Woman charged with criminal mischief for giving water to thirsty animals

Emilio Cogliani

Members of the Save movement give water to thirsty animals in transportation trucks. Photo: Louise Jorgensen/Toronto Pig Save

On June 22nd, Anita Krajnc approached a stationary slaughterhouse transportation truck outside the Fearman’s Pork Inc. slaughterhouse in Burlington, a city in the greater Toronto area. She squeezed water out of a bottle into the truck for the thirsty animals inside. The truck driver left his vehicle and told her to stop giving the pigs water. While Anita refused to stop, he told her, “No, you know what, these are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad.” Anita repeatedly asked him to, “Have some compassion,” as the pigs continued guzzling up the water, and the truck driver threatened her, “You do it again, and I’ll slap it out of your hands.” Eventually, the driver returned to his truck and left without any physical altercation.

On September 9th, a police officer came to…

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Don’t Allow Hunters to Kill Formerly Endangered Bobcats

Bobcats in Illinois face imminent slaughter as hunters will soon be able to shoot one each during every hunting season. Demand Governor Rauner repeal the law that allows the killing of these magnificent creatures.

Source: Don’t Allow Hunters to Kill Formerly Endangered Bobcats

Stop Requiring Real Leather Seats in Uber BLACK Vehicles

Uber requires real leather seats in the cars operating under its BLACK ride-hailing service. Cows slaughtered for leather are subjected to intense animal cruelty. Demand a stop to Uber’s inhumane policy.

Source: Stop Requiring Real Leather Seats in Uber BLACK Vehicles

Petition: Protect Marine Life from Microbead Pollution

  1. Side view of a shirtless young man washing face in the bathroom
  2. Aquatic health and water quality are suffering from microbead contamination. These tiny plastic particles are found in common cosmetic products such as body washes and moisturizers. Speak up now to ban the sale of products containing these microbeads to protect the health of our waterways and marine life.

Source: Protect Marine Life from Microbead Pollution

Clothing Retailer Must Stop Use of Angora Fur

Free People is one of the few remaining major clothing retailers to still use angora fur. Angora fur farms are typically rampant with diease and abuse. Tell Free People to stop its use of angora fur immediately.

Source: Clothing Retailer Must Stop Use of Angora Fur

Stop Killing America’s Wild Horses

herd of horses
It’s time to end the capture and terrorizing of wild horses and burros on our nation’s public lands. These animals are legally entitled to roam and deserve to live free. Speak up now to protect these beautiful and majestic icons of the American West.

Source: Stop Killing America’s Wild Horses

Free Shackled and Isolated Elephant to Sanctuary


Kaavan the elephant has been in solitude for the past 28 years. For many of those years, all four of his legs were chained up. Demand the Marghazar Zoo release Kaavan to a proper sanctuary.

Source: Free Shackled and Isolated Elephant to Sanctuary

Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing and Torture

Every spring, the Canadian government allows the brutal killing and torture of baby harp seal pups. Up to 40 percent of the seal pups are skinned alive, their bodies discarded after their fur is harvested. Stop the torture today.

Source: Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing and Torture

Punish Men Who Allegedly Helped Hunter Kill Cecil the Lion

Cecil the lion was allegedly lured to his death by three other people besides the dentist who killed him. Urge Zimbabwe officials to give these men a suitable legal sentence if they are found guilty of helping Walter Palmer kill this beautiful animal.

Source: Punish Men Who Allegedly Helped Hunter Kill Cecil the Lion

Justice for Brown Bear Shot Dead by Russian Police

A wild brown bear was shot and killed by Russian police after frightening it with smoke bombs. Urge the police to apologize for the handling of this precious creature and take steps to prevent this from happening again in the future.

Source: Justice for Brown Bear Shot Dead by Russian Police

Puppy Gruesomely Decapitated in Front of Woman and Kids Deserves Justice

A man allegedly beheaded a puppy with a kitchen knife in front of his girlfriend and her children. She claimed he’d beheaded several other puppies in the past. Urge the district attorney to do everything possible to make sure this demented man faces the most severe penalty possible, if guilty.

Source: Puppy Gruesomely Decapitated in Front of Woman and Kids Deserves Justice

Tell Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Supporting Tail Docking of Dairy Cows

Despite offering an incentive to dairy farmers who don’t cruelly dock the tails of their cows, Ben & Jerry’s still purchases milk from farmers who do. Demand that Ben & Jerry’s live up to its humane image and immediately discontinue purchasing milk from these farms.

Source: Tell Ben & Jerry’s to Stop Supporting Tail Docking of Dairy Cows

petition: Tell NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife to make the right decision for Pedals the bi-pedal bear