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The ‘Tesla of eco-villages’ is developing off-grid villages that grow their own food and generate their own power

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The ‘Tesla of eco-villages’ is developing off-grid villages that grow their own food and generate their own power

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ReGen VillageReGen Villages

If you move into a new neighborhood being constructed outside of Amsterdam, your salad greens might come from the greenhouse attached to your home. Your eggs could be gathered from the village chicken coop, and your food waste would all get harvested for compost.

ReGen Villages is a startup real estate development company aiming to build small, self-sustaining residential communities around the world. The first one is expected to be completed in Almere, Netherlands in 2018. Unlike traditional subdivisions, ReGen villages would be “regenerative” (hence the name), since they’d use resources in a closed loop.

“Regenerative means systems where the output of one system can actually be the input of another,” ReGen’s founder, James Ehrlich tells Business Insider.

In ReGen villages, household food waste is composted and fed to…

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Justice for Special Needs Boy Set on Fire

A special needs boy was allegedly set on fire and nearly burned to death by a group of bullies he thought were his friends. He is in serious condition, with burns all over his body and his organs failing. His family believes the bullies planned the attack far in advance. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent child.

Source: Justice for Special Needs Boy Set on Fire

Toddler Raped, Beaten, and Killed Deserves Justice

A toddler was raped and beaten so severely that she died from her injuries. The 10-month-old girl was found naked and bleeding on her basement floor. Demand justice for this innocent girl.

Source: Toddler Raped, Beaten, and Killed Deserves Justice

Stop Murdering Thousands of Chinchillas for Fashion

Protect the loving and fragile chinchilla from death for the sake of fashion.

Source: Stop Murdering Thousands of Chinchillas for Fashion

End Japan’s Deadly Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Hundreds of dolphins are being killed and butchered at an annual hunt in Japan. Sign the petition to demand an end to this barbaric practice.

Source: End Japan’s Deadly Taiji Dolphin Hunt

Petition ~ 2015: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Turkeys will be legally dropped from airplanes for spectacle at an annual festival. These poor animals will be kept in a noisy cargo hold and then tossed from 500 feet in the air. Demand that a stop be put to this horrendous crime against animals.

Source: Don’t Drop Live Turkeys from Airplanes

Petition: End the Use of Live Tiger Mascots at Louisiana State University

Petition · Sign to Stop the Trophy Hunting of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears! ·

Cesar Dog Food Recall of October 2016

Complete details of the October 2016 Cesar Dog Food recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor

Source: Cesar Dog Food Recall of October 2016