Ex-circus lions get new life in South Africa

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This video is called Lions – The New Endangered Species?

From Wildlife Extra:

Two ex-circus lions from Bulgaria have been released into Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa, the Born Free Foundation has reported.

Jora and Black’s started their 10,500 mile journey ‘home’, from a halfway house in central Bulgaria to Bourgas Airport on the Black Sea coast, late on Friday, 25th September. From there they were flown by Thomson Airways to London’s Gatwick Airport where legendary actress and Born Free co-founder, Virginia McKenna OBE, was waiting to give them a warm welcome.

Virginia said: “Born Free has successfully moved many captive animals but each occasion is unique in its own way. I am really happy to have seen these two lions at Gatwick before they head to their African homeland. I hope their story will inspire people to treat wild animals with respect and understanding, and never subject…

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Environment: There’s a plan to curb ocean plastic pollution

Summit County Citizens Voice

dfg A seal trapped in plastic debris. Photo courtesy EwanEdwards/TheClippertonProject.

8 million tons of plastic waste (and counting) go into the oceans each year …

Staff Report

Slowing the waste stream in five key countries could go a long way toward reducing ocean plastic pollution, according to a new report from Ocean Conservancy. The report outlines a plan that targets the elimination of plastic waste leakage in China, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand, estimated to account for half of all global plastic leakage.

Medium- and short-term goals include speeding waste collection and staunching post-collection leakage, followed by the development and rollout of commercially viable treatment options. For the long term, the report says it’s critical to find innovative recovery and treatment technologies, and to develop new materials and product designs that better facilitate reuse or recycling.

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Petition · Washington.gov: Stop the Killing of Shelter Animals! · Change.org


The Dark Secrets Behind the Thoroughbred Racing Industry and the Horses That Pay the Price | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

On a summer day in late August, a four-year-old thoroughbred horse found himself in the crowded pens at the New Holland Auction House in Pennsylvania – a well-known horse auction frequented by the lowest of low, kill buyers.  Along with many other horses dumped by their previous owners, failed by humanity and discarded like trash, he waited.  As a horse that was once worth $300,000 as a yearling, his price tag was now comparable only to his worth in meat.  There is only one outcome for most horses in this situation – a trip to the slaughter facility in Canada.

For Grand Strand, a happy ending was just within reach thanks to a number of dedicated activists who bravely outbid the kill buyer and purchased him for a mere $950 and gave him a second chance at life.  Grand Strand’s story is a common one within the thoroughbred industry…

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Beaufort Sea swimming polar bears far from land but not very far from sea ice


Recent accounts of an encounter with a curious polar bear female and her two older cubs in the Beaufort Sea on 16 September give contradictory details about the position of sea ice at the time. The same researcher told one reporter that the ship was 240 km from land, another that it was 240 km from the sea ice, and in another account (that he wrote himself), said the ship had been far from land and sea ice.

Beaufort swimming polar bears_Sept 30 2015_Global news

University of Victoria (Canada) chemical oceanographer Jay Cullen said on the expedition web site:

“After arriving on station and beginning work the crew noticed three polar bears in the water together which swam around to the ship when our water sampling system was nearly 3500 meters below the surface. The ship was located far from sea ice and land. Indeed, Arctic sea ice extent was the fourth lowest…

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One day to save Pagan island… Tell the military navy not to bombing (CNMI, Pacific)

The ocean update

See the end of this article to take action, please…

dauphin-victime-du-LFASSeptember 30th, 2015 (Gail Norita). While it is understood that people are preoccupied with recovering from the typhoon, it is very important to know that the military is marching forward in its plans to bomb Pagan and conduct live-firing on Tinian.

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