Barn Cat Placement Program: A Simple Shelter Solution

Emilio Cogliani


In Austin, Texas, barn cats are in high demand.

Feral or behaviorally challenged, barn cats are used to living primarily outside. Kitties like these cannot be adopted as–and do not want to be–traditional pets. As a result, they are often first to be euthanized at local animal control facilities.

This is not the case in Austin, where local organization Austin Pets Alive! re-homes an average of 300 cats per year through its Barn Cat Program. The animals generally go to local farms, ranches and businesses.

There is now a fast-moving waitlist of community members who want to adopt the poorly socialized felines.

“These cats are perfect for any place with horses or any place with a mouse problem,” says Cat Program Manager Monica Frenden. “Barn cats are the original form of pest control.”

Since 2011, Austin has gained national recognition for being the “Largest No-Kill City in America.” This success…

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How to use Google without being tracked (and 4 search engines that never track you)

Nwo Report

Source: Nwo Report

I love how “evil” Google is. Do you hear that, Google? I want you to have all of my data, as long as you keep protecting it. I want you to learn everything you can about me, and I want you to use that data to make my life better. I want you to make my life easier. I want services like Google Now to give me information before I even know I need it. I want it all. But many people aren’t in the same boat as me, and there are plenty of very valid reasons to want to protect your data and keep it out of Google’s hands. But should that mean you have to stop using Google for searches?

Well guess what: it only takes one step to stop Google from tracking you, and you can still enjoy Google search…

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Highly Anticipated Film, ‘Medicine of the Wolf’ Available Today on Presale

Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin

It’s the film release we’ve all been waiting for! Medicine of the Wolf, the award-winning documentary examining the treatment of America’s gray wolves, goes on presale today for official release on November 10, 2015.

Proceeds from sales will go towards an educational tour and screening across the country, wherein Julia Huffman and her team will campaign for wolf awareness and work to ignite and inspire more conversations about them.

To pre-purchase a digital download of the film (with bonus material!) visit

In this beautiful and important documentary, filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into wolf country to pursue the deep intrinsic value of perhaps the most unjustly maligned animal on the face of the planet. Medicine of the Wolf centers on the remarkable, world-renowned environmentalist and National Geographic photographer Jim Brandenburg, who has photographed and lived with wolves for 45 years—longer than anyone in history.

Medicine of the Wolf - Jim Brandenburg Still shot from the film…

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Group of Clumsy Baby Seals Attempt to Surf. 25 Seconds In, You’re Sure to Be Rolling on the Floor Laughing (VIDEO) | One Green Planet

Borneo Is Still Burning After Two Months of Fires

Emilio Cogliani


Local reports out of Central Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo indicate that wild fires which have raged out of control for over two months, are still out of control despite the heroic efforts of local firefighters. The resulting smoke from these fires have caused a haze so thick that in the provincial capital city of Palangkaraya, the Air Quality Index has reached over 2500 ppm. To understand what this means, this rates anything over 300 ppm as hazardous to US citizens.

Environmental Protection Agency2015-10-18-1445202859-977031-huffpostblogphoto1.jpg

Indonesia’s neighbors are choking on it too. Malaysia closed 7,000 schools earlier this month due to an unhealthy level of air pollutants which it pegs at 500 ppm. Singapore which is downwind of peat fires in Sumatra is feeling it too but the spotty coverage by Western media has been disappointing considering that the forest fires in these few months could equal to the total annual carbon…

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The Homeless and Their Pets: Mutual Dependence for Survival

Animal Blawg

Michelle D. Land

Michael, Wayne, and Gonzo_NYC_101515 Michael, Wayne and Gonzo, New York City. Photo: Michelle D. Land

When Wayne (above right) and his dog, Gonzo, sleep at night, Gonzo is both alarm and shield. “If someone is trying to wake me up, Gonzo doesn’t bark, he just lays across me. Same thing if it is raining or there is something going on that I should know about.”

Throughout most of my twenty-minute conversation with Wayne, Gonzo, a brindle pit bull, lay on his blanket curled up, oblivious to my presence. But there was a palpable feeling of interdependence between the two, as there usually is between the homeless and their companion animals.

To homeless pet guardians, their animals are sources of emotional support: friendship, companionship, unconditional acceptance, reduced loneliness, and love. They are “family” and “friends.” They facilitate contact with those who might not otherwise communicate with a homeless person, thereby reducing the…

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Homeless Issue in Norman Oklahoma and other US Cities – A Possible Solution

BREAKING: Killer of World’s BIGGEST Elephant Identified as a Wealthy Banker

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