Canada’s Newest Prime Minster Wears FUR

I am a Victim of the Canned Hunting Industry

Great Cats of the "World"

……Look at me. Remember my Face….
My Beautiful mother was forced to breed many times in her life, so she could produce as many litter of cubs like me as possible.
I was taken away from her, when I was only a few days old….I cannot imagine her grief losing me, as I can only remember mine…
I got sick, I was stressed because of losing my mother, I was not fed properly, I lost some of my hair, and no one cared, Not even the tourists who came to see me, because if they knew the “truth” they would not have paid to hold me, to never let me have peace. All they wanted to do was hold me. I needed my mother , not them………
My life will consist of being patted, mauled, forced to be held, while camera flashes go off in my face over and…

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Federal Campaign to Keep Wolves Protected Asks for Your Help

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

This came in today to WODCW from HSUS Wisconsin State Director Melissa Tedtrowe. Please follow the directions and share.

Hello everyone!
I’m writing to share a quick update on our federal campaign to keep wolves protected, and to ask for your help.

Senators Cory Booker of New Jersey and Barbara Boxer of California have composed a letter to President Obama, pointing out that a record number of anti-environmental provisions undermining the Endangered Species Act have been included in the Senate and House versions of the FY 2016 Interior appropriations bill. The letter, now co-signed by 14 other Senators, urges President Obama to flatly reject all riders that would undermine Endangered Species Act protections for particular species or otherwise erode the Act.

We would like Senator Tammy Baldwin to sign onto that letter. In fact, I’ve been told that she is the most pivotal Congressperson to reach; if she signs on…

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