Hay Donated for Starving, Captive Wild Horses on South Dakota Ranch

Straight from the Horse's Heart

as published on The Rapid City Journal

“Given the ranch’s estimated population of more than 600 horses, Watt figures the two truckloads amount to only three days of feed…”


Donated hay bales are showing up at a South Dakota ranch where numerous wild horses have reportedly died of starvation-related causes.

The horses are at the rural Lantry ranch of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, in north-central South Dakota about 110 miles northeast of Rapid City.

According to a former employee who went public last week, a lack of control over the ranch’s ballooning horse population taxed the organization’s pastures and finances to a crisis point.

The former employee, Colleen Burns, said 30 or more horses have died since June for lack of grass, hay and veterinary care. Her photographic evidence shows badly emaciated horses, some dead and some dying, and…

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Stop Canned Hunting! #FOURPAWSgowild | Four Paws


2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Did you know that each year there is a Comedy Wildlife Photography contest that give out awards to funniest animal pictures? Featured below are some of this year’s entries. 2015 finalists here.

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Imagine A World Where Everyone Treats Animals With This Much Love 🌎 Happy World Animal Day 🌍


Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears

The ears of two cows were cut off and tied to a gate belonging to the owner of the animals. Whoever is responsible for this horrific act of cruelty is still on the loose. Demand the perpetrator be found and given the maximum penalty.

Source: Find Criminal Who Gruesomely Cut Off Cows’ Ears

Free Billy the Elephant from Lonely Confinement at Zoo

Billy the Elephant has been isolated in the L.A. Zoo for over 25 years and is showing signs of severe stress and depression. Billy doesn’t get to interact with any other elephants and is trapped in a small enclosure. Demand that Billy be moved to a bigger sanctuary where he is allowed to roam free with other elephants.

Source: Free Billy the Elephant from Lonely Confinement at Zoo

Save Endangered Whales From Slow Deaths Tangled in Fishing Gear

Endangered whales are getting tangled in fishing gear, killing them and threatening the recovery of their species. Demand a change in fishing methods to protect right whales from the threat of extinction.

Source: Save Endangered Whales From Slow Deaths Tangled in Fishing Gear

Justice for Tortoise Set on Fire in Live Social Media Video



A tortoise was set on fire in a live Facebook video, allegedly to attract views. The teenager then reportedly threatened to kill the tortoise if his views didn’t increase. Demand that justice is served for this innocent tortoise.

Source: Justice for Tortoise Set on Fire in Live Social Media Video

Stop Dissecting Pregnant Cats in Anatomy Classes


A college is dissecting pregnant cats in its classroom. In this day and age, there is no reason to be killing and dissecting cats for research, let alone pregnant ones. Sign this petition to demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Source: Stop Dissecting Pregnant Cats in Anatomy Classes

SeaWorld Beluga Has Lost All Her Babies and Must be Retired to Sanctuary

For nearly 30 years, a beluga whale named Martha has been imprisoned at SeaWorld and forcibly bred only to lose all of her children. Four out of her five calves have died, and the only surviving calf was stolen from her to be shipped around the nation for public entertainment. Sign this petition and demand that SeaWorld end Martha’s suffering and retire her to an accredited sanctuary.

Source: SeaWorld Beluga Has Lost All Her Babies and Must be Retired to Sanctuary

Stop Trump Family’s Slaughter of Elephants and Leopards – #StopTrumpTrophies


Donald Trump’s sons are proud “big game” hunters who pose with the dead exotic animals after they’ve murdered them. Donald Trump defends the practice saying “My sons love to hunt.” Demand the Trump family stop slaughtering innocent and majestic creatures.

Source: Stop Trump Family’s Slaughter of Elephants and Leopards – #StopTrumpTrophies

Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees for Greeting Cards


Hallmark features captive chimpanzees on many of its cards. The animals come from a facility that has been cited several times for not providing enough enrichment, not cleaning the facilities, and for keeping the animals in too small of cages. Sign this petition and demand Hallmark stop selling cards that feature captive chimpanzees.

Source: Stop Exploiting Chimpanzees for Greeting Cards

Stop Selling Endangered Wildlife for Food and Pets


Endangered species are being openly served as specialty dishes while wild animals are sold to tourists as pets, in a Peruvian town. Demand that Peru put an end to these cruel activities by fiercely enforcing bans on selling wild game and selling wild animals as pets.

Source: Stop Selling Endangered Wildlife for Food and Pets

Protect Bison From Extinction


The wild bison, America’s national mammal, is threatened by hunting, disease, and habitat restriction. Sign the petition to ask that better protections be placed on the bison.

Source: Protect Bison From Extinction

Trump Adviser Who Supports Animal Torture Must Be Dropped


One of Donald Trump’s advisers is an anti-animal welfare billionaire who fights to let companies exploit and abuse animals. Demand that this man be removed from any role in Trump’s campaign and possible future presidency.

