Google’s been quietly recording your voice; here’s how to listen to—and delete—the archive

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Google searches are like a stream of consciousness. We plug every idle curiosity, every thought, and every question into the search engine. Google has always kept careful record of these searches, which helps sell ads. But Google also keeps an audio log of the questions you ask its voice search function, OK Google, and now you can listen to those recordings online.

Back in June, Google launched a new portal for all Google account-related activities. It’s where you can manage your privacy settings, see what you’ve searched for, and where Google has logged your location. The Guardian pointed out Oct. 12 that these archives include a section for voice searches, and it’s a little unnerving to listen to every silly thing you’ve asked since the service launched.

I live a sheltered life.(Google/Screenshot)

In recent months, I’ve apparently asked Google where I can eat nearby, how to…

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Judge REFUSES To Drop Charges Against Cecil’s Hunter

Did an Abused Monkey Pick Your Coconut?

Emilio Cogliani


With a food industry that has recently begun to move away from the use of partially hydrogenated oils in light of the serious hazard they pose to human health, the demand for trans-fat free oils has caused a boom in the palm oil industry–an industry which was already thriving given the many applications for palm oil and its derivatives in the cosmetic, cleaning supply and chemical industries, among others.

Many animal lovers and environmentalists are now aware that in response to this growing demand for palm oil, tropical rain forests in Southeast Asia are being decimated in order to make way for palm oil plantations, destroying the habitat of the animals living in these forests. The United Nations Environment Programme identifies palm oil plantations as the leading cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia. Deforestation for the establishment of palm oil plantations is responsible for habitat loss of the…

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The 20 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Always Buy Organic

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Each year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) publishes a list of the “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” to guide shoppers in reducing their pesticide exposure. At Peaceful Planet, we believe that organic foods are nearly always superior to those grown with conventional methods (the exception would be food grown by farmers who use organic practices but cannot afford organic certification). However, not everyone can afford to buy a grocery cart full of 100% organic produce. That’s where the 2015 EWG Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists come in handy. The Dirty Dozen list can help guide your grocery purchases so that you can feed your family food with minimal chemical and pesticide residues, all while sticking to your budget. Organic foods by definition cannot be grown with synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, nor can they be genetically modified. We’ve adapted the Dirty Dozen list to not only avoid pesticides, but to also ensure…

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Sign the Petition: Stop Genetically Engineered Wheat!

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Take Action Today: Join Green America in fighting against the introduction of genetically engineered wheat.


The USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is seeking comments regarding proposed changes to regulations of GE wheat field trials. Peaceful Planet is urging friends, followers, and customers to speak up to protect wheat crops. Why should this concern you?

  • Genetically modified foods have not been proven to be safe for consumption. There have been no long-term studies proving their safety in humans.
  • Wheat is one of the few major crops thus far unaffected by genetic engineering. Soy and corn are already genetically modified. Wheat is a primary food source for more than 1/3 of the world population, so genetic modification of wheat will affect billions of people.
  • Genetic modification will increase the use of chemical pesticides which are toxic to health and to the environment. Because wheat is grown on so much land throughout the…

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Stop SeaWorld from Imprisoning More Orcas

SeaWorld is planning to take more orcas into captivity under the guise of conservation. Tell SeaWorld to leave these majestic creatures where they belong: in the wild.

Source: Stop SeaWorld from Imprisoning More Orcas

Punish People for Allegedly Torturing Animals

Approximately 750 animals were allegedly tortured and painfully killed at illegal slaughterhouses. Urge the attorney general to enforce an investigation and charge all responsible parties with the maximum sentence for these sick crimes.

Source: Punish People for Allegedly Torturing Animals

Demand Kikkoman End Cruel Animal Testing

A major food retailer has allegedly been performing cruel and unnecessary tests on animals even though they are not required by law. Demand this company stop animal testing immediately.

Source: Demand Kikkoman End Cruel Animal Testing

Save Feral Cats from Euthanasia

Feral and stray cats are inhumanely controlled through euthanasia. This method to control overpopulation of cat communities is ineffective and cruel. We must speak up now to instate a humane and functional way to stabilize homeless cat populations.

Source: Save Feral Cats from Euthanasia

Ban Animal Dissection in the Classroom

Millions of animals are cruelly dissected in classrooms annually. Stop the use of animal dissections in classrooms and promote virtual dissections as a more humane and safe alternative. Save an animal’s life.

Source: Ban Animal Dissection in the Classroom

Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

As many as 300 starved, homeless dogs can be found at any given time on Dead Dog Beach in Puerto Rico. Many of these dogs are ill, covered in fleas and ticks, and starving to death. Demand that existing laws be enforced and that spay and neuter programs be implemented to prevent any further suffering of innocent dogs.

Source: Save Animals From ‘Dead Dog Beach’

Permanently Close Cruel Slaughterhouse

A slaughterhouse has come under investigation after a video allegedly taken at the facility showed employees slitting cows’ throats as they were still conscious and violently beating horses with electric prods. Demand that the facility, which has been closed temporarily, is closed permanently.

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The Happy Kingdom of Denmark and the Unhappy Republic of Uruguay

Rantings From a Virtual Soapbox

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.


DENMARK (THE KINGDOM OF DENMARK) brags about being a country with high standard of living and ranking highly in education, health care, and human rights. Even though its weather can be dreary and most of days are dark in winter, the Danish people don’t give up and consider themselves to be one of the world’s happiest (according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report, Denmark came in third in the 2015 following closely behind Switzerland and Iceland). Many of these happy Danish people are even happier when they go to the Danish zoos to watch public dissections of animals, because the happy Danish zoos will slaughter their animals if they became “surplus” and, also, they will dissect them in public…

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Identity of Elephant Killer Confirmed On Main Media