Coffee Grounds To The Rescue


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A caffeine fix for heavy metal cleanup

Each year, coffee drinkers across the globe create six million pounds of waste in the form of spent coffee grounds. Some of us chuck it in our compost pile, but most of it becomes just another garbage disposal challenge.

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Petition · World Leaders: Greyhounds are racing to their deaths worldwide ·

Don’t trash the rainforest for “green” jet fuel! – Rainforest Rescue

Tell Norway to stop Arctic Ocean drilling plans! | Alaska Wilderness League

US EPA had Authority, Sufficient Info to Issue Emergency Order Protecting Flint Residents from Lead-Contaminated Water by June 2015; Delayed until Jan. 21, 2016 (Office of Inspector General)

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The US EPA Office of Inspector General (OIG) states that the US “EPA had authority, sufficient information to issue emergency order protecting Flint residents from lead-contaminated water as early as June 2015“. Nonetheless, Regina “Gina” McCarthy, head of the US EPA since July of 2013, decided to let Flint drink lead. More recently the US EPA, under her rule, has determined that Americans should drink highly radioactive water, when a nuclear accident occurs – one can’t say if, the question is only how quickly the next nuclear accident occurs:
Marie Antoinette and Gina McCarthy

(We recommend that you watch the video on mute. The background music is inappropriate and appears trance inducing.)

As Common Dreams previously reported, the EPA’s region 5 office knew as early as April 2015 that Flint’s public drinking water was contaminated with high levels of toxins, particularly lead… some Flint residents still don’t have access to clean…

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Petition~The Dark, Deadly Side of Tiger Cub Photo-Ops


Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard


One dog was found dead and another seriously injured in their caretaker’s backyard. The caretaker reportedly neglected to seek medical attention for either dog and denied knowledge of their condition. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Source: Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard

Justice for Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights

Two kittens, with their legs bound, were reportedly used as bait in pit bull fights. One kitten had to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be found and brought to justice.

Source: Justice for Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights

Dog Duct Taped and Abandoned on Road to Die – Take Action


A dog was found abandoned on the side of the road with duct tape around her face and puncture wounds across her body. Her injuries were so extensive that she eventually had to be put to sleep. Demand justice for this innocent dog by finding and punishing the criminal responsible for this abuse.

Source: Dog Duct Taped and Abandoned on Road to Die – Take Action

Pennsylvania Residents: Support Increased Penalties for Animal Abusers!


Please urge committee members to schedule a hearing for SB 1372 and pass it out of committee for a vote.

Source: Pennsylvania Residents: Support Increased Penalties for Animal Abusers!