Source: Trump Adviser Who Supports Animal Torture Must Be Dropped

Denounce Blockage of Anti-Animal Torture Act

Legislation that would have allowed authorities to federally prosecute individuals found guilty of “crushing,” an extreme form of animal torture, has been blocked. Denounce this decision, which will cost innocent animals their lives.

Source: Denounce Blockage of Anti-Animal Torture Act

Meet The Hero Who Stays In Syria To Care For Its Abandoned Cats | Care2 Causes

  • By: Susan Bird
    October 3, 2016
    Even in war-torn Syria, animals have brave protectors. Have you heard the story of the “Cat Man of Aleppo”?

His name is Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel. In a life now long gone, he was an electrician. Today, he’s the guardian angel to more than 150 stray and abandoned cats.

His makeshift cat sanctuary began by accident when Aljaleel noticed some stray cats lingering around an area devastated by an airstrike. An avid cat lover, he brought them food. Food draws more cats, of course. If they get food, they stay put.

Between the strays who found him and the friends who entrusted their pets to his care before they fled the war or died, Aljaleel now watches over up to 150 cats. Even the Civil Defense force brings him injured cats to care for.

“Any stray cats in Aleppo, or pet cats left behind by residents, we protect them in this little sanctuary,” Aljaleel told the BBC. “Since everyone left the country, including my own friends, these cats have become my friends here.”

His daily routine is to buy a couple of dollars’ worth of meat scraps from a local butcher. If that butcher is feeling magnanimous that day, he might add a few additional pieces for free. Augmenting the meat with rice and anything else he can find, Aljaleel feeds his feline charges.
When the war in Syria broke out in 2011, Aljaleel could have done what so many others did. He could have fled. In fact, he had a shot at a job as a mechanic in Turkey. However, he and his family decided they had to stay. Aljaleel wanted to be there to help those in need. For him, the needy turned out to be the homeless cats of Aleppo.

“I regard animals and humans in the same light,” Aljaleel told Newsweek. “All of them suffer pain, and all of them deserve compassion.”
The cats get fed thanks to mostly to crowdfunding.

These cats get fed mostly through crowdfunding. Photo credit: Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel (“Il Gattaro D’Aleppo” Facebook group)
Aljaleel understands the grief of people forced to leave beloved pets behind in a war zone. One little girl was so distraught when she handed him her kitten that Aljaleel makes sure to take photos of that cat for her. He sends them to her from his smartphone so she can see her cat is still alive and thriving. That’s a good hearted man.

Caring for the cats isn’t the only aid Aljaleel renders. His real job these says is driving ambulances and searching for victims in the rubble of airstrikes. His duty to the cats, however, holds a special place in his heart. There’s a playground right next door, and so Aljaleel makes sure the friendly household cats wear red collars so the kids know which ones they can pet.

Aljaleel plans to stay in Aleppo, no matter how bad things get. He feels a responsibility to these innocent creatures who have no one else to look to. There’s no such thing as an animal shelter in Syria, but building and running one someday is Aljaleel’s fervent dream. For now, though, he’ll care for Aleppo’s cats on the street.

“I said I’ll stay with them no matter what happens,” Aljaleel told the BBC. “Someone who has mercy in their heart for humans has mercy for every living thing.”
stray cats in Syria

Photo credit: Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel (“Il Gattaro D-Aleppo” Facebook group)

Donations fund this effort. In fact, crowdfunding helps in a lot of ways in this neighborhood. Because it’s next to impossible to send funds directly to anyone in Syria, donations go through a French group called Syria Charity. Those interested in following the story of Aljaleel and these cats can join a Facebook group called Il Gattaro D’Aleppo. It currently has more than 7,000 members.

Staying in Aleppo is a potentially deadly undertaking. Aljaleel knows he and his family are at constant risk.

“Every day, when I leave my house, I know I might not return,” Aljaleel told Newsweek. “In Syria, it’s only going from bad to worse.”

Take a moment to send some positive thoughts Aljaleel’s way. He’s a courageous animal lover, risking his life for the sake of the cats — and the people — who need him. Few others would do something so selfless and so dangerous. Mohammad Alaa Aljaleel is a special kind of hero.

Announcing Humane PA’s 2016 Endorsements

Humane PA

Humane PA is pleased to present its recommendations for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming election on November 8th:endorse-2016

Humane PA 2016 Endorsements

In a statewide poll, 86 percent of Pennsylvania voters polled support their legislators’ efforts to ensure humane treatment of animals. Our aim is to make sure that Pennsylvania voters who care about the treatment of animals know which candidates will support a humane agenda and deserve their votes at the polls!

How do we chose who to endorse?

Before we endorse candidates, we give them the opportunity to let us know where they stand on animal cruelty so we can measure their responses and commitment to stand strong for the humane treatment of animals against their opponent(s). Our endorsement process is not taken lightly and we spend a great deal of time reviewing and evaluating an incumbent candidate’s voting record and leadership on animal bills. Priority is always given…

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October 4th is World Animal Day


                                                Reach out and help a friend today 


Life’s a lot more fun when you have friends