Delete Your Yahoo Account

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THERE’S NO GOOD reason to have a Yahoo account these days. But after Tuesday’s bombshell report by Reuters, indicating the enormous, faltering web company designed a bespoke email-wiretap service for the U.S. government, we now know that a Yahoo account is a toxic surveillance liability.

Reuters’s Joseph Menn is reporting that just last year, Yahoo chose to comply with a classified “directive” to build “a custom software program to search all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials” — the NSA in particular.

It’s still unknown what the “specific information” here was — or is — but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s decision not to put up any fight against the extremely broad request apparently prompted the departure of then-Chief Information Security Officer Alex Stamos, now head of security at Facebook.

Reached via Twitter DM, Stamos told The Intercept that he’s “not commenting…

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Tyson Foods Stock Plunges

Stunning Breaking News: 2 hours before debate Trump appears at news conference with 4 of Bill Clinton’s accusers

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BREAKING NEWSStunning Breaking News – Shocks mainstream news media – totally unexpected.

Trump calls news conference 2 hours before debate. With him, 4 of the women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault or rape. Those 4 women have been invited by Trump to attend the debate and they will be there. Obviously this is retaliation for release of the 2005 tape about Donald Trump boasting about his abuse of women.

7:00pm CT now an hour before start of the debate this Sunday evening 9 October 2016. CNN caught it first, then MSNBC, and finally FOX News began to cover it. “Moments ago” rather than live video of the unexpected event, and shown on all three without the audio of what Trump and the 4 women said.

Trump’s ongoing disgusting behavior is limitless. Trump has now proven beyond any doubt he can be “nastier” than Hillary Clinton, as…

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Ask Your Representative to Support SB 239 to Stop Breed Discrimination in Michigan

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from Best Friends – click here

photo credit: Make Michigan Next FB page photo credit: Make Michigan Next FB page

We all want safe and humane communities for people and pets. Breed-discriminatory laws fail to enhance public safety, are a waste of tax dollars and interfere with the rights of responsible dog owners. They also go against the tenets of community policing. Because of myriad of problems with breed-discriminatory ordinances, Senator Dave Robertson introduced Senate Bill 239, which would stop this discriminatory practice by eliminating breed discrimination in cities and towns throughout Michigan.

SB 239 passed in the Senate with overwhelming bipartisan support. It is now awaiting a vote in the House Local Government Committee. Out-of-state opponents of SB 239 are spreading misinformation about this bill to our representatives. Their radical goal, of course, is the elimination of all pet dogs deemed to be “pit bulls.” But our goal is one of fairness and safety. Your representative…

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Copemish Man Sentenced to Jail After Leaving Puppy in Hot Car

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A Copemish man, who pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after leaving a ten-week-old puppy in his hot car, has been sentenced. Darrin Pickard was sentenced to 93 days in jail, a year of probation and can’t have any animals. Click here for the rest of the story.

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‘Wounded Warrior Dogs’ wins $200K Grand Prize in ArtPrize 2016 Public Vote

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James Mellick’s “Wounded Warrior Dogs” captured the hearts of ArtPrize voters – and a $200,000 grand prize. The work, on display at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, is a series of six wood-carved dogs, all wounded or rehabilitated and representing wartime service. They circle a small coffin draped in an American flag.

“The dogs are intended to be symbolic of the sacrifice and exhibit the same wounds as their human companions in battle,” reads the artist’s statement. “The seventh dog, under the flag, made the ultimate sacrifice.”

Click here for the rest of the story.

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Desperate Fight for Rhinos

First Light Productions

wildlife-vet-dave-cooper Dr. Cooper

“This must be one of the most brutal fortnights yet in the history of the rhino poaching war, in our province. At least 14 deaths were discovered in various protected areas in as many days. (I can’t go into detail at this time but it’s getting even more savage, as if that’s possible.)

Yesterday honestly rates as one of the lowest points in my life as a wildlife vet, pretty much an emotional breaking point – but it’s not the first time; it’s something that is happening far too often. I don’t think it is possible to explain to somebody who hasn’t experienced this nightmare, what even one death scene does to you. It’s traumatic and haunting, and cannot ever be erased from your mind. I’ve attended over 400!!”wildlife vet Dave Cooper

rhino-graves-oct-2016 Rhino graves

 The slaughter is real, the poachers are relentless.

This Boots on the…

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Chocolate Ch-ch-chia Pudding

Mind Body Soul

Okay, here’s my second post about the wonders of chia and with another yummy recipe.

