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New ZealandCalls for greyhound racing to be suspended after dog killed, five others injured in single day21 hours ago • Source: 1 NEWS

Animal rights organisation SAFE is calling for greyhound racing to be suspended until the Government’s latest review into the industry is complete.

It made the call after one greyhound was killed and five others were injured in a single day of racing in Auckland yesterday. 

SAFE said greyhound Paris End was euthanised after falling during a race and suffering several fractures at Manukau Stadium. 

It said five other greyhounds suffered “significant injuries” on the same day, which included fractures, dislocated joints and strained hocks.

“How many more deaths will it take before the Minister steps in?” spokesman Will Appelbe said. “Every day they race, dogs are at risk of injury or death.”Read moreGovernment won’t commit to banning greyhound racing as industry faces another major review

SAFE says since January, nine dogs have been killed and 395 dogs have been injured, including 54 with broken bones.

“Even one death is one too many. Between the deaths, injuries, and the recent doping scandal involving methamphetamine, we’re seriously concerned about the welfare of dogs in the racing industry,” Appelbe said.

“Grant Robertson needs to act now. Suspend racing and protect these dogs until the review is complete.”

Last month, Robertson said he was “not satisfied” with the industry’s progress in implementing recommendations to improve animal welfare, sparking the latest review. 

In a statement, CEO of Greyhound Racing New Zealand Glenda Hughes says Sunday’s race “appears to be an outlier”.

“We continue to work on all aspects of our racing to ensure the safety of our dogs. We will be assessing all angles of the race day at Manukau to ascertain if there is any identifiable cause for Sunday as this appears to be an outlier.

“Over the last 4 months, we have had two euthanisations (one of which was Paris End in the Sunday Race) due to race day injuries in over 14873 starts. This is the equivalent of 10 starts per dog.”

The Greyhound Protection League is currently running a petition asking Parliament to ban greyhound racing.Story TagsNew ZealandAnimalsPolitics

Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will stay closed! ·
1 minutePetition update

Apr 28, 2018 — After a four and one-half hour debate, the Kansas Senate rejected a bill to bring back dog racing to state. The Woodlands, Wichita and Camptown Greyhound Parks will remain closed. #Woofs to everyone who helped protect the dogs!

Abilene’s “Greyhound Racing Hall of Fame” must now be called the “Greyhound Racing Hall of Shame” #DyingIndustry #TimeToMoveOn #KeepDogsSafe Read more at

Petition · Kansas Governor: URGENT: Keep Kansas dog tracks closed ·

URGENT: Keep Kansas dog tracks closed
GREY2K USA Worldwide started this petition to Kansas Governor and 2 others

Greyhound racing promoters are trying to pass legislation designed to re-open all three Kansas dog tracks!

SB 427/HB 2545 seeks to encourage these long-closed facilities to come alive again with thousands of slot machines. Owner Phil Ruffin, a Las Vegas billionaire, would be allowed to keep as much as 50% of the profits – but only as long as he offers live dog racing. We cannot let this happen!

Greyhound racing has killed and injured thousands of dogs nationwide in only the past few years. Tell Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer and the state legislature not to let it back in the state.

Commercial greyhound racing began in Kansas in 1989 with the opening of Wichita Greyhound Park and The Woodlands. A third track, Camptown, opened in 1995 but closed just six months later. All three facilities experienced catastrophic financial losses and thankfully, live dog racing ended with the shutdown of The Woodlands in 2008.

But the dogs paid the price until the very end. In the last six-month season of racing at The Woodlands, eighty dogs suffered broken legs and backs and other injuries. A total of nineteen dogs were killed.

Greyhound racing is a dying industry, illegal in 40 states. It proved to be a bad experiment for Kansas, with a 95% decline in gambling forcing the facilities to close. It makes little sense to bring this industry back.

And slot machine subsidies are anti free-market and do not work. This idea has been tried in multiple other states and failed. The state of Iowa was losing $14 million a year promoting greyhound racing, and today West Virginia, which also subsidizes the industry, has seen attendance levels drop by as much as 99%. The tracks in Florida lose a total of $35 million a year on dog racing, because wagering has declined by almost 100% in the last remaining big dog racing state!

