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Cancel Cruel Elephant Rides at Theme Park


A popular theme park continues to host elephant rides. These elephants are rented from a notoriously cruel company that allegedly beats the animals with bullhooks and shocks them with electric prods. Urge the park to cut ties with this cruel company and end all elephant rides permanently.

Source: Cancel Cruel Elephant Rides at Theme Park

Save Cats Allegedly Given to Animal Killer and Torturer

At least six cats may be in the hands of a man who was previously sentenced to jail for torturing and murdering 19 cats. Sign this petition to demand that the investigators act immediately to find and save these innocent cats before it’s too late.

Source: Save Cats Allegedly Given to Animal Killer and Torturer

Save Starving Sea Lions on the Coast of California

More than 3,000 baby sea lions washed ashore last year along the coast of California, weak, starving, and dehydrated. These numbers were unprecedented at the time, and rehabilitation centers continue to be overwhelmed. Act now to demand research and conservation efforts to help sea lions.

Source: Save Starving Sea Lions on the Coast of California

Justice for Family Dog Killed in Political Attack

A family dog named Abby died horribly from poison, a result of her family’s political stance. Demand justice for this innocent animal who was so cruelly put to death by a petty and hateful partisan.

Source: Justice for Family Dog Killed in Political Attack

Protect the Grand Canyon From Mining by Koch Brothers

Congress keeps trying to undermine laws that protect our lands from polluters like the Koch brothers who are gunning to open new areas to destructive mining. Ask President Obama to protect our environment and public lands by creating new national monuments.

Source: Protect the Grand Canyon From Mining by Koch Brothers

US Judge Rules Against Injunction Protecting American Indian Land-Rights; Columbus Day Arrests at Dakota Access Pipeline Site; Fed Agencies Urge Voluntary Halt of Pipeline

Mining Awareness +

US NPS Trail of Tears
American Indian Land for sale 1911
Dave Archambault, chairperson of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, explains that the oil pipeline “is threatening the lives of people, lives of my tribe, as well as millions down the river. It threatens the ancestral sites that are significant to our tribe. And we never had an opportunity to express our concerns. This is a corporation that is coming forward and just bulldozing through without any concern for tribes.”

The “bulldozing” of Indigenous lives, Indigenous lands, and Indigenous rights all began with Columbus’s invasion in 1492. Columbus’s policies toward Indigenous peoples in the Caribbean were genocidal. On the island that became Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Columbus ordered Taíno people’s hands chopped off if they did not deliver sufficient quantities of gold. His men took women and girls as sex slaves. He had Taínos chased down by vicious dogs. He ordered his men to “spread terror” among Taínos who…

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Can I recycle baby food pouches? | Grist

Ex-squeeze me
Can I recycle baby food pouches?
By Ask Umbra® on Oct 10, 2016
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Q. Dear Umbra,

I’ve been using food pouches for my kids for a couple of years and have horrible guilt. Lately, I’ve been saving them and have been trying to figure out if they can be recycled. I think I can bring the tops to the Preserve Gimme 5 bin at Whole Foods, but it also looks like TerraCycle will take both the pouch and cap. But then I found an old article saying TerraCycle is all about greenwashing. Can you please help me figure this out?


A. Dearest Stephanie,

I don’t have any kids, and I’m no toddler. But I confess I’ve passed those baby/toddler food pouches at the grocery store on more than one occasion and thought, “Mmm, I wonder if I could get away with eating that as my afternoon snack.” I mean, roasted pumpkin and coconut rice? Pears, mangoes, and papayas? Don’t mind if I do!

I can see the appeal of ready-to-eat treats in such packages even beyond the delectable-sounding flavors. Parents like ‘em because they’re a convenient, packable, (slightly) less messy way to keep those little mouths fed. Companies like ‘em because they’re shelf-stable and cheap to produce. And believe it or not, there are reasons for environmentalists to like ‘em, too. Their shelf-stableness saves on energy because they don’t need to be refrigerated; they’re much smaller and lighter than alternative packages, like glass jars, so they require fewer resources to make; and they’re also cheaper and less fuel-intensive to ship. All these benefits help explain why we’re seeing more and more foods, from trail mix to coffee to pickles, pop up in flexible pouches.

But you’re familiar with their major downside, Stephanie: Flexible pouches are very difficult to recycle. That’s because they’re often made of multiple layers of different materials — including plastics such as PET and PE, aluminum foil, and paperboard — glued together. Individually, some of these layers are easily recyclable; but lasagna’d together, recycling them becomes a complicated and pricey endeavor. It’s the same issue that bedevils those aseptic cartons for soup, soy milk, and the like.

You’re right that the tops, at least, are a bit easier to resurrect into new products. The ones made from #2 plastic are curbside recyclable in some cities (other places can’t accept them because they’re too small to be sorted efficiently). If you buy Plum Organics brand, then the #5 plastic caps, as you note, can be dropped off or mailed in to Preserve’s Gimme 5 recycling program. But the pouches are trickier, and the New Jersey–based TerraCycle recycling program is one of the few outfits that does accept kid pouches from a few brands.

Good news: I’ve seen nothing to make me think TerraCycle is greenwashing anything. In its model, consumers send in hard-to-recycle items; the company then chops them, melts them, and sells them to be made into things like benches and pallets. Other companies help pay for the process in exchange for the right to print “recyclable through TerraCycle” on their goodies. Some criticize TerraCycle on the grounds that this doesn’t encourage manufacturers to switch to easily recyclable packaging; TerraCycle counters that these lighter-weight packages are an overall environmental win (for all the reasons we discussed above), so it’s better to keep them in play.

My take? In a perfect world, nobody would use any throwaway packaging at all, so there would be no need for such a service. But we don’t live in such a world. Yes, it would produce less waste for you to make all your toddler snacks at home and feed them to the kids on reusable dishes. It would also produce less packaging waste if we all grew our own fruits and vegetables and baked our own potato chips. But that’s not doable for most people in this day and age. I say, reduce your consumption as best you can, reuse as best you can, and then recycle as a third line of defense. And shipping hard-to-recycle items to TerraCycle is better than landfilling them. (If your kids are real pouch fiends and you have the time for DIY puree, you can take it down one more notch by switching to these reusable pouches instead of disposables.)

I absolve you of your guilt over squeezable pouches, Stephanie. They’re small fry, not one of the things worth much of your concern. Mom guilt has reached epic proportions in this country, so let’s make snack time, at least, a feel-good time for all.


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