Google records and stores everything you ask Google Now – here’s how to find and delete it

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You may not realize this, but every time you ask Google Now a question, Google makes a recording of it and keeps it stored in its vast trove of information it stores on you. The Guardian’s Alex Hern recently discovered how to access his entire archive of voice recordings from his Google Now sessions and he felt a little unnerved to hear himself ask questions at times when he wasn’t exactly sober.

MUST READ: Google-funded study reveals Android security is a total disaster

“I found a recording of me asking for the nearest Waitrose in Glasgow (well, I am a Guardian journalist), lazily doing Fahrenheit conversions for cooking, trying to get driving directions to an Ikea, and just hurling random obscenities as a dumb, unfeeling computer,” he writes.

You can find your archive of Google Now audio files by logging into your Google account and then opening up the page for…

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Mews: Cat Burned In Fire – Offers Support &Snuggles To Other Animals At Veterinary Hospital

Former Equine Canada Employee Caught Dissing Horse Advocates…


ComplaintsWritten by:  Heather Clemenceau

I make no apologies concerning my utter disdain for Equine Canada’s pro-slaughter stance. Therefore, I rarely miss an opportunity to drag them for their varnished perspective of the horse slaughter industry.

On the rare occasion when Equine Canada have mentioned horse slaughter at all it is always a pre-rehearsed talking point that’s usually just plain wrong. And while there may be a schism within EC with regard to slaughter, you know on which side the group’s bread is buttered since they are funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC).

Who does the EC really represent except elite athletes and Agri-Food Canada anyway? Consider that Canada’s dichotomous pro-slaughter “horse welfare” group HWAC, along with the primarily pro-slaughter provincial horse federations, have been recognized by Equine Canada as their partner for horse welfare in Canada.  Of course HWAC makes known their alliance with American extreme pro-slaughter groups United Horsemen…

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Proposed Legislation to Ban All Cruel Trapping and Hunting in State Parks

Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife

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Horse slaughter stop sign window decals now in two sizes

Tuesday's Horse

Okay. Those of you who love our horse slaughter stop sign stickers but wanted them just a bit smaller you got your wish. We really like them too. So we now have for your purchasing pleasure the following:

The original 4 x 4 inch plus our newly added 3 x 3 inch stickers.

Go here for further details, ordering information and application instructions.

You don’t need to put these decals on a car although that was our original intention.

These stickers are designed to adhere to any smooth, hard flat surface and endure all types of weather.

Order a 3 x 3 inch decal here ($6.99 including S&H).

Order a 4 x 4 inch decal here. ($7.49 including S&H).

Matching Gift Offer

An anti horse slaughter advocate in La Paloma, California, who has been working against horse slaughter since the late 80’s, is donating $10.00 for…

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petition: Tell This Danish Zoo: Don’t Kill a Lion Cub for No Reason and then Dissect it Publicly!


Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival ~ 2015

For years, a town has thrown turkeys from planes and watched them plummet to their deaths at an annual festival. This tradition is both horrifically violent and an illegal act of animal cruelty. Prevent turkeys from being killed at this year’s festivities by signing the petition.

Source: Stop Dropping Turkeys from Planes at Annual Festival

End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching

Gorillas are being poached at an alarming rate, but with expansion of an already existing poacher to ranger program this inhumane and illegal practice can be brought to an end. Sign this petition to urge leaders to expand this program and prevent further deaths of these magnificent creatures.

Source: End Illegal and Inhumane Gorilla Poaching

Punish Man for Allegedly Having Sex with Donkey Because His “Privates Were Out of Control”

A man allegedly admitted to having sex with a donkey, claiming that he got crazy and his privates were out of control. This is no excuse for raping and abusing animals. Please urge authorities to push for the most severe sentence possible.

Source: Punish Man for Allegedly Having Sex with Donkey Because His “Privates Were Out of Control”

Kitten Thrown Out Car Window Deserves Justice

A kitten was allegedly tossed out of a car window by a driver. Urge law enforcement to devote all necessary resources to find and capture this sick individual.

Source: Kitten Thrown Out Car Window Deserves Justice

Stop the Expansion of an Atrocious Mink Fur Farm

A mink fur farm is seeking permission to grow their business. This expansion would more than double the amount of animals imprisoned and killed for their fur. Tell the Brant County Planning Committee to deny the building permit for a fur farm expansion.

Source: Stop the Expansion of an Atrocious Mink Fur Farm

Don’t Murder Wheezer the Orphaned Deer

A deer named Wheezer, whose mother was tragically killed, may soon be taken away from his caregivers and heartlessly euthanized for legal reasons. Tell officials to let Wheezer live in peace with his adoptive family and to create a sanctuary for orphaned deer.

Source: Don’t Murder Wheezer the Orphaned Deer

Petition · Stabbed, tied up, beaten, tendons cut and throats repeatedly slit while fully conscious. This is what happens to Australian cattle when they are live exported. How can the Australian Veterinarians Association give this barbaric trade its FULL support. ·

Petition · Chief Minister of Assam, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas, Minister of Environment, Forests & Climate Change: Take down the wall and golf course that blocks the elephants’ ancient migration route now! ·

Tell Chicken of the Sea to clean up its act! · Causes


Caramel Apples Can Harbor Listeria, Study Finds – Health News and Views –


Potassium Bromate | EWG


Was your bread baked with flour containing a cancer-causing additive? @EWG

Source: Potassium Bromate | EWG

After Being Wounded With Poison Arrows, Desperate Elephant Runs To Humans For Help

New Research Confirms Dehydration Effects From Aircraft Contrails


A herd of desert elephants searches for water in the drought stricken Gourma region of southern Mali in a file photo. REUTERS/Jake Wall

A herd of desert elephants searches for water in the drought stricken Gourma region of southern Mali in a file photo. REUTERS/Jake Wall

Earth Report

Poaching threatens Mali’s rare desert elephants

About a fifth of Mali’s rare desert elephants have been killed this year as ivory poachers exploit a security vacuum in the country’s north, the United Nations said on Thursday.

At least 57 elephants died between January and June among the West African country’s only herd of around 300 animals, the U.N. peacekeeping mission MINUSMA said in a statement.

“(The poached elephants) represent about 20 percent of the remaining (Malian) population and were killed in areas where insecurity is present,” MINUSMA said, adding that forest rangers were frequently targeted by Islamist jihadists.

The WILD Foundation, which helps protect Mali’s northern Gourma herd, estimates that around 90 of the mammals have been killed since late 2014.

Tens of thousands of elephants once roamed the savannahs stretching between West Africa’s shores and the Nile basin but poaching and habitat loss have dramatically cut their numbers.


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