The dogs lose, too. Since 2008, the year that dog racing ended in Kansas, 15,000 greyhound injuries were reported in other states, including broken backs and legs, spinal cord paralysis and death by cardiac arrest.

Now is not the time to bring back this cruelty.

Tell Governor Colyer and the Kansas State House and Senate not to bring the inhumane practice of greyhound racing back!

Petition update · Victory for Florida greyhounds! ·

Repeal the law requiring Florida gambling facilities to offer greyhound racing.

219K supporters
Petition update
Victory for Florida greyhounds!Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA

Apr 18, 2018 — The Florida Constitution Revision Commission has just approved a November ballot question that will allow voters to prohibit the cruelty of dog racing in the Sunshine State. Learn more:
Constitution Revision Commission approved a ballot…

218,796 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000

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Petition: Stop innocent greyhounds from being electrocuted for racing!

In Florida, new state record show that a racing Greyhound dies every 3 days. Since May 2013, nearly 500 innocent dogs have suffered Broken Backs, crushed goals, Alice’s, seizures, and some dogs have been executed.

Petition · Minister for Finance : Stop grants of 64 million to the Horse and Greyhound Racing fund in 2017 ·

Petition · World Leaders: Greyhounds are racing to their deaths worldwide ·

Petition Update · Greyhounds are dying at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida ·

Repeal the law requiring Florida gambling facilities to offer greyhound racing.
by Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA · 217,198 supporters
Petition update
Greyhounds are dying at Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida
Marilyn Varnberg for Greyhound Adoption of Florida and GREY2K USA

Oct 18, 2016 — Twenty-five greyhounds have died at the Palm Beach Kennel Club in Florida since 2013. The fate of many more dogs is unknown. In the summer of 2016 we documented dozens of violent collisions at this track. We are closer than ever to ending dog racing in Florida but we still need your help. Please share this video widely and encourage your friends to sign this petition. You can also donate to help end dog racing in Florida here:

Thank you
AZ just banned dog racing, FL can too!
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Repeal the law requiring Florida…
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Petition update · Victory! Kansas dog tracks will not reopen! ·


Kansas State Senate: Don’t let brutal greyhound racing start up again in Kansas!
by GREY2K USA Worldwide · 118,107 supporters
Petition update
Victory! Kansas dog tracks will not reopen!
GREY2K USA Worldwide

May 25, 2016 — Today I bring you great news! The Kansas legislature rejected the bid to re-open the state’s three closed dog tracks as racinos (racetrack casinos). Thanks to everyone who signed this petition, contacted their lawmakers and helped spread the word that the cruelty of greyhound racing belongs in the past. Read more here:

AZ just banned dog racing, KS can do it too!

This petition made change with 118,107 supporters!

Petition update · AZ just banned dog racing, West Va can too! ·


Daryl Cowles, Mitchell Carmichael: Stop Subsidizing Greyhound Racing in West Virginia
by GREY2K USA Worldwide · 130,953 supporters
Petition update
AZ just banned dog racing, West Va can too!
GREY2K USA Worldwide

May 24, 2016 — Arizona has just become the 40th state to make dog racing illegal!

You can help make West Virginia No. 41 by sharing this petition far and wide.

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Petition update · Can you come to a rally for Irish greyhounds in Milan on May 7? ·


Petition update · Rally at Dept. of Agriculture in Dublin set for May 4! ·


Save Retired Greyhounds from Slaughter

Fifty-five greyhounds were found in a mass grave, and authorities suspect they were killed because the dogs were considered “wastage.” Stop the gross mistreatment of retired greyhounds by ensuring that they are re-homed instead of being killed.

Source: Save Retired Greyhounds from Slaughter

Petition · Kansas State Senate: Don’t let brutal greyhound racing start up again in Kansas! ·



Petition · Prime Minster (Taoiseach) Enda Kenney : Stop export of Irish greyhounds to China ·

End Greyhound Racing


Greyhound racing persists in the U.S. despite a long reputation of abusing and using up the dogs involved. Racing greyhounds are kept in kennels for 20 hours a day and often euthanized when they can’t race anymore. Demand this cruel sport be banned.

Source: End Greyhound Racing

Stop Construction of Taxpayer-Funded Greyhound Race Track – ForceChange

Stop Construction of Taxpayer-Funded Greyhound Race Track – ForceChange.