Did you know that chia can actually help you regulate your hormones? Pretty impressive for such a little seed.

Insulin, the stress hormone that your pancreas produces, can be slowed down by eating chia daily. How you’re wondering? By regulating the amount of glucose that enters your bloodstream.Another byproduct of having less stress hormones floating around in your body? An increase in the amount of testosterone in your system. Something that’s good for both males and females. See here.

Chia can also help with the interconnectivity of brain functioning, which means that it can actually help seratonin do its thing. And increased seratonin improves your mood and makes you more focused!

More reasons to eat chia every day and here’s a delicious recipe to help you do just that:

Chocolate Chia Pudding

  • 1 1/2 cups…

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Mary, the Elephant that got Hanged.

One Person, One World.


Mary was an Asian elephant born in 1894 although it is unclear where. She was bought 1896 by Charlie Sparks, owner of ‘Spark’s World Famous Show’ where she became a performer and described as “Mary, the largest living land animal on Earth; 3 inches taller than Jumbo and weighing over 5 tons. A positive feature at each exhibition.

Moving from a horse and wagon circus to one that travelled by railroad by the year 1916, the circus had five elephants and used fifteen rail cars to move from town to town. In early September of 1916, a hobo by the name of Walter “Red” Eldridge was hired as an assistant elephant trainer for the elephants while the show was in St. Paul, Minnesota. After the circus left St. Paul, it travelled to Kingsport, Tennessee, where it opened on September the 12th.

Between performances, the five elephants were driven…

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Boy, 10, Set On Fire By Bullies ‘Deliberately’ — Fights For Life In Hospital – Hollywood Life

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Rare Seal Has Four Gorgeous Stripes

Rare Seal Has Four Gorgeous Stripes
By Christian Cotroneo
Oct. 04, 2016

It’s not every day one of the world’s most famous sea hermits pays a visit to the beach. And you might think he got all dressed up for the occasion.

When an ultra-reclusive ribboned seal was spotted on Washington’s state’s Long Beach Peninsula in August, marine scientists wasted no time in snapping a picture before the seal ambled back into the waves.

With a population of around 400,000, mostly in the North Pacific Ocean, ribbon seals aren’t especially rare — they’re designated as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.


That puts them squarely on the organization’s lowest rung when it comes to assessing how close an animal is to becoming extinct.

Strange then, that the last ribbon seal sighting was back in 2012, when an adult seal known only as B310 made a cameo appearance on a Seattle woman’s dock.



Unlike their cousins — harbor seals are famous for leaving their babies on shore while they forage for food — these mammals don’t bother much with dry land.

And if they do, it’s generally closer to their traditional home in the High Arctic. Ribbon seals typically frequent the frigid waters off Alaska and Russia, where it might seem their brilliant banded coats are wasted.

Every ribbon seal has four distinct stripes. There’s one around the the lower back, another in front of the back flipper, as well as a band encircling each of the front flippers.

But aside from awing the rare human who comes across one, these bands may also help ribbon seals identify worthy mates.

The seal’s seclusive ways may have also contributed to a sense of mystery. The animals keep their secrets, often literally, close to their vest. For example, they’re the only seals who boast an internal air sac — the purpose of which still eludes scientists.

But sadly, we may start to see more ribbon seals stray from their natural climes. The animals rely on Arctic sea ice for birthing their pups. As that ice steadily disappears, so too does their natural habitat.

And too often, we’ve seen what happens when animals stray too close to where humans live.
Seals spotted on the shore are too often mistaken for being in trouble. But ultimately, the only distress they experience comes at the hands of humans thinking they’re helping.

And yes, some seals do wash up in dire need of human intervention. But in those rare cases, the best thing to do is call the experts, like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the agency responsible for keeping marine animals safe.
If you come across an animal who looks to be in real trouble, call the agency’s hotline at 800-853-1964.


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BP Platform Leaks Oil Into North Sea With No Plans to Clean It Up


About 95 metric tons of oil leaked into the North Sea on Sunday from BP‘s Clair platform, and it will be left in the ocean. BP says the oil is moving away from land and dispersing naturally, but the spill is a reminder that accidents happen as more oil development is eyed for the Arctic.

In what BP called a “technical issue,” oil was released into the North Sea, located about 46 miles, west of the Shetland Islands. BP shut down the oil rig and said it is investigating the accident.

The oil company said it had conducted five aerial surveys with three more planned for Tuesday to monitor the oil slick.

“It is considered that the most appropriate response…

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