and people throughout the world made it clear that allowing injured wildlife to succumb to “Nature taking its course” is unacceptable.

The Alberta Environment & Parks Department, as stewards of Alberta’s wildlife, have failed in their responsibility towards orphaned bear cubs and other indigenous wildlife species. This government has failed their clear duty by omitting to provide Alberta Environment & Parks, AEP’s approved “applicable protocols” that they, themselves, require before orphaned bear cubs, lynx and bobcat kittens, fox cubs, and elk calves can be rescued, reared and released back into the wild.

To quote from Alberta’s 2018/2019 Wildlife Rehabilitation Permits “…the permittee may only rehabilitate that animal in accordance with the applicable protocol that has been adopted by AEP”

To quote from Brett Boukall AEP, (3/29/2018) “As of right now, there are no approved protocols for orphaned black bear cubs in Alberta. When AEP approves a protocol for any species or updates existing ones, the wildlife rehabilitators will be the first to know.”

Does this matter? Yes, and for many reasons, but the most vital, for bear cubs is the most immediate.

The Spring Bear hunt opens on Sunday (April 1, 2018) and though it is illegal to do so, every year hunters accidentally kill female bears with cubs. The cubs are tiny, they can weigh less than a newborn baby… the hunters are up a tree over their bait barrels, so they often can’t sex the bear they are shooting, nor see the cubs. This is why it is a legitimate concern for bear cubs in Alberta. This is why Alberta Environment and Parks need to complete protocols for bear cubs and the other species listed in “Schedule A”.

On this day, 3 orphaned bear cubs were found in a Banff National Park bathroom (no doubt due to the accidental killing of their mother during hunting season) and were allowed to be transported to a wildlife sanctuary in Ontario, the plan, to be rehabilitated and returned to the park this year for release. Why is this acceptable when the rehabilitation of bear cubs like Russell are not allowed, because of supposed threats to public safety? The government has no science to back this view. The government needs to act responsibly and do the right thing: complete written protocols so approved wildlife rehabilitation sites may rehabilitate the orphaned animals in accordance to the “applicable protocol”. If our Alberta government wants to allow trophy hunting to continue in our province, then they need to be responsible for the orphans who are left behind. We urge Alberta Environment and Parks to complete the protocols necessary so orphaned wildlife may be rehabilitated by a responsible organization and these orphans may be released back into the wild.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please share!

Lisa xo

Petition · Peter Pritchard CEO: Pets at Home, STOP selling rabbits altogether! ·

Isabelle Rineau started this petition to Peter Pritchard CEO

Every year Pets at Home announce they suspend the sale and adoption of rabbits over Easter, whilst they organise ‘fun and free’ workshops for kids to interact with rabbits in their stores.

This year, Pets at Home also took advantage of the release of the Peter Rabbit film to launch a massive national promotion of their workshops in cinemas, on billboards, children TV, and other social media.

Those events took place in over 440 stores and for three weeks, giving ideas to thousands of children.

One of the main reasons why rabbits end up in rescue centre is because the kids have lost interest.

Rescue centres also regularly pick up the pieces of Pets at Home common mistakes (mis-sexing of the rabbits / unwanted litters) wrong or lack of advice (unneutered males sold together resulting in serious injuries), sick rabbits (infections / pasteurella), rabbits with teeth problems, aggressive rabbits due to having been kept in stressful cramped conditions in the store, unneutered / unvaccinated rabbits and rabbits suffering from terrible neglect due to having been sold to the wrong people, or with unsuitable accommodation.

Despite stating they stop the sale of rabbits at Easter, Pets at Home still sells rabbits in the form of a voucher so the bunny can be collected on the Tuesday after Easter.

Pets at Home still supports the breeding and selling of rabbits whilst thousands are sitting in rescue centres, many of which were bought from Pets at Home.

Pets at Home needs to realise that they are contributing a great deal to rabbit suffering and stop selling rabbits altogether.

Pets at Home claims they put pets before profit. They need to prove it!

Please sign and share this petition and watch the video on YouTube

‘Pets at Home Bunnies, Victims of the Pet Trade’

Thank you!


BaBBA Campaign (Ban all Baby Bunny Ads)


Petition · Justice for Dog Tied Up, Locked in Carrier and Abandoned in Woods to Die ·

Justice for Dog Tied Up, Locked in Carrier and Abandoned in Woods to Die
Lady Freethinker started this petition to Buchanan Police Chief Bill Marx

Meadow the dog was found starving and abandoned in the woods in Buchanan, Michigan. Her leash was tied around her legs and she was locked in a cramped carrier with no hope of escape.

“I actually heard the dog whimpering and then I heard crying, so I texted one of the coworkers and said I think there’s something in the woods crying and I’m pretty sure it’s a dog,” said Danielle Hradel, who found Meadow.

Meadow was in such bad shape, she couldn’t even sit up on her own. With veterinary care, her condition is improving, but her legs are still not fully functional, according to a Facebook update.

Buchanan City Police and Berrien County Animal Control are investigating this case, but no arrests have been made yet. Sign the petition urging the Buchanan police chief to put every effort into finding and prosecuting Meadow’s abuser — and to ensure that this sick individual is never allowed to have an animal again.