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In 2015, a heart-breaking photo circulated online. It was a picture of a broken and exhausted German Shepherd sitting on top of a grave in Serbia. The internet came to the conclusion that the dog was trying to dig a hole to stay close to her late owner. However, this was far from the truth.

When the story was first reported, the public made the assumption that this animal was someone’s pet. Dogs are famous for their loyalty and they have been known as “man’s best friend” for centuries. The story was widely shared on social media sites, people were overcome with sympathy for the grieving animal.


But the real truth behind the viral photo is something no one expected. These photographs were taken in Serbia by an amazing woman named Vesna Mihajloski who is an animal activist and rescuer. She was moved by what she saw but, as…

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Fundraiser by Charlotte Maxwell-Jones

$273,676 raised of $400,000 goal ● 4.7K donors

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Charlotte Maxwell-Jones is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Kabul Small Animal Rescue (Ksar).   In August of this year, the Kabul Small Animal Rescue tried to evacuate, and like tens of thousands of others, we were not able to. Worse, our dogs were seized against our will by the US military, troops we believed were there to protect us, and released onto the grounds of the Kabul airport, which they knew would be taken over hours later by the Taliban forces they had been fighting for two decades.
We did not give up, and despite the unforgivable and unnecessary deaths of many of our animals on the airport grounds, deaths that will always break our hearts, our staff worked constantly to recover the animals we were able to, provide care for those taken into custody at the airport, and sustain the many dogs, cats, tortoises, peacocks, and parrots that came into our shelter over the last three months. We have mustered our courage and made cordial relationships with the Taliban-led government, from whom we have seen far more compassion and humanity for our animals than was extended to us during the August withdrawal. With the help of many people who don’t sleep, we were granted an OFAC license to continue our work as a non-profit in Afghanistan, and we will continue working here for as long as it is safe to do so. To continue this life-saving work, we must evacuate the animals filling our shelter to their homes and rescues worldwide.
The majority of the funds raised for the planned August-withdrawal were saved for the evacuation flights, but much has been spent in these three months as prices for all food and medicine have tripled, and we have hired surge staffing to assist with the increased animal population. We are now asking that you help us with the final costs needed for our animal evacuation flights, $400,000 USD, which will go directly to the costs of the long-haul flight and the transit care for our 300+ animals in Dubai. With enormous gratitude to the Taliban leadership for kindness, compassion, and patience, KSAR has been granted permission to export the dogs and cats in our care, and we plan on wheels up within the next two weeks. We need your help to complete this massive effort. We will not leave behind those that cannot protect themselves, those we are responsible for. DonateShare


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Charlotte Maxwell-Jones OrganizerMinneapolis, MN

Kabul Small Animal Rescue (Ksar) Registered nonprofitDonations are typically 100% tax deductible in the US.Learn more

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A lot of misinformation about the dogs left behind in Afghanistan… I’m trying to read through what’s true and false and will give updates